Proceedings: BC Commissioners 2-20-19


Board Of Bennett County Commissioners

Minutes Of Proceedings

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Martin, South Dakota

The Bennett County Board of Commissioners met in regular session Wednesday, February 20, 2019, in the Commissioner’s meeting room.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Chairman Wayne Bond.

Commissioners present: Wayne Bond, Jeff Slattery, Rod Kirk, Judd Schomp, and Rolf Kraft.

Others present: Susan Williams, Auditor; Taylor Risse, Bennett County Booster; Jolene Donovan, Treasurer; Jerry Bennett, Highway Department; Kip Porter and Tom Moffitt, Highway Labor Applicants; Terry Smokov, Area Resident; Craig Dillon, Tribal Council.

Minutes Approved

The minutes of the regular February 6, 2019 meeting were approved with a motion by Rolf Kraft and a second by Judd Schomp.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Highway Department

Jerry Bennett, Highway Department, met with the Board to report on current road work. There was discussion concerning a proposal from the SD Department of Transportation to place rumble stripes on the Allen Road with 100 percent funded with federal safety funds. Jerry Bennett informed the Board that the Allen Road already had rumble stripes. There was some discussion considering the history of the road and an agreement with OST. Judd Schomp asked if the speed limit could be raised from 60 mph to 65 mph on the Allen Road. There was discussion but no decision.

Rod Kirk made a motion to go into executive session at 9:45 a.m. to conduct interviews for highway labor applicants Kip Porter and Tom Moffitt. Rolf Kraft seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Chairman Wayne Bond declared executive session closed at 10:48 a.m. The Board agreed to table any decision to hire until a later date.

Jerry Bennett was questioned about vacation hours used for his payroll. Rod Kirk stated the Highway Clerk Jolene Donovan had questioned the hours accumulated. Mr. Bennett explained the process for using the hours.

There was discussion with Mr. Bennett about the 10 hours guaranteed over-time per week for the Highway Department year-round. Mr. Bennett stated there is always work to be done and if hours were going to be cut from the Highway Department the Board would have to look at increasing wages. Mr. Kirk agreed if there is enough work the over-time would be left.

There was discussion about contracting with a back hoe owner to clean out culverts instead of purchasing a back hoe and STP funds could be used for the project.


The Board reviewed claims. Judd Schomp made a motion to approve claims subject to delinquent taxes. Rod Kirk seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

