Proceedings: BCSD 6-18-18


Bennett County School District 3-1

Board Of Education Minutes

Regular Meeting

June 18, 2018

The Regular meeting of the Bennett County School District 3-1 was called to order by Board President Mike Olson at 5:01 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by President Olson. Board members present: Alexander, Hodson, Huber and Olson. Administration present, Superintendent Halverson, Secondary Principal Redden, Jr. High Principal Ready, Elementary Principal Kuxhaus, Co-Business Managers Robinson and Coyle. Absent: Board Member Petrak. Others present, Tim Huether and Josh Fanning.

172.0-18 Huber moved to approve the agenda with the following addition:

177.1 Motion to surplus 2008 Chevrolet 15 passenger van, 130,400 miles, seconded by Hodson. All voting aye, motion carried.

No conflict of interest disclosed.

No communication from public.

173.0-18 Hodson moved to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Huber. All voting aye motion carried. 

173.1 Minutes of Regular Meeting, May 21, 2018

173.2 Claims, June, 2018

Checking 1 Fund: 10 General Fund; Board Mileage, Alexander, Todd, 3.36; Severence Pay, Anderson, Michael, 9,188.85; Repairs & Maint, Armstrong Extinguisher Service, 539.00; Legals & Minutes, Bc Booster Ii, 350.07; Vehicle Title/Middle School Supplies, Bc School District 3-1, 75.20; Mgs 1003(A) Supplies/Act Supplies/Admission Tickets, BC School-Trust & Agency, 5,040.08; Cdl Physical/Employee Cdl Physical, Bennett County Rural Health Clinic, 300.00; Mass Customized Learning, Black Hills Special Services, 5,177.86; District Title I P/D/Registration, Brustein & Manasevit, 1,145.00; Mileage To Parents, Byrne, Janelle, 360.36; Fuel, Cardmember Service, 227.21; Legal Services, Churchill, Manolis, Freeman, 1,356.26; Legion Water, City Of Martin, 1,770.32; Repairs & Maint, Culligan Water Conditioning, 97.00; Bus Supplies, Denny Menholt Chevrolet, 882.66; Phone, Donovan, Kenneth, 40.00; Dues & Fees, Eboard Solutions Inc, 600.00; Middle School Title I/Supplies, Fnb Visa, 4,291.11; Tire Repair, Fresh Start Convenience Store, 70.00; Mgs Supplies, Ge Associates Inc, 12.95; Repairs & Maint, General Service Construct Inc, 635.00; Playhouse, General Store, The, 599.61; Phone, Golden West Inc., 1,404.79; Bchs Supplies, Haggerty’s Musicworks, 41.20; Phone/Supt Travel, Halverson, Stacy, 77.00; Boys Activity Supplies, Hauff Mid-America Sports, 216.27; Severence Pay, Indahl, Darin, 6,203.67; Bchs Services, Infinite Campus:access Course, 600.00; Jag Registration, Jag, 775.00; Maint Supplies, Jenner Equipment, 231.84; Bo Back Up, Kt Connections, 30.00; Mgs Elem Principal Travel/Elem Principal Travel, Kuxhaus, Amie, 115.00; Legion Electric, Lacreek Electric, 11,601.36; Bo Supplies, Lynn’s Dakotamart, 241.67; Repairs & Maint, Marco Inc, 4,980.00; Bus Supplies, Martin Auto Parts Ii, 349.03; Bo Supplies, Mcleod’s Printing And Supply, 149.90; Bchs Propane, Midwest Cooperative, 618.66; Dues, Nafis, 2,109.00; Board Mileage, Olson, Michael, 3.78; Gravel Middle School, Pete Lien & Sons, 379.35; Box Rent, Postmaster - Martin, 152.00; Purchased Services, Psat/Nmsqt, 120.00; Bchs Travel, Ramada Mitchell, 203.56; Repairs & Maint/Maint Supplies, Rasmussen Mechanical Services Inc, 3,627.52; Travel/Ms Principal Travel, Ready, Belinda, 115.00; Travel/Bchs Principal Travel, Redden, Nicholas, 115.00; Bo Travel, Robinson, Jolene, 48.00; Legion Garbage, Salomon Sanitation, 1,132.06; Cheryl Witt Set Up Fee/Severence Pay, Sdrs Special Pay, 7,241.95; Rug Services, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Inc, 55.76; State Track, Sleep Inn & Suites, 3,194.00; Library Supplies, Syncb/Amazon, 1,738.55; Dues/Prof/Tech Services, Tie, 988.00; Purchased Services, Time Management Systems, 91.20; Phone, Toczek, Robert, 40.00; Technology Supplies, True Value Hardware, 628.87; Supplies/Bo Supplies, Valentine Office Supply, 30.24; Consumable Supplies, Wal Mart Community, 179.18; Cdl Licensing, Waln, Janelle, 63.00; Repairs & Maint, Ward, Eg, 630.00; Maint Supplies, Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, 526.73; Fund Total: 83,810.04; Checking 1 Fund: 21 Capital Outlay; Computer Equipment/Computer Licensing Fees, Apple Computer, 5,560.00; Mgs Library Media, Bc School-Trust & Agency, 140.97; Other Equipment, Cardmember Service, 379.99; Rock Middle School, Ceplecha Trucking And Grading, 881.92; Maint Supplies, Commercial Door & Specialities, Inc., 636.00; Legion Floor, Derksen Floors, Inc, 3,620.00; Library Media, Fnb Visa, 399.50; Maint Supplies, Ge Associates Inc, 506.20; Wood Shop, General Store, The, 3,844.41; Ms Copier, Marco Inc, 1,211.08; Computer Licensing Fees, Math Teacher Coach, 497.00; Copier Lease, Office Shop Leasing, 573.45; Meter Lease, Pitney Bowes Global Financial Services, 137.58; , Fund Total: 18,388.10; Checking 1 Fund: 22 Special Education Fund; Sped Director Supplies, Allen, Stacy, 25.43; Bchs Sped Services, Bc Hospital & Nursing Home, 1,359.35; Bchs Sped Services, Bc School-Trust & Agency, 32.50; Mgs Sped Services, Black Hills Special Services, 2,146.56; Tuition/Bchs Sped Services, Children’s Care Hospital, 7,246.00; Sped Copier, Marco Inc, 71.21; Purchased Services, Midwest Special Instruments, 121.40; Mgs Sped Supplies, Pyramid Educational Consultants, 225.50; Sped Services, Sd Dept Of Human Services, 6,848.44; Multi-Service Coop, Three Rivers Special Services Coop, 287.71; Fund Total: 18,364.10; Checking 1 Fund: 51 Food Service; Lunch Supplies, Bc School-Trust & Agency, 110.00; Lunch Supplies, Child/Adult Nutrition Services -, 56.15; Doe/Milk, Dean Foods, 600.43; Lunch Supplies, Food Services Of America, 2,643.11; Sales To Pupils/Lunch, Hodson, Kaye, 5.90; Sales To Pupils/Lunch, Marrs, Mike, 15.75; Sales To Pupils/Lunch, Oleske, Marj, 9.05; Supplies/Lunch Supplies, Reinhart, 3,379.14; Sales To Pupils/Lunch, Robinson, Stacy, 25.45; Supplies, Syncb/Amazon, 42.50; Fund Total: 6,887.48, Checking Account Total: 127,449.72

