Proceedings: BC Commissioner 11-21-18


Board Of Bennett County Commissioners

Minutes of Proceedings

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Martin, South Dakota

The Bennett County Board of Commissioners met in regular session Wednesday, November 21, 2018, in the Commissioner’s meeting room.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Chairman Jason Fanning

Commissioners present: Rolf Kraft, Jeff Slattery, Wayne Bond, Jason Fanning

Absent: Rocky Risse

Others present: Susan Williams, Auditor; Taylor Risse, Bennett County Booster; Sarah Harris, States Attorney; Amanda LaCroix, Attorney; Judd Schomp, Commissioner-elect.

Minutes Approved

The minutes of the regular November 8, 2018 meeting were approved with a motion by Jeff Slattery and second by Rolf Kraft.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Highway Department

There was discussion concerning road complaints. There was also discussion about the need to unplug culverts on County roads. The suggestion was made to hire a backhoe or the Highway Department purchasing a backhoe to cleanout culverts. Jeff Slattery will meet with the Highway Department about the options.

The Board reviewed the bid for gravel crushing. 


The Board reviewed claims. Rocky Risse made a motion to approve claims subject to delinquent taxes. Rolf Kraft seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

The Board reviewed the claims. Wayne Bond made a motion to approve the following claims subject to delinquent taxes. Jeff Slattery seconded. 

All voted aye. Motion carried.

10-8 Video 309.95 Rear IR Camera/M; American Family Insurance 20.72 Aflac Premium; AT&T 244.98 Cell Phones; AT&T 45.44 911 Utilities; Bauman Brothers 1450.00 Gravel; Bennett County Booster 1582.56 BC Courthouse; BC School Dist #3-1 280549.84 Oct 2018 Apportionment; Bennett County Treasurer 2490.70 Advance Tax D Bakley; Bennett County Treasurer 965.37 Partial Pay Tax; Bennett County Treasurer 99.24 Ad Tax Spangler, Clausen; Bennett County Treasurer 115.00 Ad Tax C Babby; Bennett Co. Sheriff’s Office 70.00 LEPC Grant Sheriff office; Beth Lyon 25.00 Data Entry-Election; Bob’s Gas Service 1389.96 Cap & Hiway Shed; Bradley T. Borge 2733.00 Crt Appt’ Atty x5; Brevik Law Office 242.05 Crt Appt’ Atty; Butler Machinery 383.96 Hwy Dept-Batteries; Catastrophic Legal Exp Pro 617.00 Clerp 4th Qrt Pay; Centurylink 260.30 Nov 2018 Bill; Chelsi Claussen 25.00 DUI Blood; City Of Martin 144.76 November 2018; City Of Winner 2000.00 911: 2018 Admin Fees; City Of Martin 51001.46 October Apportionment; Clinical Laboratory Of BH 1646.00 Autopsy; Cole Pest Control 70.00 Courthouse/Jail; Corbin Marshall 20.00 Crthse Snow Removal; Country Pride Cooperative 12491.27 Hwy Dept-Gas & Diesel; Correctional Risk Services 379.75 August 26, 2018; Dave Bakley 3515.00 Gravel Hauling; Department Of Revenue 34063.96 October Transmittal; Darcy Lockwood 30.00 Prof Srvs; Donald Larson 25.00 Gen Election Res Brd; Election Systems & Software 2117.15 Services; Executive Mgmt Finance Office 119.25 July & September; Fall River Co. Sheriff’s Office 240.00 October Bill; Gary Rayhill 12.78 Handgun Qualify; Gary Rayhill 53.14 Gen Election Res Brd; Golden West Technologies 121.00 Law Dept; Golden West Companies 1386.50 November 2018; Great Western Tire Inc. 1189.48 Gs531108, 1-Gs531218; Group Resources Of Iowa LLC 102.84 Health Insurance; Group Resources Of Iowa LLC 152.00 Claims Administrator; Jeff Siscoe 217.81 DOE & LEPC; John Deere Financial 2839.85 Hwy Dept-Hy Oil; Jace Standing Bear 20.00 Witness Fee; Kieffer Sanitation 131.79 Hwy Dept-Garbage; Konica Minolta Premier Finance 243.48 Copier Lease; Kratovils True Value 300.42 Courthouse; Kt Connections, Inc. 525.00 Services; Loretta Twiss 6.00 PBT Fee Refund; Lacreek Development 90.86 Eds Back Up Power; Amanda Lacroix 263.20 Crt Appt’ Atty; Lincoln County Treasurer 89.10 #100918,#092518; Lucy Lewno 332.94 Mental Ill Brd; Lynn’s Dakotamart 24.88 Courthouse; Maizie Bettelyoun 106.20 Jail Cleaning; Martin Auto Parts IiI, Inc. 40.73 #1550 BCSO; Martin Auto Parts II, Inc. 773.58 Hwy Dept Supplies; Martin Volunteer Fire Dept 70.00 LEPC Grant To MVFD; McLeods Printing And Supply 548.98 Election Supplies; Minnehaha County, SD 28.20 1052 Fees; Mark Katterhagen 30.00 11.6.18 Prof Srvs; Moreno, Lee & Bachand, PC 170.80 #26548 Atty Fees; Doug O’Bryan Contracting 14923.50 Hwy Dept-Bauman Pit; Office Products Center 163.75 BCSO Supplies; Joseph Ashley Parr, Esquire 2440.14 Crt Appt Att; Paul Williams 85.00 Class Registration; Paula Pederson 1222.42 Crt Appt Att; Pennington Co. Jail 711.95 Billing: Oct 2018; Pennington Co. States Attorney 215.00 Crt Appt’ Att: JS Sr.; Philip Motor Inc 16.50 #24273; PLIC-SBD Grand Island 105.83 Life Ins Nov Bill; Rushmore Communications Inc. 1166.23 Hwy Dept-Radios; Salomon Sanitation 113.21 November 2018 Bill; SDACO 54.00 October 2018; SDSU-Dept. Of Animal Sciences 75.00 IRM Redbooks; Secretary Of State 7.00 Pistol Permit X1; Slate Evans 20.00 Court Witness; Sod’s Mechanical Contracting 2198.98 #11318, 11333; Sandy Steffen 1539.07 Crt Appt Att; Stuart Bucholz 89.53 Mental Ill Transport; Sword & Ahrendt Law Office PC 10842.00 Crt Appt Att; Valentine Office Supply 206.00 Courthouse; Voyager Fleet Systems Inc 1461.31 Law, Transport Fuel; Winner Chiropractic 68.50 D Ceplecha; Winner Family Dentistry 825.00 October Bill; Winner Health Mart Pharmacy 444.85 November 2018 Bill; Winner Police Department 24727.53 November Inmate; Yankton Co. Sheriff’s Office 100.00 #201807951; Zuercher 29.29 Law Maintenance; Stevan Hauck 149.86 General Election; Elmer Simmons 145.60 General Election; Faye Harris 129.47 General Election; Vanessa Kaye Hodson 174.22 General Election; Kathleen Kocourek 154.67 General Election; Teresa Mosher 152.38 General Election; Betty Ann Olson 129.47 General Election; Sharon Simmons 145.60 General Election; Janet Speidel 129.47 General Election; Diane Vandermay 184.30 General Election; Joyce Wilson 129.47 General Election; Marcella Zacher 129.47 General Election; Winner Family Dentistry 43.57 Inmate Dental Avera Health Plans 7131.84 Health Ins Premium; Bennett County Treasurer 768.79 Advance Taxes; Bennett County Treasurer 100.00 Adv Taxes J Erwin; Kevin Kuxhaus 100.00 Refund Excise Tax; Leo Dean Livermont 42.00 Refund License Plate; Marco, Technologies LLC 43.20 Copier Lease; Secretary Of State 7.00 Pistol Permit X1; Stuart Bucholz 81.60 Transport Per Diem

