Proceedings: BCSD 2-21-18


Bennett County School District 3-1

Board Of Education Minutes

Regular Meeting

February 21, 2018

The Regular meeting of the Bennett County School District 3-1 was called to order by Board President Mike Olson at 5:03 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by President Olson. Board members present: Alexander, Hodson, Huber, Petrak and Olson. Administration present, Superintendent Halverson, Secondary Principal Redden, Jr. High Principal Ready, Elementary Principal Kuxhaus, Co-Business Manager Robinson. Others present, Tim Huether, Carol Risse, Tara Fanning, and Stacy Allen.

105.0-18 Petrak moved to approve the agenda with the following additions and changes, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

105.1-18 Approve move of the board meeting scheduled for February 19 to February 21 due to weather.

108.3-15 Rebeeca Keegan from 6th grade to TK

114.0-18 Executive session.

115.0-18 Adjournment

There were no conflicts of interest disclosures. School Board Recongnition Week, February 19-23. Thank you to our local school board for your dedicated service and leadership in our district.

106.0-18 Hodson moved to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Petrak. All voting aye motion carried. 

106.1 Minutes of Regular Meeting, January 15, 2018

106.2 Minutes of Special Meeting, February 7, 2018

106.3 Claims, February, 2018 

Checking 1, Checking 1 Fund: 10 General Fund; Pest Control, 4 Seasons, 150.00; Fire Alarm Monitoring, Fire Alarm Monitoring, Adtech Inc, 207.94; Switch Repair, Amick Sound, 382.28; Election Notice, Bc Booster II, 159.58; License Plate Fee/Jr High Supplies/Inservice Meals, Bc School District 3-1, 8,410.99; Cdl Physical, Bennett County Rural Health Clinic, 600.00; Windshield Repair, Bob’s Auto Glass, 110.00; Lost Ck, Buchmann, Mark, 52.00; Wrestling Travel, Chadron Inn & Suites, 319.80; Mgs Title I Supplies, Channing Bete, 2,312.22; Legion Water, City Of Martin, 736.93; Bchs Pricipal Travel/Bchs Travel/Supt Travel, Clubhouse Hotel & Suites, 592.00; Bchs Tech, Computer Village, 289.00; Bo Supplies, Coyle, Karen, 21.91; Wrestling Travel, Crossroads Inn, 78.00; Repairs & Maint, Culligan Water Conditioning, 127.50; Phone, Donovan, Kenneth, 40.00; Jr High 1003(A) Travel, Fnb Visa, 4,739.01; Wrestling Travel, Fort Pierre Motel, 330.00; Tire Repair, Fresh Start Convenience Store, 136.00; Supt Supplies, Frosted Petal, The, 220.45; Maint Supplies, Ge Associates Inc, 68.14; Maint Supplies, General Store, The, 1,189.06; Phone, Golden West Inc., 1,363.26; Snow Removal, Grass, Jerry, 600.00; Maint Supplies, Great Western Tire Inc., 845.60; Boys Activity Supplies, Gsports Wrestling, 264.00; Superintendent Fees, Phone, Halverson, Stacy, 132.00; Bus Repairs, Harlow’s School Bus Service Inc, 232.42; Maint Supplies, Hillyard/Sioux Falls, 6,366.66; Cdl Physical/Employee Physical, Horizon Health Care Inc, 329.00; Bchs Title I Supplies/Jr High Title I Services, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1,293.75; Nurse Supplies, Huether, Marie, 72.91; Bo Supplies, Jaymar Business Forms Inc, 65.84; Act Supplies, Jones School Supply, 167.21; Fuel, Kj’s Pit Stop, 3,001.82; Bo Backup, Kt Connections, 30.00; Legion Electric, Lacreek Electric, 22,795.70; Act Supplies, Lynn’s Dakotamart, 27.06; Copier Maint, Marco Inc, 480.00; Bus Supplies, Martin Auto Parts II, 617.76; Jr