173.3 Financials, May, 2018

Approve the May financial reports as presented. 

GENERAL FUND Beginning Balance 45,003.16, Receipts 530,086.05, Disbursements 431,529.15, Ending Balance 143,560.06, Revenue Summary Local 247,647.40, County 1,701.00, State 197,880.00, Federal 82,857.65, Other -0-. CAPITAL OUTLAY FUND (10,096.50), Receipts -0-, Disbursements 29,862.34, Ending Balance (39,958.84), Revenue Summary Local -0-, County -0-, State -0-, Federal -0-, Other -0-. SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND Beginning Balance 10,903.59, Receipts 136,903.98, Disbursements 61,965.43, Ending Balance 85,842.14, Revenue Summary Local -0-, County 103,393.98, State 21,404.00, Federal 12,106.00, Other -0-. 

IMPACT AID FUND Beginning Balance 2,247,027.74, Ending Balance 2,250,099.08, Local 3,071.34, Federal -0-, FOOD SERVICE FUND Beginning Balance 32,231.13, Receipts 25,690.89, Disbursements 23,741.52, Ending Balance 34,180.50, Revenue Summary Local 3,466.11, State -0-, Federal 22,224.78, Other -0-. TRUST AND AGENCY Beginning Balance 99,665.00, Ending Balance 99,506.83. 


General Fund Salaries $243,262.07, Benefits $82,672.71 

Special Education Salaries $33,183.13, Benefits $8,895.39

Food Service Salaries $6,028.01, Benefits $3,502.39

174.1-18 Board Chairman Olson reported he had several zoom meetings with 3-Rivers Coop and a face to face meeting June 20. He had reconciled the bank statement with Jolene.