County Health Insurance

The Board reviewed the health insurance renewal.

Jeff Slattery made a motion to renew the health insurance at $3,000.00 deductible with a MERP for the employees with a $750.00 deductible, effective December 1, 2018. Wayne Bond seconded.

All voted aye.

Motion carried.

2019 Liquor License Renewal

Jeff Slattery made a motion to renew the 2019 Retail (on-sale) liquor license contingent on the fee being paid for the R Bar and Grill and Boomdocks Bar & Grill, Inc. Rolf Kraft seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

New Hires

Rolf Kraft made a motion to approve the following new hires:

Joseph Standing Soldier, Deputy Treasurer, $9.75 hrly., effective October 16, 2018.

Pamela Wounded Arrow, Deputy Treasurer, $9.75 hrly., effective November 1, 2018.

Rolf Kraft seconded. 

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Wage Increase

Wayne Bond made a motion to approve the following wage increases:

Amanda Risse, States Attorney Secretary, $9.75 hrly, to $10.25 hrly., effective October 23, 2018

Stuart Bucholz, Transport Officer, $8.85 hrly., to $10.00 hrly., effective October 25, 2018.

Rolf Kraft seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

States Attorney

States Attorney, Sarah Harris, met with the Commissioners to inform them the County had been reimbursed for the juvenile diversion program in the amount of $1,339.60. Ms. Harris requested the $339.60 be used to supplement her budget and $1,000.00 be set aside to upgrade the security cameras in the Courthouse. Ms. Harris also requested an application for a UJS grant for security. It was explained this is a 50 percent grant for security and the Board was aware of it and had used it in years past. Jason Fanning suggested Ms. Harris get a quote for a new security camera system.

Change of Meeting Date

Auditor Susan Williams requested a change of date for the January 2, 2019 meeting to January 7, 2019 due to the fact the new officials take office on that date. The Board agreed.


There being no further business to come before the Commissioners, Rolf Kraft made a motion to adjourn with a second by Wayne Bond.

All voted aye.

Motion carried.

Board Of Bennett County Commission

/s/ Jason Fanning, Chairman


/s/ Susan Williams, Auditor

The next meeting will be Wednesday, December 19, 2018, at 9:30 a.m. in the Courthouse. 

Published once at the total approximate cost of $107.10

Published: December 5, 2018

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