Proceedings: BCSD 11-19-18


Bennett County School District 3-1

Board of Education Minutes

Regular Meeting

November 19, 2018

The Regular meeting of the Bennett County School District 3-1 was called to order by Board President Mike Olson at 5:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by President Olson. Board members present: Alexander, Fanning, Huber, Petrak and Olson. Administration present, Superintendent Halverson, Secondary Principal Redden, Middle School Principal Ready, Elementary Principal Kuxhaus, Co-Business Manager Coyle. Absent: Robinson. Others present Mary Hunt, Stacy Allen and Linnae Slattery.

55.0-19 Fanning moved to approve the agenda with the following additions, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

67.0-19 Motion to accept the following resignations. (Action)

67.1 Jeanette Nelson, effective immediately.

67.2 Tania Kuxhaus, effective December 20, 2018

67.3 Brianna Cottier, effective immediately

67.4 Bert Ready, retirement from Activity Director at the end of the current school year. 

68.0-19 Executive session for personnel matter pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2(1) and Negotiations pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2(4). (Action)

69.0-17 Adjournment. (Action)

No conflict of interest disclosed.

No communication from public.

56.0-19 Petrak moved to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye motion carried. 

56.1 Minutes of Regular Meeting, October 17, 2018

56.2 Claims, November, 2018

56.3 Financials, October, 2018

Checking 1 Fund: 10 General Fund; Pest Control, 4 Seasons, 150.00; IA Supplies, A & B Welding, 19.53; Cdl Testing, Avera, Queen Of Peace Occupational Health, 190.00; Legals & Minutes, BC Booster II, 217.77; MGS Title Parent Involvement, BC School District 3-1, 63.00; Dues & Fees/Inservice Meals/Wrestling Entry Fee/FFA T&A Credit, BC School-Trust & Agency, 7,816.17; VB Bookkeeper, Begeman, Jennifer, 120.00; State X Country Travel, Best Western Ramkota Hotel, 663.97; Artist In Residence, BJ Buckley, 1,801.44; District Title I Fees, Blackboard, Inc, 2,251.44; Taurus Windshield Repair, Bob’s Auto Glass, 50.00; Fuel, Cardmember Service, 581.07; Technology Supplies, CDW Government, 200.20; Legion Water, City Of Martin, 2,242.98; BCHS Tech Repairs, Computer Village, 627.90; MS Propane, Country Pride Cooperative, 3,233.76; BCHS Principal Travel, Csc Conferencing Office, 329.70; Repairs & Maint, Culligan Water Conditioning, 183.50; Phone, Donovan, Kenneth, 40.00; BCHS Travel, FNB Visa, 3,295.09; MS SEL Travel, Fuchs, Jeanene, 191.00; Maint Supplies, General Store, The, 777.02; Phone, Golden West Inc., 1,315.20; Phone, Halverson, Stacy, 40.00; Bus Supplies, Harlow’s School Bus Service Inc, 248.74; VB Clock, Hicks, Steven, 570.00; Maint Supplies, Hillyard/Sioux Falls, 4,162.51; MS SEL Travel, Kaltenbach, Julie, 191.00; BCHS Indian Ed Travel, Knecht, Cindy, 45.37; BO Back Up, Kt Connections, 30.00; Legion Electric, Lacreek Electric, 13,607.99; Fuel/MGS Principal Supplies, Lynn’s Dakotamart, 4,181.83; Bus Supplies, Martin Auto Parts Ii, 450.87; MS Facs Supplies, Mckay, Donna, 28.44; BCHS Supplies/MS Supplies, NASCO, 9.48; Bus Supplies, Nat’l School Forms, 112.83; Superintendent Fees, National Indian Impacted Schools Association, 350.00; MGS Title I Services, NCS Pearson Inc, 6,000.00; Air Filters, Nebraska Air Filter Inc, 1,242.96; Bus Supplies, North Central Bus Sales, 419.10; VB Offical, O’Neill, Vera, 90.00; BCHS Copier/BO Copier, Office Shop Inc, 997.48; Maint Supplies, Panhandle Sales & Service, LLC, 29.00; District RLIS Supplies, Positive Promotions, 1,538.66; Repairs & Maint, Rasmussen Mechanical Services Inc, 2,081.08; MS Title I Travel, Ready, Belinda, 191.00; Jag Supplies, Reinhart, 353.13; FB Announcer, Risse, Wade, 