Proceedings: BC Commissioner 6-20-18


Board Of Bennett County Commissioners

Minutes Of Proceedings

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Martin, South Dakota

The Bennett County Board of Commissioners met in regular session Wednesday, June 20, 2018, in the Commissioner’s meeting room.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Chairman Jason Fanning.

Commissioners present: Jason Fanning, Wayne Bond, Rocky Risse, Rolf Kraft and Jeff Slattery.

Others present: Susan Williams, Auditor; Taylor Risse, Bennett County Booster; Judd Schomp, Area Resident; Tom McMillan, City Police Department; Sarah Harris, States Attorney; Sheriff Paul Williams. 

Minutes Approved

The minutes of the regular June 7, 2018 meeting were approved with a motion by Rocky Risse and a second by Rolf Kraft.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Highway Department

The Board reviewed the STP funding that is available. There was discussion about hiring gravel haulers to haul gravel from the Bauman Pit. The Board agreed to hire the extra help to haul gravel.

There was discussion concerning the purchase of a road grader. The Commissioners were concerned with the repair history of the John Deere 772 G motor grader. The group discussed renting a machine or lease purchase and discussion about looking for an older machine. The Board requested Jeff Slattery contact other dealers and made the decision to not lease the John Deere.

There was discussion about using the STP funds and the Allen road needing chip and seal. Rolf Kraft reported the Oglala Sioux Tribe had agreed to do maintenance on the Allen road when the road was built.


The Board reviewed claims. The Board questioned a $10,000.00 hospital bill for an inmate. There was also discussion concerning the Winner jail cost. Rolf Kraft made a motion to approve claims subject to delinquent taxes. Jeff Slattery seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

General 101: (miles and meals included) May 2018 Payroll: Commissioners, $4,260.55; Auditor, $6,964.80; Treasurer, $5,222.91; States Attorney, $9,716.08; Gov. Bldg, $600.00; Director of Equalization, $3,123.00; Register of Deeds, $4,340.76; Veteran’s Service Officer, $1,096.50; Sheriff, $4,940.31; Jail, $2,075.50; County Wide Law, $12,645.12; WIC, $1,063.72; Extension, $1,475.00; Coroner, $250.90; Election, $0.00.

