Notice of Audit of Bennett County School District year ending 6-30-12

Notice of Audit

of the Fiscal Affairs 

of the Bennett County School District No. 3-1

Notice is hereby given that Bennett County School District No. 3-1, Martin, South Dakota, has been audited by Wohlenberg, Ritzman and Co., LLC for the year ended June 30, 2012. A detailed report thereon is available for public inspection, during normal business hours, at the business office of the School District, and also at the Department of Legislative Audit in Pierre, South Dakota or on the Department of Legislative Audit website at:

The following findings and recommendations provide a brief description of material weaknesses in internal control, legal noncompliance and other matters that are described in more detail in the audit report.

Finding: Internal Control Over Significant Accounts

Recommendation: We recommend that management takes steps to possess the necessary accounting expertise to prevent, detect and correct potential misstatements of significant accounts.

Management’s Response: Management will identify and address the need to review major transactions by someone other than the person initiating them. As the staff gains more experience, procedures will be put in place to strengthen the internal control.

The report also contains the auditor’s finding and recommendations concerning less significant deficiencies in internal control at the District.

/s/ Wohlenberg, Ritzman and Co., LLC.

Published twice at the total approximate cost of $39.36

Published: March 13 and 20, 2013

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