Proceedings: City of Martin 12-13-17


Regular Session

Wednesday December 13, 2017 

The Martin City Council met in Regular Session on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. in the Martin Community Room at 101 Main Street.

Mayor Gary Rayhill called the meeting to order with council members Chuck Gotheridge, Angie Hicks, Tootie Moffitt, Shirley McCue and Walter York present. Absent, Gregg Claussen. 

Others present were, Marj Oleske with the Bennett County Booster, Police Chief Brandon Petersen, Rachel Lindvall and Prairey Walkling with SDSU Extension, Bennett County States Attorney Sara Harris, Foreman Paul Noel, City Attorney Sara Frankenstein, and Finance Officer Jean Kirk.

Approval of Agenda: McCue moved to approve the agenda with flexibility. Seconded by Hicks, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Minutes: Moffitt moved to approve the minutes for the November 8th meeting. Hicks seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried.

Finance Officer’s Report: York moved to approve the Finance officer’s report for November. Seconded by McCue, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Beginning Balance On Hand $2,015,274; October Receipts 109,166; Total to be accounted for 2,124,440; Transfer In 31,661; Transfer Out 31,661; Disbursements 112,863; Outstanding Warrants 11,584; CD & Petty Cash 17,103

Claims December 2017: The claims were reviewed by the council. McCue moved to approve claims for payment. Seconded by Moffitt, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Nov Wages, General Fund, $28,613.90; Nov Wages, Enterprise fund, $8,382.94; Nov withholdings, wage withholdings, $7,761.01; Office of Child Support, child support, $92.30; Aflac, insurance, $520.73; Assurity Life, insurance, $45.28; SD Retirement, retirement, $3,973.22; City of Martin, water bill, $72.88; Health Pool of South Dakota, health insurance, $4,889.50; Messerli & Kramer, garnishment, $386.46; Jean Kirk, frames for old pictures, $12.75; Martin Chamber of Commerce, 2018 dues, $100.00; JP Cooke, dog tags, $61.24; City of Martin Savings, savings, $13,661.81; BC Auditor, 911 surcharge, $539.20; Bob’s Gas, propane for generator, shop & police, $1,199.30; City of Martin, water bills, $173.92; Kratovils True Value, supplies, $162.76; Martin Auto Parts, parts & supplies, $212.33; Lacreek Electric, electric bill, $6,518.24; General Store, supplies, $421.29; Jenner Equipment, brooms and parts for bobcat sweeper, $622.71; Northwest Pipe Fitting, water supplies & clamps for Christmas lights, $98.22; Postmaster, postage for bills & billing, $185.00; BC Booster, publications and advertisement, $189.35; Quill, office supplies, $96.81; SDAirport Management Assc, 2018 dues, $25.00; SD Govt Finance Officers Assn, 2018 dues, $70.00; SD Dept of Revenue, garbage tax, $646.27; SD Dept of Revenue, water tests, $64.00; Servall, mats & rugs for office & police, $247.61; Golden West Telecommunications, phone & internet, $789.07; GE Associates, repair mower & oil, $582.50; Municipal Street Maintenance Assc, 2018 dues, $35.00; Kardmas Lee & Jackson, airport master plan & wild life fence, $26,970.24; OST Energy Account, WAPA credits, $272.29; SD One Call, one calls, $15.68; Fresh Start Convenience store, repair police car, $281.10; Dales Tire & Retreading, 2 new tires for snow truck, $547.38; Gunderson Palmer Goodsell, attorney fees, $2,946.63; Salomon Sanitation, garbage service, $4,104.70; Voyager Fleet Systems, fuel for vehicles, $1,552.84; Kadoka Oil, diesel fuel, $2,295.00; USDA Rural Development, police car payment, $226.00; Card Services, light bulbs for Christmas decorations, $76.81; Cna Surety, surety bond for finance officer, $525.00; Power House, sharpen saw blades, $24.00; AT&T Mobility, cell phones, $131.48; AT&T Mobility, air cards for cops, $128.00; Zuercher Technologies, annual maintenance for police software, $3,585.75; Keep It Safe, off site backup, $70.19; City of Winner, 911 administration fee, $2,000.00; Marco, copier leases, $195.10; Total, $127,400.79

York moved to approve payment of $1531.00 to the USDA for the lagoon payment. Seconded by McCue, all voting aye motion carried.

