Proceedings: City of Martin 4-11-18


Regular Session

Wednesday April 11, 2018

The Martin City Council met in Regular Session on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Martin City Office at 101 Main Street.

Mayor Gary Rayhill called the meeting to order with council members, Chuck Gotheridge, Tootie Moffitt, Shirley McCue, Angie Hicks and Walter York present. Absent, Gregg Claussen

Others present were, Kyle Turnwall, Chris O’Bryan, Fire Chief Martin Volunteer Fire Department, Marj Oleske with the Bennett County Booster, Police Chief Brandon Petersen, City Attorney Sara Frankenstein, and Finance Officer Jean Kirk.

Approval of Agenda: York moved to approve the agenda with flexibility. Seconded by McCue, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Minutes: McCue moved to approve the minutes for the March 14th and March 19th meeting. Hicks seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Finance Officer’s Report: McCue moved to approve the Finance officer’s report for March. Seconded by Hicks, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Beginning Balance On Hand $1,986,159; March Receipts 173,372; Total to be accounted for 2,159,531; Transfer In 9,667; Transfer Out 9,667; Disbursements 91,754; Outstanding Warrants 16,896; CD & Petty Cash 16,586

Claims April 2018: The claims were reviewed by the council. York moved to approve claims for payment. Seconded by Hicks, all voting aye, motion carried. 

March Wages, General Fund, $33,559.21; March Wages, Enterprise fund, $2,677.45; March withholdings, wage withholdings, $7,174.70; Office of Child Support, child support, $92.30; Aflac, insurance, $520.73; Assurity Life, insurance, $45.28; SD Retirement, retirement, $3,936.60; City of Martin, water bill, $62.96; Health Pool of South Dakota, health insurance, $4,889.50; Marco, copier lease, $195.10; Bair Ford, maintenance on cop cars, $853.36; City of Martin Savings, savings, $11,667.32; Bob’s Gas, propane for shop, $417.16; Hawkins, cylinder rental & chemical for water, $586.33; City of Martin, water bills, $319.13; Kratovils True Value, supplies, $51.20; Martin Auto Parts, parts & supplies, $308.94; Lacreek Electric, electric bill, $6,654.63; Lacreek Electric, repair street lights, $730.39; General Store, supplies, repair golf shed, new door, $305.47; Great Western Tire, 4 new tires for snow truck, $800.92; Nortwest Pipe Fittings, water & sewer supplies, $779.80; Postmaster, postage for bills & billing, $225.00; BC Booster, publications & ads, $536.06; Rosane Cement Products, jack hammer rental, $200.00; Quill, office supplies, $111.96; SD Dept of Revenue, garbage tax, $476.64; SD Dept of Revenue, water tests, $43.00; Tyco Intergrated, monitoring fee for museum, $586.92; Servall, mats & rugs for office & police, $131.35; City Special Account, reimbursement for postage & gas, $105.15; Golden West Telecommunications, phone & internet, $731.04; High Plains Animal Clinic, dog pound, $40.00; Diesel Machinery Inc, excavator rental, $7,545.00; Kadrmas Lee & Jackson, Water improvement project, $17,055.19; Kadrmas Lee & Jackson, airport fence &master plan, $18,556.99; SD One Calls, one calls, $5.60; OST Energy, WAPA credits, $329.27; Dale’s Tire & Retreading, new tires for truck, $547.38; General Traffic Controls, repair stop light, $69.60; Gunderson Palmer Goodsell & Nelson, attorney fees, $1,018.50; Voyager Fleet System, fuel for vehicles, $1,847.75; SD Unemployment, unemployment reimbursement, $32.82; Lynn’s Dakotamart, office supplies, $7.47; Salomon Sanitation, grabage service, $7,067.70; AT&T Mobility, air cards for cops, $128.28; Kadoka Oil, diesel fuel, $4,040.33; Zuercher Technologies, prepaid maintenace for mobil units, $3,061.92; Potomac Aviation Technologies, annual monitoring fee for airport, $250.00; Keep it Safe, offsite back up, $71.05; Productivity Plus, new bucket for backhoe, $1,617.59; Government Payments, returned utility payment, $42.40; Total $133,898.87

Hicks moved to approve payment of $1531.00 to the USDA for the lagoon payment. Seconded by Moffitt, all voting aye motion carried.

Hicks moved to approve the quarterly water tower payment of $10,866.09. York seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried.

McCue moved to pay for repairs made to the golf shed of $997 out of BBB funds. Hicks seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried.

KJ’s Pit Stop: Kyle Turnwall owner of KJ’s Pit Stop asked the Council if they would consider extending his operating agreement for the City’s package liquor license. The operating agreement expires August 31, 2018 and he would like to extend it another 5 years. City Attorney Frankenstein advised the Council that state law allows operating agreements to be extended only once and because of the dollar amount involved it would need to be put up for public bid. KJ’s operating agreement had already been extended once for two years so the Council could not legally extend it again. McCue moved to put the package liquor license up for bid and to open those bids at the May 9th meeting. York seconded the motion, all voting aye motion carried.

Law: Chief Brandon Petersen updated the Council on what was happening in the law department. In March they had 194 total incidents, 64 calls for service and 22 arrests with 6 being for felonies and 16 misdemeanors. He informed the Council that he hired Joseph Jensen as a patrol officer and that he will be attending the academy in August. York moved to approve the hire of Joseph Jensen at $12.00 an hour. McCue seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried. Discussion was also held on the number of hours the police department’s secretary was working. Finance Officer Kirk reminded everybody that the budget was based on four full time officers and did not include money for a secretary. McCue moved to have the police department secretary maintain part time hours at four hours a day. Gotheridge seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried.

Fire Department: A discussion was entered on the drainage in front of the fire hall. Chris O’Bryan told the Council that they have been fighting the drainage and ice build up by the front door and in front of the ambulance bay for years. He would like the city to install a storm sewer. He figured the materials would cost the city around $3,000 and the city guys could install it themselves. McCue moved to table the storm sewer until next month so that Council could have a chance to talk to the city foreman. Hicks seconded the motion, all voting aye motion carried.

Mr. O’Bryan informed the Council that the fire department purchased a new fire truck from state surplus and that it needs to be titled in the City’s name and added to the insurance.

McCue moved to donate $500 from BBB funds to the fire department for their upcoming smoker. Hicks seconded the motion. Voting aye, McCue, Gotheridge, Moffitt and Hicks. Voting nay, none. Abstaining, York. Motion carried.

Brooming Contract with the State: McCue moved to approve the brooming contract with the State DOT. Moffitt seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Speidel Water and Sewer: Janet Speidel is buying a lot from Bob Claussen that is outside city limits and would like permission from the Council to tap into the City’s water and sewer lines. Both water and sewer lines are readily accessible to this lot. York moved to allow Speidel to tap into the water and sewer lines at her own cost and with the city foreman’s approval. Hicks seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried.

Building Permits: One building permit was reviewed. Novlyn Janis at 402 Third Ave would like to put in a six foot privacy fence. Hicks moved to approve the building permit. York seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried.

Past Due Water Bills: Hicks moved to handle past due water bills as usual. York seconded the motion. All voting aye, motion carried

Adjournment: As there was no further business to come before the council at this time, motion to adjourn was entered by McCue.

The next city council meeting will be held May 9th at 5:30 p.m. at the Library Community Room.

Dated this 11th day of April, 2018

Gary Rayhill, Mayor


Jean Kirk, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $90.72

Published: April 25, 2018

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