Proceedings: BC Commissioners 5-16-18


Board Of Bennett County Commissioners

Minutes Of Proceedings

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Martin, South Dakota

The Bennett County Board of Commissioners met in regular session Wednesday, May 16, 2018, in the Commissioner’s meeting room.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Chairman Jason Fanning.

Commissioners present: Jason Fanning, Wayne Bond, Rocky Risse and Rolf Kraft.

Absent: Jeff Slattery

Others present: Novlyn Janis, Deputy Auditor; Taylor Risse, Bennett County Booster; Wade Iszler, RDO representative; Sarah Harris, States Attorney; Sheriff Paul Williams; Amanda LaCroix, Rural Attorney Program; Suzanne Starr, State Court Administrator’s office UJS; Dylan Kirchmeier and Cody Miller, UJS Interns; Bob Ceplecha, Veldon Thayer, Judd Schomp, Area Residents.

Minutes Approved

The minutes of the regular May 2, 2018 meeting were approved with a motion by Rolf Kraft and a second by Wayne Bond.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Highway Department

Wade Iszler, RDO representative, met with the Commissioners to discuss the County leasing a 2012 John Deere 772 used motor grader for the highway department. The Board discussed the options presented by Mr. Iszler. 

Jason Fanning made a motion to lease a 2012 John Deere 772 Grader at the price of $119,300.00 contingent on the inspection and outcome of the Opt-Out election, Wayne Bond seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Area Resident Bob Ceplecha addressed the Board to discuss the bids for gravel hauling as well as the weight requirements. The Commissioners informed Mr. Ceplecha that they will gather more information on the weight requirements. 

2018-2019 Malt Beverage Licenses

Malt Beverage Licenses 2018-2019 were approved for R Bar and Grill, Ron Daily 28885 237th Ave US Highway 18 Martin, SD and Boomdocks Bar and Grill with a motion from Rolf Kraft, and second by Wayne Bond.

All voted aye. Motion carried.


The Board reviewed claims. Rocky Risse made a motion to approve claims subject to delinquent taxes. Wayne Bond seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

General 101: (miles and meals included) April 2018 Payroll: Commissioners, $3,548.70; Auditor, $4,693.92; Treasurer, $3,461.69; States Attorney, $6,560.00; Gov. Bldg, $400.00; Director of Equalization, $2,082.00; Register of Deeds, $2,893.84; Veteran’s Service Officer, $731.00; Sheriff, $3,293.54; Jail, $1,488.56; County Wide Law, $7,635.95; WIC, $610.00; Extension, $1,307.85; Coroner, $116.00; Election, $0.00.

Highway, 201: $16,451.82; Emergency & Disaster, 226: $694.00; 24/7 Program, 248: $1,450.34; Security First Bank, Employer’s share of OASI: $4,336.30; Bennett County Medical & Retirement: $12,028.38