High Propane, Midwest Cooperative, 12,928.25; Cheer Coach Supplies, Milledge, Cora, 35.00; Bus Supplies, North Central Bus Sales, 190.39; Plays, Playscripts, Inc, 321.85; Maint Contract/Repairs & Maint, Rasmussen Mechanical Services Inc, 3,105.82; District Title I Director Travel, Ready, Belinda, 1,372.10; Legion Garbage, Salomon Sanitation, 1,132.06; Membership, Sam’s Club, 135.00; Consumable Supplies, Scholastic Book Fairs, 1,491.58; Repairs & Maint, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Inc, 84.06; Act P/D, Smokov, Mandi, 35.00; Repairs & Maint, Sod’s Mechanical, 155.10; Jr High Principal Supplies/Mcl Supplies, Sportsman’s Lanes, 173.50; Supplies, Teacher Created Materials Publishing, 2,375.78; Maint Contract, Time Management Systems, 91.20; Phone, Toczek, Robert, 40.00; Act Supplies, Track Wrestling, 166.07; IA Supplies, True Value Hardware, 319.42; Supplies/Bo Supplies/Non Tech Supplies, Valentine Office Supply, 380.21; Act Supplies, Vanway Trophy, 14.20; District Title I Supplies, Wal Mart Community, 215.87; Jr High Prof Services, Weber Associates, Inc, 7,321.30; Bchs Tech Repairs, West River Computers, 229.98; Supplies, Wieser Educational, 161.55; Fund Total: 92,433.09; Checking 1 Fund: 21 Capital Outlay; Maint Equip, BC School District 3-1, 139.99; Library Media, Fnb Visa, 311.69; Supplies, Golden West Technologies, 341.70; Jr High Copier, Marco Inc, 1,211.08; Textbooks, Mcgraw Hill Education, 633.09; Repairs & Maint/Maint Supplies, Panhandle Sales & Service, Llc, 978.00; Sec Textbooks, Pearson Education Inc, 821.50; Library Media, Scholastic Book Fairs, 282.93; Maint Supplies, Sod’s Mechanical, 2,000.00; Maint Equip, True Value Hardware, 199.99; Fund Total: 6,919.97; Checking 1 Fund: 22 Special Education Fund; Sped Travel, Allen, Stacy, 11.00; Mgs Sped Services, Bc Hospital & Nursing Home, 633.30; Sped I-Pad Data, Bc School District 3-1, 46.49; Tuition, Children’s Care Hospital And School, 4,320.00; Sped Services, Children’s Care Hospital, 2,014.25; Sped Copier, Marco Inc, 71.21; Speech Supplies, Ncs Pearson Inc, 9.00; Mgs Sped Supplies, Pyramid Educational Products, Inc., 225.50; Residential/SD Human Services, SD Dept Of Human Services, 7,177.18; Fund Total: 14,507.93; Checking 1 Fund: 51 Food Service; FS Fee/Food Service Supplies, BC School District 3-1, 243.68; Breakfast Supplies, Child/Adult Nutrition Services -Doe, 80.21; Milk, Dean Foods, 1,831.36; Food Services Supplies, FNB Visa, 15.33; Lunch Supplies, Food Services Of America, 4,325.94; Supplies/Kitchen Supplies, Hillyard/Sioux Falls, 460.29; Lunch Supplies, Reinhart, 4,414.26; Fund Total: 11,371.07; Checking Account Total: 125,232.06

106.4 Financials, January, 2018

Approve the January financial reports as presented. 

GENERAL FUND Beginning Balance 30,295.88, Receipts 939,921.32, Disbursements 989,920.47 Ending Balance (19,703.27), Revenue Summary Local 16,148.52, County 21,859.80, State 221,640.00, Federal 80,273.00, Other 600,000.00. CAPITAL OUTLAY FUND 55,015.84, Receipts -0-, Disbursements 43,861.44, Ending Balance 11,154.40, Revenue Summary Local -0-, County -0-, State -0-, Federal -0-, Other -0-. SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND Beginning Balance 46,053.04, Receipts 24,282.74, Disbursements 112,697.29, Ending Balance (42,361.51), Revenue Summary Local 2,878.74, County -0-, State 21,404.00, Federal -0-, Other -0-. 