120.00; Legion Garbage, Salomon Sanitation, 1,132.06; Dues & Fees/Registration, School Administrators Of SD, 50.00; MGS Supplies/Maint Supplies, School Specialty, 573.03; Scale Inspection, SD Dept Of Public Safety, 28.00; Membership Dues, SDHSCA, 560.00; Rug Service, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Inc, 55.78; Repairs & Maint, Sod’s Mechanical, 238.78; Travel, Sportsman’s Lanes, 176.50; Secondary Tech. Supplies, SYNCB/Amazon, 800.51; BO Services, Time Management Systems, 91.20; Phone, Toczek, Robert, 40.00; Maint Supplies, True Value Hardware, 1,017.39; JH Wrestling Travel, Ulmer, Jesse, 25.00; BCHS Supplies/BO Supplies, Valentine Office Supply, 222.21; MS Supplies, Wal Mart Community, 124.79; MGS Supplies, West Music, 23.75; BCHS Principal Registration, West River Foundation, 150.00; Welding Training, Western Dakota Technical Inst, 350.00; Tire Repair, Yesway, 15.00; Fund Total: 69,126.21; Checking 1 Fund: 21 Capital Outlay; Library Media, FNB Visa, 594.32; Supplies, General Store, The, 3,166.55; Maint Supplies, Hillyard/Sioux Falls, 1,505.38; BCHS Software, Kuta Software, LLC, 1,061.00; MS Lease, Office Shop Leasing, 567.44; Maint Supplies, Rasmussen Mechanical Services Inc, 2,204.02; Maint Supplies, True Value Hardware, 2,288.79; Fund Total: 11,387.50; Checking 1 Fund: 22 Special Education Fund; BCHS SPED Fees, BC School-Trust & Agency, 36.46; MGS SPED Services, Black Hills Special Services, 2,084.40; MGS SPED Services/SPED Tuition, Children’s Care Hospital And School, 7,321.25; MGS SPED Travel, FNB Visa, 3,734.94; BCHS SPED Supplies, Houghton Mifflin Company, 377.08; Mileage Paid To Parents, Janis, Carl, 15.96; Speech Supplies/Speech, NCS Pearson Inc, 30.00; SPED Copier, Office Shop Inc, 13.96; SPED Lease, Office Shop Leasing, 6.01; SPED Director Supplies, School Specialty, 21.79; SPED Services, SD Dept Of Human Services, 6,867.27; Fund Total: 20,509.12; Checking 1 Fund: 42 Security Project; Security Project, Johnson Controls, 83,545.51; Fund Total: 83,545.51; Checking 1 Fund: 51 Food Service; Kitchen Hood Inspection, Armstrong Extinguisher Service, 150.00; Breakfast Supplies, Child/Adult Nutrition Services -, 825.03; Doe/Milk, Dean Foods, 1,602.88; Kitchen Supplies, Food Services Of America, 6,714.04; Supplies, Hillyard/Sioux Falls, 334.24; Food Service Supplies, Lynn’s Dakotamart, 38.14; Purchased Food, Reinhart, 7,028.22; Kitchen Equipment, SYNCB/Amazon, 442.20; FS Supplies, True Value Hardware, 82.99; Fund Total: 17,217.74; Checking Account Total: 201,786.08

Approve the October financial reports as presented.

GENERAL FUND Beginning Balance 419,314.45, Receipts 212,197.97, Disbursements 301,223.14, Ending Balance 330,289.28, Revenue Summary Local 11,851.97, County 1,265.00, State 199,081.00, Federal -0-, Other -0-. CAPITAL OUTLAY FUND Beginning Balance 68,149.18, Receipts 25.00, Disbursements 35,324.63, Ending Balance 32,849.55, Revenue Summary Local -0-, County -0-, State -0-, Federal -0-, Other 25.00. SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND Beginning Balance 40,742.58, Receipts 9,138.45, Disbursements 64,236.18, Ending Balance 14,355.15, Revenue Summary Local -0-, County 3,972.07, State 5,166.38, Federal -0-, Other -0-. IMPACT AID FUND Beginning Balance 568,284.58, Ending Balance 2,843,533.48 Local 2,275,248.90, Federal -0-. LED PROJECT FUND Beginning Balance -0-, Receipts -0- Disbursements -0-, Ending Balance 21,226.19. SECURITY PROJECT FUND Beginning Balance 340,000.00, Disbursements 5,738.49, Ending Balance 334,261.51. FOOD SERVICE FUND Beginning Balance (484.15), Receipts 429.10, Disbursements 27,050.12, Ending Balance (4,615.36), Revenue Summary Local (429.10), State -0-, Federal -0-, Other -0- TRUST & AGENCY FUND Beginning Balance 98,097.13, Ending Balance 101,023.73.