Pool: Rachel Lindvall and Prairey Walkling with SDSU Extension addressed the Council concerning the swimming pool. They had received a quote from a company of $14,900 to do a Facility Analysis, Assessment and Recommendations. The CDC grant would pay for this but would want assurances that the City would follow through with the recommendations. The cost of a new pool was discussed which would be well over a million dollars. Finance Officer Kirk asked the Council how they would pay for the new pool. After more discussion it was the consensus of the Council not to go through with the study.

Law: Chief Petersen gave an update on the law department. They had 243 total events, 150 calls for service in November. They had 16 arrests with seven of those being felonies. 

Jail: Bennett County States Attorney Sara Harris and City Attorney Sara Frankenstein addressed the Council over the fact the city police officers are not allowed to use the county jail while booking a suspect. Currently the person is handcuffed and sat in a chair at the police department. There have been incidents where the suspects have attacked the police officer or have tried to run away. They are concerned about not only the officers’ safety but also anybody else that would happen to come into the police department. After much discussion it was decided to have a law board meeting with both the county and city law boards and the sheriff and police chief.

1995 Chevy Pickup: Foreman Noel informed the Council that the motor had went out of the 1995 Chevy pickup and would cost around $5000 to put in a new motor. After discussion McCue moved to have a new motor installed in the pickup. Seconded by Moffitt, all voting aye motion carried.

2018 City Election: Moffitt moved to combine the City’s election with the School Board Election on April 9th, 2018. Hicks seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Second Reading Supplemental Budget Ordinance #210: Mayor Rayhill read Supplemental Budget Ordinance #210. McCue moved to approve and publish Ordinance #210. York seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried.

Ordinance # 210

Supplemental Appropriation Ordinance For The City Of Martin, South Dakota, For The Fiscal Year 2017

WHEREAS, in the 2017 Appropriation Ordinance # 204, there was not sufficient appropriation to conduct the indispensable functions of the government in certain of the City Departments, and, there was insufficient money appropriated to discharge certain duties of the City, and ;

WHEREAS, there is sufficient money from various sources for this Supplemental Budget.

SECTION 1. That there is appropriated by the City Council of the City of Martin, South Dakota, for the balance of the fiscal year 2017, the following sums of money for the following purposes, which are deemed necessary to defray the lawful duties of the City of Martin for the balance of the year 2017.

General Fund / Parks $3,300

General Fund/Council 2,000

General Fund/Capital Street Improvement 3,000

Sanitation Fund 30,000

SECTION 2. That there is hereby authorized to be generated from various organizations and other revenue sources and transfer from various city departments which have excess appropriations the amounts as set out below.

Capital Project Savings $30,000

Capital Street Improvement Savings 3,000

Sales Tax 2,000

BBB Tax 3,300

SECTION 3. That this Ordinance shall be in force from and after its passage and publication as required by law.

Dated this 13th day of December, 2017

City of Martin, A Municipal Corporation

Gary Rayhill, Mayor


Jean Kirk, Finance Officer

1st Reading Nov. 8, 2017

2nd Reading Dec. 13, 2017

Published: Dec. 20, 2017

Building Permits: York moved to approve the building permit of Randy Gropper for an awning at 207 Main Street. Hicks seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried.

Past Due Water Bills: York moved to handle past due water bills as usual. Hicks seconded the motion. All voting aye, motion carried.

Adjournment: As there was no further business to come before the council at this time, motion to adjourn was entered by York.

The next city council meeting will be held January 10th at 5:30 p.m. at the City office.

Dated this 13th day of December, 2017

Gary Rayhill, Mayor


Jean Kirk, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $100.17

Published: December 20, 2017

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