Martin minutes 2-13-13


Regular Session

Wednesday February 13, 2013

The Martin City Council met in Regular Session on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. in the community room at 101 Main Street.

Mayor Gayle Kocer called the meeting to order with council members Tootie Moffitt, Sherry Peck, Stephanie Noel, Shirley McCue, and Gregg Claussen present. Absent Chuck Gotheridge.

Others present were, Marj Oleske, with the Bennett County Booster, County Commisioners Rolf Kraft and Denny Gregg, Kim Clausen, City Foreman Paul Noel, City Attorney Sara Frankenstein, Police Chief Julio Medeiros, Asst Chief Richard Cummings Jr, and Jean Kirk, Finance Officer.

Approval of Agenda: Motion was entered by Claussen and seconded by Noel to approve the agenda with flexibility. All in favor, motion carried. 

Minutes: A motion was entered by Peck to approve the minutes for the January 9th and January 22nd meetings. Noel seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Finance Officer’s Report: McCue entered a motion to approve the Finance officer’s report for January. Seconded by Moffitt, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Beginning Balance On Hand $1,56,698.27

December Receipts 155,884.85

Total to be accounted for 1,312583.12

Transfer In 22,334.29

Transfer Out 22,334.29

Disbursements 164,540.14

Outstanding Warrants 4,000.89 

CD & Petty Cash 16,586.18

Claims February 2013: The claims were reviewed by the council. Moffitt entered a motion with a second by Claussen to approve payment of all claims. All voting aye, motion carried. 


Jan Wages, General Fund, $24,819.46; Jan Wages, enterprise fund, $10,793.39; Jan Withholdings, wage withholdings, $7,404.84; Office of Child Support, child support, $553.82; Aflac, insurance, $307.87; Assurity Life, insurance, $45.28; Health Pool of South Dakota, health insurance, $3,672.69; Debt Management Services, garnishment, $197.71; SD Retirement, retirement, $4,089.68; Rausch, Strum, Israel, garnishment, $180.01; Fred A Lockwood & Co, annual report, $1,910.00; Security First Bank, savings, $12,068.35; Marco, copier leases, $154.42; BH Council of Local Govts, annual dues, $555.00; Bob’s Gas, propane, $722.00; Hawkins, cylindar rental, $40.00; City of Martin, water bills, $195.12; Weber Medical Services, Hep Shots for employee, $119.00; Kratovil’s True Value, supplies, $346.65; Martin Auto Parts, parts & repairs, $1,233.49; Lacreek Electric, electric bill & repair stop light, $7,489.39; General Store, supplies for streets, water, sewer parks, etc, $1,169.38; Eagle Express, tire repair for, $90.00; Great Western Tire, new tires for park pick-up, $488.52; Holiday Inn Spearfish, room for water school, $163.98; Jean Kirk, wage & hour workshop, $99.10; McLeods, tickets for police, $210.56; Office Products, office supplies, $1.39; Post Office, postage for bill cards, $132.00; Bennett County Booster, publications & renew newspaper, $235.42; United Systems Technology, annual software support, $3,025.00; Quill Corparation, office supplies, $354.53; Special Account, reimbursements for police and meals and misc, $102.33; SD Dept of Revenue, garbage tax, $624.24; SD Dept of Revenue, water tests, $73.00; Servall, mats & rugs for office , $102.33; Stan Houston, repair ground pounder, $736.03; Security First Insurance, finance officer surety bond, $525.00; Golden West Telecommunications, phone bills, $776.66; Adams ISC, repair snow truck, $387.00; GE Associates, repairs for snow truck, $415.53; Muncipal Street Maintenace Assc, annual conference, $50.00; Fresh Start Convenience store, gas for cop cars, $1,500.00; Western Communications, antenna for cop car, $84.00; SD One call, one calls, $8.88; General Traffic Controls, repairs for stop light, $1,011.05; Dakota Backup, offsite backup, $58.59; Gunderson Palmer Goodsell, attorney fees, $918.00; Voyager, Fuel for vehicles, $1,881.89; FedEx, police shipping charges, $11.75; Salomon Sanitation, garbage service, $10,101.90; Insurance Benefits, airport liability, $1,393.00; C&V Hayworth, trailer rental, $1,300.00; SD Airport Conference, annual conference, $60.00; Card Services, confined space entry kit, $2,955.79; Liberty Car Wash, tokens for police, $100.00; GenPro Power Systems, generator for water tower, $30,348.22.

Total $138,393.24

Reports from Standing Committees: The personnel committee will meet and set up the random drug testing according to the City’s personnel manual. The maintenance guys have already done their drug testing, so the committee will set a schedule for the council and the office employees.

Law: The law committee interviewed five candidates on Monday the 11th. The top three are in the process of background checks. They will need to hire two officers as Officer Dittbenner has resigned.

County Commissioner Rolfe Kraft addressed the council about the county law enforcement budget. Last year they went over budget by $160,000, which they had to take out of their reserves. He said that a couple of more years like that and Bennett County will be broke. He asked that the City take responsibility for paying for the transportation of their prisoners to the Winner Jail. This would include the cost of having officials of the Winner Jail meet them in Mission to transfer custody of the prisoners.

