Proceedings: City of Martin 2-14-18


Regular Session

Wednesday February 14, 2018

The Martin City Council met in Regular Session on Wednesday, February 18, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Martin City Office at 101 Main Street.

Mayor Gary Rayhill called the meeting to order with council members, Chuck Gotheridge, Tootie Moffitt, Shirley McCue, Angie Hicks and Walter York present. Absent, Gregg Claussen.

Others present were, Larry Gauer with the Bennett County Booster, Bennett County Emergency Manager Jeff Siscoe, John and Susan O’Donnell, William and Wynette Apple, Bennett County State Attorney Sara Harris, Police Officer Brandon Petersen, City Attorney Sara Frankenstein, City Foreman Paul Noel and Finance Officer Jean Kirk.

Approval of Agenda: McCue moved to approve the agenda with flexibility. Seconded by Hicks, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Minutes: Finance Officer Kirk that she had wrong beginning balance for the December Finance Officers Report, it should have been $2,013,707 with a total to be accounted for of $2,165,847. Hicks moved to approve the minutes for the January 10th meeting with those corrections. McCue seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Finance Officer’s Report: York moved to approve the Finance officer’s report for January. Seconded by McCue, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Beginning Balance On Hand $2,049,993; January Receipts 261,583; Total to be accounted for 2,311,576; Transfer In 20,645; Transfer Out 20,645; Disbursements 220,169; Outstanding Warrants 12,152; CD and Petty Cash 16,586

Claims February 2018: The claims were reviewed by the council. York moved to approve claims for payment. Seconded by McCue, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Jan Wages, General Fund, $25,426.41; Jan Wages, Enterprise fund, $10,120.39; Jan withholdings, wage withholdings, $6,604.95; Office of Child Support, child support, $92.30; Aflac, insurance, $520.73; Assurity Life, insurance, $45.28; SD Retirement, retirement, $3,800.28; City of Martin, water bill, $76.80; Health Pool of South Dakota, health insurance, $4,889.50; AT&T Mobility, cell phones, $131.48; AT&T Mobility, air cards for cops, $127.04; Marco, copier lease, $195.10; Bair Ford, repair police car, $332.33; City of Martin Savings, savings, $11,672.84; Black Hills Council of Local Govt, 2018 dues, $555.00; Bob’s Gas, propane for shop & police, $1,427.00; Hawkins, cylinder rental, $55.00; City of Martin, water bills, $167.52; Kratovils True Value, supplies, $249.08; Martin Auto Parts, parts & supplies, $263.88; Doug O’Bryan Contracting, airport wildlife fence, $25,105.50; Lacreek Electric, electric bill, $6,984.15; General Store, supplies, $267.59; Grimm’s Pump Service, parts for air compressor, $43.08; Holiday Inn Spearfish, rooms for water class, $275.97; Jenner Equipment, oil filters for Bobcat, $353.62; Postmaster, postage for bills & billing, $190.00; BC Booster, publications and advertisement for election & 2 subscriptions, $206.19; United System Technologies, annual software support, $2,593.91; SD Public Assurance Alliance, property & liability Insurance, $331.18; SD Dept of Revenue, garbage tax, $449.68; SD Dept of Revenue, water tests, $36.00; Servall, mats & rugs for office & police, $131.35; Golden West Telecommunications, phone & internet, $735.84; GE Associates, repairs for streets, $60.80; Kardmas Lee & Jackson, airport master plan & wild life fence, $39,465.48; Kardmas Lee & Jackson, Water improvement project, $2,773.78; SD One Calls, one calls, $12.32; OST Energy, WAPA credits, $367.00; Fresh Start Convenience Store, police car maintenance, $29.95; Dales Tire & Retreading, new tires for snow truck, $547.38; General Traffic Controls, repairs for stop light, $177.75; Salomon Sanitation, garbage service, $7,086.20; Gunderson Palmer Goodsell & Nelson, attorney fees, $1,320.00; Lynn’s Dakotamart, supplies for police, $9.98; Kadoka Oil, diesel fuel, $1,610.25; USDA Rural Development, police car payment, $226.00; Mid-America Research Chemical, sewer enzymes, $698.14; Keep It Safe, off site backup, $70.30; Voyager, fuel for vehicles, $1,478.84; Total $160,391.14

McCue moved to approve payment of $1531.00 to the USDA for the lagoon payment. Seconded by Hicks, all voting aye motion carried.

