Notice of Taking Tax Deed by County: 7 of 2013 Linn and Bobbie Bettelyoun

Notice of Taking Tax Deed

by County

Certificate Number: 7 of 2013

Legal Description: Lot Seven (7) in Block One (1) of Hodson Addition to the City of Martin, Bennett County, South Dakota 

To Linn P. Bettelyoun and Bobbie Kay Keller Bettelyoun, the owners of record of the aforementioned described real property; and person’s in whose name said property is taxed. To Bennett County Hospital (NKA) Bennett County Healthcare Center; and to North Star Capital Acquisition, LLC. Both of whom have small claims or judgments. To the City of Martin and any other persons or entity who may have an interest in the aforementioned property.

You are hereby notified that, at sale of land and lots for unpaid taxes by the County Treasurer of Bennett County, South Dakota, the aforesaid real property situated in Bennett County, South Dakota, was first offered for sale at public auction to competitive bidders. Not having been sold for want of bidders, said County Treasurer’s Certificate of sale was issued by the County Treasurer of Bennett County, South Dakota, who is now the lawful owner thereof. The right of redemption will expire and deed for said lot will be made upon expiration of sixty days from completed service of notices.

Dated this 7th day of June, 2017

Jolene Donovan

Bennett County Treasurer

Published twice at the total approximate cost of $35.96

Published: June 14, 21, 2017

502 Second Avenue, Martin, SD 57551 • 605-685-6866 •