IMPACT AID FUND Beginning Balance 1,440,102.49, Ending Balance 1,442,168.86, Local 2,066.37, Federal -0-, SHOP BUILDING FUND Beginning Balance (498.00), Receipts -0-, Disbursements -0-, Ending Balance (498.00), FOOD SERVICE FUND Beginning Balance 25,867.44, Receipts 4,026.01, Disbursements 19,074.56, Ending Balance 10,818.89, Revenue Summary Local 4,026.01, State -0-, Federal -0-, Other -0-. TRUST AND AGENCY Beginning Balance 111,123.26, Ending Balance 102,727.41. 


General Fund Salaries $258,670.15, Benefits $79,365.86 

Special Education Salaries $33,082.54, Benefits $9,399.15

Food Service Salaries $6,075.78, Benefits $3,515.79

10.0-18 Administrative Reports:

Board Chairman Olson reported that he had a 3 Rivers Co-op meeting in Philip on January 25th, had balanced the checkbook with Jolene, attended the district Technology meeting on February 20 and had a 3-Rivers Coop zoom meeting on February 21.

Superintendent Halverson reported on School Board Recognition Week; the January 17th Library Board meeting; a shop open house; Snow make up day; upcoming teacher fairs; current openings and an update from the National Superintendent Conference

Jr. High Principal Ready reported on the Title I Conference she attend in Philelephia, parent engagement happenings, and professional development speakers. She also reported that there will be the Middle School Science Fair on February 26.

Secondary Principal Redden gave reports on the following: There will be a shop open house for the public on March 5th from 5:00 PM until 6:30 p.m. Parent Teacher conferences had 52% attendance and also informed the board of the upcoming activities for the Middle School and High School. 

Elementary Principal Kuxhaus reported that she has scheduled new teacher meetings to look at ways to support our new staff coming into the district. Read Across America Dr. Seuss week February 26 – March 2. “Bring Your Parent to School Day” will be March 2 to show parents and guardians what they do in the classroom.

Board Member Hodson reported on the Legislative Day he attended at Todd County School District. Member Hodson and Alexander reported back to the full board their assessment of projects needing to be done this summer.

108.0-18 Alexander moved to approve the voluntary transfer of Bonnie Risse to Special Education, Kyla Alexander to Preschool and Rebecca Keegan to Transitional Kindergarten, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

109.0-18 Hodson moved to accept the resignation of Stephanie Jensen, para-professional, seconded by Petrak. All voting aye, motion carried.

110.0-18 Alexander moved to offer Administrative Contracts for 2018-2019 school year with salary to be determined at a later date.

Belinda Ready, Middle School principal and Federal Programs Director

Nick Redden, BCHS principal and Middle School/High School AD

Amie Kuxhaus, MGS principal

Jolene Robinson, Co-Business Manager

Karen Coyle, Co-Business Manager

Bob Toczek, Director of Transportation and Plant Operations

Ken Donovan, Director of Construction and Maintenance Operations.

Stacy Halverson, Superintendent had a contract approved last year for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years. Seconded by Petrak. All voting aye, motion carried.

111.0-18 Alexander moved to approve the school calendar for the 2018-2019 school year, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

112.0-18 Huber moved to appoint Mike Olson to the Board of Equalization. The Board of Equalization will meet March 19th at 5:30 in the Library Community Room, seconded by Alexander, All voting aye, motion carried.

113.0-18 Hodson moved to move the March board meeting to March 12th. All voting aye, motion carried. 

Discussion was held on the high school scheduling for the 2018-2019 school year. 

100.0-18 Alexander moved to enter executive session at 6:21 p.m. for contract negotiations pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2(4), seconded by Huber. Chairman Olson declared out of executive session at 6:44 p.m. 

101.0-18 Huber moved to adjourn meeting at 6:45 p.m., seconded by Petrak. All voting aye, motion carried. 

Michael Olson, Board Chairman

Jolene Robinson, Business Manager

Published once at the total approximate cost of $123.48

Published: February 28, 2018

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