Emergency Management: Jeff Siscoe Bennett County Emergency Manager would like to set up an incident command class for both the city council and the county commissioners sometime this spring or summer. Whereas it takes eight hours on-line to do these classes he would have somebody come and do them and it would take only four hours. The Council was in agreement that they would take the class as long as it could be scheduled after school was out for the summer. 

Law: Chief Brandon Petersen updated the Council on what was happening in the law department. In December they had 70 calls for service and 21 arrests with 7 being for felonies and 14 misdemeanors. 

Hicks entered a motion to install a metal holding bench in the Police Department that suspects can be handcuffed to. Moffitt seconded the motion. All voting aye, motion carried. City Attorney Frankenstein said the bench is fine as a short term solution but should not be considered a permanent solution for not being able to use the jail. 

Utility Easements for Golden West: Golden West will be laying fiber optic cable to all the homes in Martin this summer and needs utility easements from the city for the City’s right-of-ways. McCue entered a motion to approve the Application of Utility Permits and have the Mayor sign them. York seconded the motion. All voting aye, motion carried.

Emergency Locates: Foreman Paul Noel informed the Council of the water main break that happened Friday evening on Fourth Ave. He put in and emergency one call for locates and the Golden West person did not want to come from Rapid City to locate the phone lines until the next day. Emergency locates are suppose to be done within 4 hours. The water main break was not too bad so they were able to wait until the next morning, however Foreman Noel would like to have an agreement with Golden West that the local Golden West employees could do the locates in an emergency.

Backhoe Bucket: McCue entered a motion to purchase a 3 foot bucket for the backhoe for $1600.00. Hicks seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Airport: Foreman Noel asked the Council if he could remove the old fence at the airport. Now that the wildlife fence is up the old fence no longer serves a purpose. It was Council consensus that he should remove the fence. 

Christmas Lights: McCue entered a motion to purchase four more Christmas lights for Main Street and pay for them with BBB funds. York seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried.

Trailer at 502 State Street: A discussion was entered with William and Wynette Apple about their trailer at 502 State Street. The City had sent them a letter last spring to remove the trailer from city limits because it was in such terrible shape and had become a public nuisance. They were also sent a letter in December to remove the trailer or the City would remove it. The police and the ambulance have responded to this address several times and said that the inside of the trailer was really bad and that there were people living in it without water and sewer. William Apple told the Council that he is working very hard at fixing and cleaning up the trailer and asked the Council for more time to work on it. Councilman York was called away from the meeting at this time but said he would like the health inspector to insect the trailer and if it was not livable it should be removed from city limits. After more discussion a motion was entered by McCue and seconded by Gotheridge that the Apples had a week to move the trailer out of city limits or the City would do it for them. All voting aye, motion carried. 

Package Liquor License: Finance Officer Kirk informed the Council that the operating agreement with KJ’s Pit Stop ends in August. This operating agreement gave KJ’s the exclusive use of the City’s package liquor license. After some discussion McCue entered a motion to put the package liquor license up for bid. Gotheridge seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried.

Building Permits: A building permit for Tiffany Waters who would like to move a trailer on to a lot on Dakota Street was reviewed. The Council will not approve the permit until they have an affidavit of taxes paid from the county it is coming from and a copy of the title.

Past Due Water Bills: Hicks moved to handle past due water bills as usual. McCue seconded the motion. All voting aye, motion carried

Adjournment: As there was no further business to come before the council at this time, motion to adjourn was entered by McCue.

The next city council meeting will be held March 14th at 5:30 p.m. at the Library Community Room.

Dated this 14th day of February, 2018

Gary Rayhill, Mayor


Jean Kirk, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $97.02

Published: February 28, 2018

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