General Fund Salaries $269,750.65, Benefits $70,788.29

Special Ed Salaries $37,068.82, Benefits $9,032.65

Food Service Salaries $5,798.81, Benefits $2,066.39

57.1 Board Chairman Olson reported he had visited the elementary classrooms to look at the Smart boards and he will report to the technology committee in December, had attended the streaming BC events meeting, he attended the Veteran’s Day program…staff and students presented an excellent program, he helped serve the staff appreciation luncheon big thanks go to the cooks for preparing a wonderful lunch, he had attended the local Impact Aid meeting, went to Pierre for the ASBSD delegate assembly meeting, he will have a zoom meeting with 3-Rivers Co-op on Wednesday, and he had reconciled the bank statement with Jolene and reminded Todd that he has December bills. He also handed out the evaluation forms for the superintendent.

57.2 Superintendent Halverson reported on the following: DOE Accreditation is finalized with no findings and we are fully accredited through 2023-2024; the safety and security project had a walk through on Thursday we have not received a report on that; the Veteran’s Day program went very well; had several activities for American Education Week with dinner being served to the staff which was well attended; we still have position openings in the district; she will be attending a Superintendent’s meeting in Pierre December 5th after the Governor’s budget address; a calendar meeting is being planned with BCEA; the report card will be released to the public shortly. 

57.3 Middle School Principal Ready reported her enrollment is 73, the Artist in Residence will be here next week, ELA/Theater/FACS/PE have activities planned; on upcoming family and community engagements, professional development, the Transition Plan with head start has been signed, the SEL Grant, and library happenings.

57.4 Secondary Principal Redden reported on the happenings during Red Ribbon week; a reading program with reading out loud which is having real positive feedback from students; the 10th grade college trip to Western Dakota Tech and the School of Mines; Family fun night; the fall activities have ended and the winter sports are getting ramped up.

57.5 Elementary Principal Kuxhaus reported her enrollment is at 248 and she has 58 students with perfect attendance; a family friendly walkthrough was last week; SEL Grant; school expectations are having a great impact in her building; and upcoming events.

57.6 Business Manager Coyle reported that Robinson had invested $500,000 with South Dakota FIT at 2.55 percent interest.

58-0-19 Superintendent Halverson gave a review of the Indian Policy and Procedures hearing held on November 14.

59.0-19 Alexander moved to approve the Indian Policy and Procedures plan for the 2018-2019 school year, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

60.0-19 Huber moved to appoint Todd Alexander as the ASBSD Legislative Action Network Member, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried.

61.0-19 Fanning moved to approve the 2019-2020 Enterprise Bandwith Service Agreement with Golden West Technologies for a 3 year term, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

62.0-19 Huber moved to approve changes to Policy CI: Administrative Staff Evaluation, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried.

63.0-19 A discussion was held on paperless board meetings and Alexander moved to go forward with the implementation, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried.

64.0-19 Fanning moved to approve the streaming package purchase in the amount of $5,803.00, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

65.0-19 Fanning moved to approve changes and approval of the Wellness Policy, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

66.0-19 A building and grounds discussion was held on potential capital projects. Several projects were discussed, a community committee will be formed to investigate the building projects.

67.0-19 Alexander moved to accept the following resignations/retirement, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried. 

67.1 Jeanette Nelson, para-professional, effective immediately

67.2 Tania Kuxhaus, para-professional, effective December 20, 2018

67.3 Brianna Cottier, kitchen worker, effective immediately

67.4 Bert Ready, retirement from Activity Director at the end of the current school year. Comment from the board that he has done a wonderful job and will be extremely missed.

68.0-19 Fanning moved to enter executive session at 6:10 p.m., for personnel matter pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2-(1) and negotiations pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2 (4), seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried. Chairman Olson declared out of session at 6:33 p.m.

69.0-19 Petrak moved to adjourn meeting at 6:35 p.m., seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried. 

Michael Olson, Board Chairman

Jolene Robinson, Business Manager

Published once at the total approximate cost of $137.34

Published: November 28, 2018

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