Proceedings: BC Commissioner 3-20-19


Board Of Bennett County Commissioners

Minutes Of Proceedings

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Martin, South Dakota

The Bennett County Board of Commissioners met in regular session Wednesday, March 20, 2019, in the Commissioner’s meeting room.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Chairman Wayne Bond.

Commissioners present: Wayne Bond, Jeff Slattery, Rod Kirk, Judd Schomp, and Rolf Kraft.

Others present: Susan Williams, Auditor; Taylor Risse, Bennett County Booster; Paul Williams, Sheriff; Terry Smokov, Highway Superintendent; Jeff Siscoe, Emergency and Disaster Manager; Sarah Harris, States Attorney; Steve Livermont, Area Resident; Jolene Donovan, Treasurer; Wanda Miller and Jessica Briley Crossroads Inn Representatives.

Minutes Approved

The minutes of the regular March 6, 2019 meeting were approved with a motion by Judd Schomp and a second by Rod Kirk.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Highway Department

Terry Smokov, Highway Superintendent, met with the Board to report on snow removal efforts during the Ulmer blizzard. There was discussion concerning the conditions of the County roads.

There was discussion about the public damaging roads by driving on roads that are recommended as “no travel advised” or damaging roads with equipment. States Attorney Sarah Harris informed the Board about South Dakota law concerning the issue.

It was reported there was a problem with water crossing the road on 284th Street. Mr. Smokov will contact the area land owner and he also reported the Highway department is flagging roads.

There was discussion about clearing private driveways. The Road Board, Judd Schomp and Rod Kirk, will determine criteria for elderly residents and physically challenged residents who need driveways open.

Judd Schomp reported an area resident had been advised that “no travel was advised” and had driven the road anyway, gotten stuck and caused a County snow plow to be damaged and unable to use the snow plow over the weekend. The Board expressed their frustration over incidents like this.

Mr. Smokov informed the Commissioners there would be a lot of overtime this pay period and he commended the Highway Department on the work they’ve done during this emergency.

The Commissioners commended Terry Smokov, Highway Superintendent, and Jeff Siscoe, Emergency and Disaster Manager, for the long hours and hard work done during the blizzard and the aftermath.

There was discussion concerning the hire of contractors to clean County roads after the storm. The discussion was that if County funds are going to be committed all the members of the Commissioners should be contacted.

At the request of Mr. Smokov Judd Schomp made a motion to approve the hire of Tom Moffitt, Highway Labor, $13.00 hourly, effective March 19, 2019. Rod Kirk seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Steve Livermont, Area Resident, met with the Commissioners to discuss contracting with him to use his backhoe to clean out culverts. Mr. Livermont stated the work would not be started until the frost is all gone. Judd Schomp made a motion to contract with Steve Livermont to clean culverts at $120.00 per hour with a cap of $24,999.00. Rod Kirk seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

At the request of Mr. Smokov Judd Schomp made a motion to increase Ed Johnson, Seasonal Highway Labor, from $12.00 hourly to $13.00 hourly, effective March 20, 2019. Jeff Slattery seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

There was discussion concerning Highway equipment that needs to be surplused and returned to the Highway Shop.

2020 Legislation

The Commissioners discussed different options for the 2020 Legislature with Representative Steve Livermont. The Board was interested in introducing new legislation that would assist the counties in finances.


The Board reviewed claims. Rod Kirk made a motion to approve claims subject to delinquent taxes. Rolf Kraft seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

