Neither double-pneumonia, influenza nor Mrsa was going to stop Gail Winter

By Rich Winter

As a graduate of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Gail (Schneider) Winter has been a big fan of the Lincoln, half-marthon since she started running it a few years back.

With the winter snow still blowing, Winter started her mileage training for this year’s half-marathon in January.

Things seemed on track until late March when Winter, a 2nd grade teacher at Martin Grade School got sick.

Really sick.

Initially diagnosed with a double-pneumonia, Winter was staying in the Bennett County Hospital. Despite doctors attempts to curb an infection in Winter’s body, her white blood count went through the roof and doctors were forced to fly her to Rapid City.

Once there, doctors diagnosed her with the double-pneumonia with a touch of Influenza A. 

Doctors later learned that Winter also had a Mrsa infection that complicated the diagnoses and further complicated the recovery process.

About a week after entering Rapid City Regional, Winter finally got the call for release.

Most people would have pulled the ‘I don’t have to do this card,’ but Gail Winter isn’t most people.

Despite feeling weak for the first few weeks following her hospital release, Winter did what she could to train, a mile here, a mile there, and at times she wondered if doctors would even want her running.

While doctors were concerned, they gave the go ahead to do the run, depending, of course on whether the long-time Bennett County resident was up for it. 

Well, 33 days after being released from the hospital following a bout with a wicked infection, Winter was up for it.

Winter completed her Lincoln half-marathon and even brought a friend along, introducing future son-in-law Christian Schweigert to his first marathon.

Winter told the Booster that next up is a full marathon, 26.2 miles in Deadwood in June. 

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