Bennett County Election Results 2016

By Tim Huether

The results are in and here are the newly elected officials for the Bennett County are, including the legislative district races.

For Bennett County Commissioners, incumbent Wayne Bond and former commissioner Rolf Kraft were voted in. Both are Republicans.

Wayne Bond 687

Rolf Kraft 594

Elton Three Stars Jr. 445

Incumbent Jolene Donovan  defeated Mary Goss for the Bennett County Treasurer’s Office, 666 to 473.

For Bennett County States Attorney, Sarah Harris defeated Britt T. Long, 711 to 420 votes.

For District 27 State Representative, Liz May and Steve Livermont are heading to the legislature with the top two getting elected. Here are those results:

Elizabeth May 2,903 Steve Livermont 2,846 Party Red Dawn Foster 2,604 Jim Bradford 2,467 Everette L. McKinley 351

State Senate, Dist 27

Kevin Killer 3,931

Ballot Questions:

Constitutional Amendment R: An Amendment To The South Dakota Constitution Regarding Postsecondary Technical Education Institutes

Yes 178,187

No 173,924

Constitutional Amendment S: An Initiated Amendment To The South Dakota Constitution To Expand Rights For Crime Victims 

Yes 215,262 No 146,073

Constitutional Amendment T: An Initiated Amendment To The South Dakota Constitution To Provide For State Legislative Redistricting By A Commission

Yes 149,926 No 198,955  

Constitutional Amendment U: An Initiated Amendment To The South Dakota Constitution Limiting The Ability To Set Statutory Interest Rates For Loans -

Yes 130,606

No 224,850

Constitutional Amendment V: An Initiated Amendment To The South Dakota Constitution Establishing Nonpartisan Elections

Yes 157,844

No 196,767

Initiated Measure 21: An Initiated Measure To Set A Maximum Finance Charge For Certain Licensed Money Lenders

Yes 270,278

No 87,347

Initiated Measure 22: An Initiated Measure To Revise State Campaign Finance And Lobbying Laws, Create A Publicly Funded Campaign Finance Program, Create An Ethics Commission, And Appropriate Funds

Yes 180,580

 No 169,220

Initiated Measure 23: An Initiated Measure To Give Certain Organizations The Right To Charge Fees

Yes 71,240

No 279,453

Referred Law 19: An Act To Revise State Laws Regarding Elections And Election Petitions

Yes 98,649

No 242,107

Referred Law 20: An Act Lowering The State Minimum Wage For Non-Tipped Employees Under Age 18

Yes 104,172

No 256,658

For complete statewide results, go to the Secretary of States website:

502 Second Avenue, Martin, SD 57551 • 605-685-6866 •