Trap Range: Gary Rayhill informed the Council that there was person from Longvalley that was interested in recovering the lead shot from the trap range. He has a machine that would mine the lead and once he was done he would re-seed and cover the ground with straw. The Council was interested but would like to see the contract before they make a decision. Mr. Rayhill will contact the person and have him bring a contract to the next meeting.

Annual Report: The annual report was reviewed by the council. A motion was entered by McCue and seconded by Peck to accept the Annual Report. All voting aye, motion carried.

Lagoon Close Out: The following motion was entered by Claussen and seconded by McCue. The City of Martin accepts that CDBG #1010-104 for the Martin – Wastewater Lagoon Sludge Removal Project is satisfactorily complete. All voting aye, motion carried.

Appropriation Ordinance #187: Finance Officer Kirk informed the Council that Rural Development had contacted her and that they had a problem with the 2013 appropriation ordinance because it showed the Contingency Fund would be partly funded by cash surplus in the sewer fund. Because of the covenants for the lagoon loans, no money maybe transfered out of the sewer fund to pay for expenses of the city that do not pertain to the sewer. The only way to change the appropriation ordinance is to amend it. Finance Officer Kirk will bring the amended ordinance to the March meeting so that the Council can do the first reading at that time.

Bobcat snowplow attachment: A motion was entered by Claussen and seconded by Moffitt to advertise the surplus snowplow attachment for sale by sealed bid. All voting aye, motion carried. 

Playground slides: A quote from Game Time for the replacement of the two damaged slides at the City Park was reviewed. They wanted $4,183.72 to replace the two slides. A motion was entered by McCue and seconded by Peck to table this till the next meeting so that they can figure out how to pay for it. All voting aye, motion carried.

Confined Space Entry Policy: A motion was entered by Moffitt and seconded by Peck to approve the Confined Space Entry Policy that Foreman Noel had written up. All voting aye, motion carried.

Volunteers: A motion was entered by Peck and seconded by Moffitt to approve the following volunteers. Martin Volunteer Fire Department; Earl Adair, Lindell Adair, Dave Bakley, Carol Boche, Heather Boche, Stuart Boucholz, Trevor Bridges, Troy Byrne, Dan Ceplecha, Chance Clausen, Dane Clausen, Scotty Claussen, Cedric Coleman, Michael Conquering Bear, Merle Hicks, Mike Hicks, Jeff Johnson, Jim Johnson, Jonnie Joyce, Harold Koenig, Jeff Musser, Chris, O’Bryan, Doug O’Bryan, Mikaela O’Bryan, Suzette Orth, Lisa Rayhill, Jim Russell, Bo Sharp, Jeff Sisco, Shelly Sisco, Walter York. 

Martin Volunteer Fire Department Explores; Sandra Bader, Taylor Fuchs, Sky Gamer, Cody Geerson, Brady Hicks, Dustin Hicks, Jake Jacquot, Darrell Justice, Eric Kiefer, Brendan Nelson, Kalen Nelson, Wylie Yellow Hawk, Frankie York.

Miscellaneous Volunteers; Aaron Noel. 

A motion was entered by Peck and seconded by McCue to approve all the volunteers. All voting aye, motion carried.

Incommons Grant: Kim Clausen asked the Council if they would consider applying for the Incommons Grant in the City’s name as the Wild Horse Butte Community Development Corporation does not have its 501 C 3 designation yet. This grant would pay for an event to get the public’s input on the housing needs of our community. A motion was entered by Peck and seconded by McCue to have the City of Martin apply for this grant. All voting aye, motion carried.

Friends of the Inland Theatre: Discussion was held on the request for a $1,500 donation to the Friends of the Inland Theatre. A motion was entered by Peck and seconded by Noel to table this item. All voting aye, motion carried.

Campers in City Limits: A lengthy discussion was held on people living in campers inside the city limits and not being connected to water and sewer. The city has an ordinance that states it is unlawful for any person or persons to occupy as a residence any property without said residence having a connection to the City of Martin’s sewer system by which all waste from the human body can be disposed of through connection to said sewer. Foreman Noel will inform the people that they will have to be connected to city water and sewer or they will not be allowed to live there.

Code Enforcement: City Attorney Frankenstein updated the Council on the Curfew for Minors Ordinance. She suggested changing the ordinance so that a curfew violation would be a petty offense. With this change the officer can write a ticket to both the minor and the parent or guardian. The Council agreed with that this would make the curfew ordinance easier to enforce. The first reading of Ordinance #189 was held. An Ordinance Amending Martin City Ordinance CH. 6-4, Curfew For Minors.

A motion was entered by McCue and seconded by Peck to approve the first reading of Ordinance #189. All voting aye, motion carried.

Past due Water Bills: The past due water bills were reviewed by the council.

Adjournment: As there was no further business to come before the council at this time, Motion to adjourn was entered by McCue.

The next city council meeting will be held March 13th at 5:30 p.m. at the Library community room.

Dated this 13th day of February, 2013

Gayle Kocer, Mayor


Jean Kirk, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $119.66

Published: February 27, 2013

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