Public Notice: April 1 is Application deadline for assessment freeze

Public Notice

April 1 is Application Deadline for Assessment Freeze

Eligible persons wanting to apply for the SD Department of Revenue’s Assessment Freeze for the Elderly and Disabled program have until April 1, 2018 to submit their applications to the county treasurer’s office.

Under the program, elderly and disabled individuals may receive a reduced valuation on their property to be used for taxes payable in 2020. Individuals aged 65 or older who currently receive or are qualified to receive monetary payments in Title II, X, XIV, or XVI of the Social Security act, and who meet the following qualifications are eligible.

1. Has a household income of less than $28,279.43 for a single-member household; or

2. Has a household income of less than $35,349.28 for a multiple-member household; and

3. Has owned a single-family dwelling, in fee or by contract to purchase for at least one year, or has been a resident of South Dakota for at least one year; and

4. Has resided for at least 200 days of the previous calendar year in the single-family dwelling; and

5. Has established a base year.

In case of surviving spouses, the year in which the deceased became 65 years of age or disabled should be noted on the application. The program does not apply to single-family dwelling with a full and true value of $194,115.32 or more unless the applicant has received the freeze on assessments on the dwelling in a preceding year.

Application forms for the Assessment Freeze for the Elderly and Disabled program are available at county treasurer’s offices. Completed form should be returned to your county treasurer by April 1, 2018.

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Published: March 6, 13, 2019

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