174.2 Superintendent Halverson reported on current openings: High School Special Education Instructor, High School Business/Technology, various co-curricular, and 2 kitchen staff openings; the administrative staff had attended the Wild West Conference in Deadwood last week and was presented with Department of Education updates, the summer project schedule is as follows: the Legion Gym floor is done, the Weight Room Project is still a project in progress, the new weight equipment arrived today; the flooring is projected to be in progress July 9-August 1; the high school roof project will begin the end of June to the first week of July depending on arrival of materials, it should take about 3 weeks to complete; tuckpointing will begin the first part of July; LED lighting will start next week and they are beginning in the Activity Center; the sewer is still on hold at the moment; our maintenance crew is busy with other projects in the buildings; the Student Council Project at the field will be completed when materials are ordered; Johnson Controls were here last week, Bob Toczek and Ms. Halverson spent 4 hours going through the buildings, Johnson Controls will have a report for the school board in July. 

174.3 Jr. High Principal reported on upcoming Title I happenings; middle school updates; a writing session will be held on June 19.

174.4 Secondary Principal Redden reported that there are a few students taking advantage of Summer school at the high school; the, coaches, wellness committee and maintenance crew helped unload the weight equipment that arrived today; summer workouts and open gyms are being held.

174.5 Elementary Principal Kuxhaus reported that approximately 70 students are attending summer school at the elementary; there are many summer trainings upcoming; the summer building cleaning is moving quickly and looking good!

175.0-18 Hodson moved to approve the following resolution SDCL 1-25-1: “BE IT RESOLVED That in order to comply with SDCL 1-25-1, as amended by HB 1172 (2018 Legislative Session), which states “the chair of the public body shall reserve at every official meeting by the public body a period for public comment, limited at the chair’s discretion, but not so limited as to provide for no public comment,” and also provide for a known procedure by which there may be public participation at school board meetings, the President/Chairperson of the Bennett County School District Board of Education shall apply and follow school board policy BDDH with respect to public participation at all school board meetings.” Seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

176.0-18 Huber moved to approve the Facilities and Use Agreement between Bennett County School District 3-1 and Bennett County Wellness and Recreation Center, seconded by Hodson. All voting aye, motion carried.

177.0-18 Alexander moved to approve purchase of a 15 passenger van up to $30,000 with trade-in of 2008 Chevrolet 15 passenger van, 130,400 miles, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

177.1 Alexander moved to surplus 2008 Chevrolet 15 passenger van, 130,400 miles, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

178.0-18 Alexander moved to change the July board meeting from July 16 to July 19, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

179.0-18 Hodson moved to accept contract from Three Rivers Cooperative for Speech Therapist for the 2018-2019 school year in the amount of $75,086.00, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

180.0-18 Alexander moved to accept a contract from Three Rivers Cooperative for Speech Language Pathologist Assistant for the 2018-2019 school year in the amount of $34,017.00, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

181.0-18 Hodson moved to accept the propane quote from Country Pride, Winner, SD for the 2018-2019 school year, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

Country Pride: Tanker: $1.07; Small Truck: $1.22

Stern Oil: Tanker: $1.1050; Small Truck: $1.35

Beguin Propane: Tanker: $1.10; Small Truck: $1.35

No quotes were received for gas.

182.0-18 Hodson moved to adopt and renew the Associated School Boards Workers Compensation Fund for the 2018-2019 school year, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

183.0-18 Huber moved to adopt the Workers Compensation Fund Participation Agreement for the 2018-2019 school year, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

184.0-18 Alexander moved to appoint Mike Olson as representative and Josh Fanning as alternate to the Three Rivers Cooperative for the 2018-2019 school year, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

185.0-18 Alexander moved to adopt and approve the South Dakota School District Benefits Fund Participation Agreement for the 2018-2019 school year, seconded by Hodson. All voting aye, motion carried.

186.0-18 Alexander moved to accept bid of $2,450.00 from Anna Halverson for the 2007 Ford Fusion, 144,000 miles, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

187.0-18 Hodson moved to approve updates to bring the following polices in compliance with federal and state laws, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

187.1 DIC – Financial Reports and Statements

187.2 DB – Budget, replaces the following:

DBC – Budget Deadlines and Schedules

DBD – Budget Planning

DBH – Budget Adoption Procedures

DBJ – Budget Implementation

DBK – Budget Transfer Authority

187.3 KMC- Annual Notification to Parents

187.4 IGBC – Limited English Proficiency Instruction

187.5 KMB – Title I Parent Involvement

187.6 GBL – Personnel Leave

187.7 GCBDD – Military Leave

188.0-18 Hodson moved to approve the following new board policies, seconded by Huber.

All voting aye, motion carried.

188.1 BDDC – Agenda Preparation and Dissemination

188.2 JGB – Restraint and Seclusion

189.0-18 Hodson moved to adjourn meeting at 6:01 p.m., seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried. 

Michael Olson, Board Chairman

Jolene Robinson, Business Manager

Published once at the total approximate cost of $149.94

Published: June 27, 2018

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