Highway, 201: $23,863.92

Emergency & Disaster, 226: $1,041.00

24/7 Program, 248: $2,090.62

Security First Bank, Employer’s share of OASI: $6,420.16

Bennett County Medical & Retirement: $13,583.46

Tschetter & Adams, 193.00, Crt App Attorney Fees X1; At&T, 317.94, Law, Hwy, Eds Cell Phones; Bair’s Automotive Store, 52.64, Law Dept Car Service; Bauman Brothers, 375.00, Hwy Dept Gravel; Bennett County Booster, 1558.54, Aud,Ext,Elect,Comms,Hwy; Bennett Co Hospital And Nh, 273.00, Inmate Blood Alcohol; Bennett Co Hospital And Nh, 34.00, Hwy Dot Drug Test Fee; Bennett Co Hospital And Nh, 34.00, Hwy Drug Test Fee; Bc School Dist #3-1, 39558.52, May 2018 Apportionment; Bennett County Treasurer, 127.06, Adv Taxes; Beth Lyon, 25.00, Election Staff; Bradley T. Borge, 4201.00, Crt App Attorney Fees X4; Byron Nogelmeier, 487.00, 24/7 Fees; Cindy York, 80.00, Crt Witnees Fee; Centurylink, 85.86, 911 Bill For June; Centurylink, 132.44, 911 Service; City Of Martin, 3789.81, Water Bills & Justus Building; City Of Martin, 13092.68, May 2018 Apportionment; Clinical Laboratory Of Bh, 1590.00, Autopsy X1; Cole Pest Control, 70.00, Jail & Crt Hse Pest Removal; Correctional Risk Services, 10874.07, Inmate Medical Care X2; Culligan Water Conditioning, 58.00, Law, Crt Hse Water; Dakota Plains Legal Services, 2825.00, Crt App Attorney Fees X1; Dana Safety Supply, Inc., 193.00, Law Dept Car Skid Platecharge; Daniel L. Peters, O.D., 344.00, D. & R. Ceplecha Glasses; Days Inn Pierre, 114.00, Auditor & Rodspringworkshop; Department Of Revenue, 140.00, Blood Alcohol X 4; Department Of Revenue, 47319.30, May Transmittal; Dewey J. Ertz, Ebd, 150.00, Expert Witness; Donald Larson, 25.00, Election Staff; Ds Solutions, 175.00, Election Test Deck; Election Systems & Software, 1748.14, Election Materials; Executive Mgmt Finance Office, 81.00, Aud Email April&May; Gary Rayhill, 25.00, Election Staff; The General Store, 54.64, Hwy Dept Supplies; Genetic Technologies, Inc, 4788.00, Dna Expert; Golden West Technologies, 62.50, Law Dept Computer/Modem; Golden West Companies, 1374.43, Phone, Fax, Internet Bills; Governors Inn, 114.00, Trea & Hwy Motel; Great Western Tire Inc., 4105.40, Hwy Tires; Group Resources Of Iowa Llc, 142.50, June Cnty Insurance; Group Resources Of Iowa Llc, 60.00, Cnty Health Insur Reimb; Hannah Brown, 673.28, Overpayment Of Taxes; Intoximeters Inc, 33.65, 24/7 Supplies; Jeff Siscoe, 189.05, Doe & Eds; Kieffer Sanitation, 124.22, Hwy Dept Garbage Removal; Konica Minolta Premier Finance, 243.99, Copier Lease; Kratovils True Value, 42.47, Law Dept Vehicle & Supplies; Kt Connections, Inc., 525.00, Aud,Trea,Doe,Rod Backups; Lacreek Electric Assoc., 2046.51, Electric Bills; Lincoln County Treasurer, 413.91, Mental Illness X3 Invoices; Lydia Melvin, 44.25, Jail Cleaning; Lynn’s Dakotamart, 42.35, Jail Supplies; Marco, Technologies Llc, 43.20, Copier Lease; Martin Auto Parts Ii, Inc., 589.00, Law & Hwy Supply & Maint; Medline Industries Inc., 189.50, 24/7 Pbt Tubes; Anuar Meza, 300.00, Crt Reporter Fees; Mona Weiger, 38.00, Crt Reporter Fee; Moreno, Lee & Bachand, Pc, 69.90, Mental Illness; William A. Moss, 900.00, Testimony Fees; John Murphy, 547.29, Crt App Attorney Fees X3; Nancy Sterkel, 157.50, Rod Travel Workshop; Office Products Center, 1401.57, Law,Crt Hse, Ext, Aud Supplies; Joseph Ashley Parr, Esquire, 12997.03, Crt App Attorney Fees X5; Jamy Patterson, 274.20, Crt App Attorney Fees X1; Paula Pederson, 754.33, Crt App Attorney Fees X2; Pennington Co. Jail, 571.65, Inmate Transport X5; Philip Motor Inc, 163.14, Law Dept Car Maint; Plic-Sbd Grand Island, 101.81, April Bill Life Insurance; Rapid City Regional Hospital, 886.00, Morgue X2; Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, 490.00, 24/7 Ua Cups; Salomon Sanitation, 113.21, Crt Hse Garbage; SDACO, 144.00, May Share; Secretary Of State, 7.00, Pistol Permit X1; Servall, 315.63, Crt House Rugs, Mops, Tp, Pt; Shelly Siscoe, 22.99, Crt Hse Vac Filter & Bags; Signs & Safety Equipment Inc., 396.46, Law Dept Safety Signs; Sandy Steffen, 302.20, Crt App Attorney Fees X1; Sun Life Financial, 76.17, June Premium; Susan Williams, 132.60, Aud Workshop 5/14-5/15; Swier Law, Firm, Prof. Llc, 249.05, Crt App Attorney Fees X1; Sword & Ahrendt Law Office Pc, 2620.98, Crt App Attorney Fees X11; Tasha Hiland, 84.08, Jail Cleaning; Transource, 2002.69, Hwy Dept Repairs; United States Postal Service, 521.00, Box Rent & Postage; Valentine Office Supply, 479.59, Aud, Crt Hse, Comms, Doe, Law; Voyager Fleet Systems Inc, 1113.12, Law Dept Fuel; Western Cartographers, 360.00, Plat Maps; Winner Health Mart Pharmacy, 226.53, D. Ceplecha & R. Ceplecha Meds; Winner Police Department, 36539.20, Inmate Housing; Yohner, Inc, 688.87, Courtroom Safety Gate; Vanessa Kaye Hodson, 154.06, Election Staff; Anthony Kathol, 133.90, Election Staff; Cecelia Bolzer, 133.90, Election Staff; Diane Vandermay, 208.66, Election Staff; Elmer Simmons, 146.50, Election Staff; Faye Harris, 136.00, Election Staff; Joyce Wilson, 133.90, Election Staff; Kathleen Kocourek, 136.50, Election Staff; Rita L. Jacquot, 132.30, Election Staff; Steven Hauck, 145.66, Election Staff; Sharon Simmons, 133.90, Election Staff; Teresa Mosher, 122.19, Election Staff