AT&T, $238.76, February 2019 Payment; AT&T, $48.32, February 2019 Statement; Avera Occupational Medicine, $193.10, Drug Testing; Axon Enterprise, Inc, $477.96, Law Dept Taser Cart; Bauman Brothers, $850.00, Gravel; Frank Bauman, $950.00, Trucking; Bennett County Booster, $606.17, February 2019 Payment; BC Fair Board, $5,000.00, 2019 Fair Request; Bennett Co Hospital And NH, $27.30, February 2019 Payment; BC School Dist, $20,000.00, Library Lease Agreement 2019; BC School Dist #3-1, $121,911.37, January 2019 Apportionment; Bennett County Treasurer, $1,251.32, Adv Tax K Clausen/N Cummings; Bennett County Treasurer, $2,987.06, Adv Taxes F Jefferis/T Street; Bennett County Treasurer, $464.84, Partial Pmt Taxes L Bettelyoun; Black Hills Council, $375.00, 2019 Membership Dues; Bob’s Gas Service, $602.60, February 2019 Payment; Butch’s, $843.58, Install Water Heater; Butler Machinery, $604.39, Repairs & Shipping; Centurylink, $123.15, March 2019 Payment; City Of Martin, $90.01, February 2019 Payment; City Of Martin, $10,828.31, January 2019 Apportionment; Coast To Coast, $140.47, Supplies; Cole Pest Control, $70.00, January 2019 Payment; Connecting Point, $135.00, Feb 2019 Payment; Culligan Water Conditioning, $44.00, February 2019 Payment; Department Of Revenue, $46,703.15, January 2019 Transmittal; Dept Of Transportation, $12,200.00, Utility Relocation; Division Of Agricultural Servi, $60.00, Recert L Livermont Weed Board; Jolene Donovan, $47.90, Reimbursement Antivirus; Election Systems & Software, $1,750.00, Election Software 2019 Renewal; Jason Erwin, $22.00, Meal Reimbursement X2; Executive Mgmt Finance Office, $74.50, Dec/Jan Payment; The General Store, $207.88, Chop Saw & Supplies; Golden West Technologies, $1,349.96, February 2019 Payment; Great Western Tire Inc., $597.75, Mileage & Tires #52; Group Resources Of Iowa LLC, $114.00, February 2019 Payment; Group Resources Of Iowa LLC, $18.54, January 2019 Payment; Kennedy Implement & Auto, $1,054.68, Replace Rh Door & Mirror; Kennedy, Pier Loftus & Reynold, $191.00, Mental Illness Dy Jan 2019; Kieffer Sanitation, $131.76, Hwy Shop Utilities; Konica Minolta Premier Finance, $243.48, March 2019 Copier Lease; Kratovils True Value, $49.97, Dec 28 Statement; Lacreek Electric Assoc., $5,070.58, February 2019 Payment; Amanda Lacroix, $436.60, Crt Apt Atty Bh, Gsb, Nsb; Lacroixs True Value, $321.75, February 2019 Payment; Lynn’s Dakotamart, $35.46, February 2019 Payment; Manlove Psychiatric GRP, PC, $225.00, R Ceplecha Psych Eval; Marco, Technologies LLC, $43.20, February 2019 Lease Payment; Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, LLC, $649.20, Doe Book Updates; Martin Area Chamber Of Commerce, $100.00, 2019 Annual Membership Dues; Martin Auto Parts II, Inc., $745.17, February 2019 Statement; Menards - Rapid City, $424.94, L-Shaped Desk; Anuar Meza, $250.80, Court Transcript Hd; Mid-American Research Chemical, $414.66, Diesel Fuel Conditioner; Ed Midgley LLC, $121.60, Ceplecha Transcript; John Murphy, $1,020.46, Crt Appt Atty Dc/Mwwh; Office Products Center, $156.11, Supplies; Parr Law PC, $1,203.87, Crt Appt Atty Jlh/Mstb; Jessica Paulsen, $84.00, Ceplecha Transcript; Pederson Law Office LLC, $1,702.50, Crt Apt Atty Rh; Pennington Co. Jail, $501.00, January 2019 Transports; Daniel L Peters, O.D., $115.00, Inmate Medical Care; Planning & Development DST III, $8,333.00, Co Parcel Pjct Pmt 1 Of 3; Ramkota Hotel, $480.00, Sheriff Conf Hotel Room; Scovel Psychological Services, $225.00, Mental Health Eval; SD Department Of Health, $320.00, February 2019 Payment; SD Sheriffs Association, $602.93, 2019 Membership Dues; SDACO, $100.00, Rod Workshop; SDACO M & P, $48.00, January 2019 Share; Secretary Of State, $7.00, Pistol Permit W Scherer; Mary Kay Sell, $122.00, Reimbursement; Servall, $289.40, February 2019 Statement; Servall, $294.34, January 2019 Payment; Jeff Siscoe, $210.32, Reimbursement; Shelly Siscoe, $22.99, Reimbursement Supplies; Sandy Steffen, $3,849.31, Crt Apt Atty X4; Nancy Sterkel, $470.00, Training Rod; Sword & Ahrendt Law Office PC, $4,378.55, Crt Apt Atty X5; Sword & Ahrendt Law Office PC, $3,375.87, Ck Reissued For January 2019; Thomson Reuters - West, $199.56, Aud & Law Library Books 2019; Transource, $5,084.43, Repairs #30 & #9; Tripp County Ambulance, $713.00, Inmate Medical Care; United States Postal Service, $165.00, Postage Auditor & DOE; Valentine Office Supply, $593.04, February 2019 Payment; Voyager Fleet Systems Inc, $1,323.37, February 2019 Payment; Mona Weiger, $445.20, Ceplecha Transcript; Winner Health Mart Pharmacy, $430.32, Inmate Med Jan 2019; Winner Police Department, $31,851.60, February 2019 Payment; West River Computers, $213.88, Ext Comp Service/Rod Supplies; Yankton County Treasurer, $118.75, Feb 2019 Payment Dy; Eric Marshall, $20.00, Courthouse Snow Removal; Ronald Marshall, $20.00, Snow Removal; Carl Standing Bear, $20.00, Courthouse Snow Removal; Ameritas, $4.74, Vision Ins; Avera Health Plans, $8,234.98, Health Ins Feb Premium; Bennett Co Hospital And NH, $68.00, Highway Drug Test X2; Bennett County Treasurer, $5.33, Advance Taxes; Bennett County Treasurer, $84.48, Advance Taxes M Poor Thunder; Secretary Of State, $21.00, Pistol Permits X3; Byron Nogelmeier, $634.00, 24/7 State Collections; Carl Standing Bear, $20.00, Courthouse Snow Removal; Carl Standing Bear, $20.00, Courthouse Snow Removal; Dale Christensen, $1,460.00, Gravel Hauling; Eric Marshall, $20.00, Courthouse Snow Removal; Government Forms & Supplies, $66.63, Reg Of Deeds Envelopes; Motorola Soluions, Inc, $15,719.32, Law Radios Thru Homeland Secur; Principle, $116.56, Life Ins February Bill; Secretary Of State, $14.00, Pistol Permit X1; Secretary Of State, $7.00, Pistol Permit X1; Stamp Fulfillment Services, $597.80, Stamped Envelopes; Sun Life Financial, $107.09, Dental Ins; Sun Life Financial, $93.98, Dental Ins; Sun Life Financial, $18.19, Dental Insurance; Western Communications Inc., $1,210.00, Law Radios Thru Homeland Sec; Winner Reg Em Serv Comm Center, $8,926.40, July-Oct 911 Payments

LEPC Membership List

At the request of Jeff Siscoe, Emergency and Disaster Coordinator, Rod Kirk made a motion to approve the Local Emergency Planning Committee Membership List for 2019. Judd Schomp seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

OST Proposal

Craig Dillon, OST Council Member, met with the Commissioners to inform the Board the Tribe is interested in the purchase of the Horseshoe Bar to be used as a casino. Mr. Dillon stated the tribe is interested in expanding the West Wind Casino and are willing to work with the County considering payments in lieu of taxes. Mr. Dillon also stated that at this time it is just a proposal and there would be more discussion at a later date.


There being no further business to come before the Board Judd Schomp made a motion to adjourn with a second by Rod Kirk.

All voted aye. Motion carried.


/s/ Wayne Bond, Chairman


/s/ Susan Williams, Auditor

The next regular Commissioners Meeting Wednesday, March 6, 2019, at 9:30 a.m. in the Commissioner’s meeting room.

Published once at the total approximate cost of $110.88

Published: February 27, 2019

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