Amy R. Bartling, 1254.07, Crt App Attorney Fees X2; At&T, 188.33, Law & Hwy Cell Phone; At&T, 46.95, 911 Service; Bair’s Automotive Store, 55.50, Law Dept; Bauman Brothers, 450.00, Gravel; Bennett County Booster, 197.64, Commissioners Publishing; Bennett County Funeral Service, 500.00, Transport Of Bodies; Bc School Dist #3-1, 342989.92, April 2018 Apportionment; Bennett County Treasurer, 146.25, Adv Taxes; Bennett County Treasurer, 100.00, Advance Taxes; Behrens Wilson Funeral Home, 1200.00, Indigent Cremation& Burial; Bob’s Gas Service, 354.60, Cap Propaine; Bradley T. Borge, 4502.50, Crt App Attorney Fees X5; Butler Machinery, 862.10, Hwy Dept Oil; Centurylink, 130.15, 911 Service; City Of Martin, 98.46, Crt Hse & Cap Water Bills; City Of Martin, 53765.81, April 2018 Apportionment; Clinical Laboratory Of Bh, 1778.00, Autopsy; Cole Pest Control, 70.00, Crt Hse & Jail Pest Removal; Connecting Point, 145.00, Aud Computer Issue; Country Pride Cooperative, 9582.90, Hwy Dept Fuel; Correctional Risk Services, 829.27, Inmate Medical X2; Culligan Water Conditioning, 47.00, Crt Hse & Law Water; Dataspec Inc., 449.00, Vso Yearly Subscription; Department Of Revenue, 29771.55, April Transmittal; Department Of Revenue, 515.00, Blood Alcohol X11; Diana Nelson, 1415.95, Overpayment Of Taxes; Esri, 400.00, 911 Yearly Fee; The General Store, 144.69, Hwy Dept Shop Supply; Golden West Companies, 1358.00, Phone & Internet Bills; Great Western Tire Inc., 1451.00, Hwy Dept Tires; Grimm’s Pump & Industrial, 19.96, Hwy Dept Face Plate; Group Resources Of Iowa Llc, 142.50, May Insurance; Group Resources Of Iowa Llc, 135.00, Health Insurance Reimb; Isadore Poor Thunder Jr, 20.00, Outside Maintenance; James Gotheridge, 25.00, 24/7 Refund; Jeff Siscoe, 165.01, Lepc, Eds, Doe Reimb; John Deere Financial, 1894.40, Hwy Dept Oil; Kevin Curtis, 105.88, Law Travel Reimb; Kieffer Sanitation, 124.22, Hwy Dept Garbage Removal; Konica Minolta Premier Finance, 252.48, Crt Hse Copier Lease; Kratovils True Value, 228.27, Jail,Law,Crt Hse,Ext Supply; Kt Connections, Inc., 1032.52, Off Site Backup; Lacreek Electric Assoc., 4101.56, Fair,Hwy,Crt Hse, Fire,Cap,Sta; Les’ Body Shop, 25.88, Law Dept Car Supply; Lincoln County Treasurer, 400.00, Mental Illness; Lynn’s Dakotamart, 22.37, Crt Hse Supplies; Marco, Technologies Llc, 43.20, Copier Lease; Martin Auto Parts Ii, Inc., 1176.27, Law,Hwy& Eds Supplies; Mcleods Printing And Supply, 259.64, Election Materials; Moreno, Lee & Bachand, Pc, 212.55, Mental Illness Board; William A. Moss, 1200.00, Competency Hearing; John Murphy, 66.98, D. Ceplecha Attorney Fee; Nobel Industrial Supply Corp, 329.00, Law Dept Supply; Joseph Ashley Parr, Esquire, 650.67, Crt App Attorney Fees X1; Paula Pederson, 3410.81, Crt App Attorney Fees X7; Plic-Sbd Grand Island, 101.81, County Life Insurance; Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, 490.00, 24/7 U/A Cups; Rosane Cement Products, Inc, 270.00, Crt Hse Snow Removal; Salomon Sanitation, 113.21, Crt Hse Garbage Removal; Sd Federal Property Agency, 219.00, Hwy Shop Tools; Sdacc, 75.00, Hwy Workshop Dues; Sdaco, 525.00, Aud,Rod & Trea Workshop Dues; Secretary Of State, 7.00, Pistol Permit X1; Secretary Of State, 14.00, Pistol Permits X2; Servall, 210.42 Crt Hse Cleaning Supplies; Sod’s Mechanical Contracting, 341.62, Crt Hse Bathroom; Sandy Steffen, 1899.70, Crt App Attorney Fees X3; Stranded Tire Service, 230.00, Hwy Tire Repair; Transource, 172.31, Hwy Repairs; Valentine Office Supply, 255.27, Sa,Aud,Eds,Rod,Law; Voyager Fleet Systems Inc, 1446.77, Law Dept Fuel; Western Communications, Inc, 140.25, Eds Siren; Winner Chiropractic, 65.00, D. Ceplecha Medical; Winner Family Dentistry, 206.63, Inmate Medical; Winner Health Mart Pharmacy, 204.10, Inmate Meds; Winner Police Department, 33236.10, Inmate Housing April

Emergency and Disaster

Jeff Siscoe, Emergency and Disaster Coordinator met with the Commissioners to encourage them to attend a cost free training for elected officials. The Incident Command class; ICS 402 class will take place Friday May 25, 2018 at the Martin Fire Station. Mr. Siscoe also extended the invitation to attend the ICS 402 class to all the individuals running for Commissioner.

States Attorney

Sarah Harris, States Attorney informed the Board that her assistant has resigned and she will be looking for someone to fill the position. Ms. Harris asked the Commissioners if her office could purchase the office equipment that her assistant had brought in to the office. The Board agreed to let Ms. Harris purchase the office equipment if it was in her 2018 budget. 

Executive Session

Wayne Bond made a motion to go into executive session with Sheriff Paul Williams at 10:15 a.m. concerning personnel, Rocky Risse seconded. 

All voted aye. Motion carried

Chairman Jason Fanning declared executive session closed at 10:43 a.m.

Rural Attorney Initiative Program

Suzanne Starr, Administrator with State Court UJS, Dylan Kirchmeier and Cody Miller UJS interns along with Amanda LaCroix, Rural Attorney Program met with the Commissioners to inform the Board that Amanda LaCroix had passed the State Bar exam and she will be taking her Oath on June 5, 2018. Ms. LaCroix will offer assistance with civil cases; her services will be available to the public. 


Rolf Kraft informed the Board that he is requesting assistance and support from community members as well as other counties to address requesting Federal Impact Aid funding in lieu of property taxes on Indian trust lands.

The Board discussed the May 24, 2018 Community meeting to address the County Opt-Out. All of the Commissioners plan to attend and requested that the Sheriff and States Attorney attend the meeting. 


There being no further business to come before the Commissioners, Jeff Slattery made a motion to adjourn with a second by Rolf Kraft.

All voted aye. Motion carried.


/s/ Jason Fanning, Chairman


/s/ Susan Williams, Auditor

The next meeting will be Thursday, June 7, 2018, at 9:30 a.m. in the Commissioner’s meeting room.

Published once at the total approximate cost of $106.47

Published: May 30, 2018

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