Emergency and Disaster

At the request of Auditor Susan Williams, Rocky Risse made a motion to transfer $11,420.00 from the General Fund to the Emergency and Disaster fund. Wayne Bond seconded. 

All voted aye. Motion carried

Ms. Williams explained this was a budgeted item.

Wage Increase

Auditor Susan Williams explained to the Board that an error had been made on wages for Shelly Siscoe, Maintenance, and the budgeted wage increase had not been implemented January 1, 2018.

Rocky Risse made a motion to approve the wage increase for Shelly Siscoe, Maintenance, from $200.00 per pay period to $250.00 per pay period effective January 1, 2018. Wayne Bond seconded. 

All voted aye. Motion carried

Law Department

Sheriff Paul Williams met with the Commissioners to report the Medical Facilities are planning on adding hospital rooms to the medical facilities and would like to use a section of the County Law Department shop to build 2 mock rooms to show the public what the rooms will look like. 

Sheriff Williams informed the Board the shop had space available and in exchange for a fence to be built behind the shop. Sheriff Williams explained a fence has been needed. The Board agreed to the proposal. There was also discussion concerning a drain pipe needing repaired in the jail.

Juvenile Services

The Board reviewed a contract with Western South Dakota Juvenile Services Center with Sheriff Williams.

Jeff Slattery made a motion to accept the contract with Western South Dakota Juvenile Services Center. Wayne Bond seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried

Request for new hourly wage

States Attorney Sarah Harris requested the Board raise the hourly wage to hire a States Attorney secretary. Auditor Susan Williams also stated she will be hiring a Deputy Auditor and needs higher wages. The Board agreed to hire at $9.75 hourly.

July Meeting

Due to the next Commissioner meeting falling on July 4th, 2018 the Board agreed to change the next meeting to July 11, 2018 at 9:30 a.m.

Request for funding 

Rolf Kraft explained to the Board that he will be writing a new release encouraging other residents in Bennett County and other counties to form groups to assist in requesting the Federal government in paying counties for tax exempt property. Mr. Kraft explained that there is a need for more than one person to push the issue.

Grant to build Jail

There was discussion concerning looking for a grant to build a jail. There was a suggestion the City and County work together to build a jail and discussion about the City having more options for revenue. The Board plans to look into.

Executive Session

Wayne Bond made a motion to go into executive session with Sheriff Paul Williams and States Attorney Sarah Harris, Rolf Kraft seconded. 

All voted aye. Motion carried

Chairman Jason Fanning declared executive session closed at 10:45 a.m.


There being no further business to come before the Commissioners, Wayne Bond made a motion to adjourn with a second by Rolf Kraft.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Board Of Bennett County Commission

/s/ Attest: Jason Fanning, Chairman

/s/ Susan Williams, Auditor

The next meeting will be Wednesday, July 11, 2018, at 9:30 a.m. in the Commissioner’s meeting room.

Published once at the total approximate cost of $126.63

Published: July 4, 2018

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