AT&T, $238.65, March First Responder Cells; Avera Health Plans, $8,868.44, April 2019 Ins Premium; Axon Enterprise, Inc., $65.00, Law Supplies; Bennett County Booster, $271.50, Commissioner/Hwy Publishing; Bennett County Funeral Service, $1,000.00, 2X Morgue For Autopsies; BC School Dist #3-1, $48,647.89, February 2019 Apportionme; Bennett County Treasurer, $593.94, Adv Tax W Cottier/PP L Bettely; Bob’s Gas Service, $1,932.08, March 2019 Statement; Bradley T. Borge, $5,286.00, CAC X9 For February 2019; Butler Machinery, $71.87, Oil Conditioner 772G & Freight; Centurylink, $130.15, March 2019 Statement; Chelsi Claussen, $50.00, Blood Draw X2; Cherry County Implement, $77.62, Repairs & Freight Mower #28A; City Of Martin, $109.81, March Utilities; City Of Martin, $11,362.84, February 2019 Apportionment; Cole Pest Control, $70.00, March 2019 Invoice; Connecting Point, $135.00, March Back Up Services; Correctional Risk Services, $410.75, Inmate Medical X2 Ed/Hd; Culligan Water Conditioning, $50.00, March 2019 Statement; Jolene Donovan, $39.77, Hwy Dept Phone Charger/Case; Executive Mgmt Finance Office, $34.75, February 2019 Billing; The General Store, $311.15, March 2019 Statement; Golden West Companies, $1,351.71, March 2019 Utilities; Great Western Tire Inc., $1,493.80, Highway Dept #14 Tires; Group Resources Of Iowa LLC, $85.50, March 2019 List Bill; Stacy Halverson, $26.00, Overpmt Excise Tax; Kieffer Sanitation, $131.82, March 2019 Statement; Konica Minolta Premier Finance, $243.48, April 2019 Invoice; Kratovil Electric, Inc., $86.73, Wire In New Water Heater; Krogman Law Office, PLLC, $154.00, CAC X1 February 2019; Lacreek Electric Assoc., $5,253.05, March 2019 Utilities; Amanda LaCroix, $250.70, CAC X3 February 2019; LaCroixs True Value, $115.82, March 2019 Statement; Lynn’s Dakotamart, $81.90, March 2019 Statement; Martin Auto Parts II, Inc., $452.63, March 2019 Statement; Anuar Meza, $87.40, Court Transcript JM; Office Of Attorney General, $4,003.29, Trial Assistance X2 Lt/D&R C; Office Products Center, $257.15, March 2019 Statement; Parr Law PC, $557.49, CAC X3 February 2019; Pennington Co. Jail, $529.35, February 2019 Transports; Philip Motor Inc, $888.26, Repairs To Impala; Rapid City Police Department, $45.00, February 2019 Drug Testing; Ravellette Pubs. Inc, $78.00, Highway Super Advertising; Rapid City Regional Hospital, $922.00, Autopsy X2; Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, $735.00, 24/7 Supplies; Rosane Cement Products, Inc, $465.00, Snow Removal Jan/Feb 2019; Salomon Sanitation, $339.63, Feb 2018; Feb/March 2019; SD Department Of Health, $160.00, March 2019 Invoice; SD Dept Of Revenue-Transmittal, $35,592.85, February 2019 Transmittal; SD Department Of Public Safety, $3,090.00, Jan-June 2019 Teletype Service; SD Dept Of Transportation, $410.15, Bridge Inspections; SDAAO Treasurer, $175.00, Doe Conference 2019; SDACC, $300.00, 2019 Commissioners Workshop; SDACO, $72.00, February 2019 Share; Secretary Of State, $7.00, Pistol Permit X1 A Hancock; Servall, $294.66, March 2019 Statement; Shop 4-H/National 4-H Council, $31.90, 4-H Supplies; Sirennet.Com, $4,409.95, 2019 Charger Equipment; Sandy Steffen, $1,956.15, CAC X2 February 2019; Sword & Ahrendt Law Office PC, $4,981.49, CAC X7 February 2019; Transource, $430.41, Repairs & Shipping #5; Valentine Office Supply, $1,152.88, March 2019 Statement; Voyager Fleet Systems Inc, $1,706.56, Law Dept Fuel March 2019; WD Larson Companies, $334.25, Repairs #16; Western Communications, Inc, $16.00, Adapter Cable; Western South Dakota, $580.00, March 2019 Statement; Susan Williams, $122.30, Senate State Affairs Committee; Winner Health Mart Pharmacy, $249.30, March 2019 Statement; Winner Police Department, $27,369.40, March 2019 Invoice; West River Computers, $469.95, March 2019 Statement; Zuercher, $240.72, Renewal April-December 2019; Gary Don Alexander, $59.24, Grand Juror; Roby Cottier, $35.00, Courthouse Snow Removal; BC Treasurer, $20.00, Court Witness-C Eagle Louse; BC Treasurer, $20.00, Court Witness-T Kieffe; James Mousseaux, $15.00, Courthouse Snow Removal; Richard Red Owl, $20.00, 24/7 Program Refund; Terri Standing Bear, $20.00, Courthouse Snow Removal; Carl Standing Bear, $20.00, Courthouse Snow Removal; Marty Wounded Arrow, $20.00, Courthouse Snow Removal; AT&T, $45.39, March Utilities; Avera Health Plans, $8,868.44, County Health Ins March; BC Treasurer, $86.17, Advance Tx W & C B/M B Propert; BC Treasurer, $1,647.14, Advance Tx L Slattery; Bennett County Senior Citizens, $20,000.00, Interest For Operating Expense; Marco, Technologies LLC, $43.20, Copier Lease March; Principle, $27.42, County Life Ins March; Secretary Of State, $7.00, Pistol Permit X1 M Bair; Southeast Financial, $66.17, Overpmt Vehicle Tx T Lessert; Carl Standing Bear, $20.00, Courthouse Snow Removal

Resolution #1-2019 Disaster Declaration

There was discussion with Jeff Siscoe concerning the emergencies during the storm. Mr. Siscoe stated he had requested National Guard assistance but did not get any response. Rod Kirk made a motion to approve Resolution #1-2019 with a second by Judd Schomp.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Resolution #1-2019

Bennett County Disaster Declaration

WHEREAS, Bennett County, South Dakota has suffered damage and loss due to the bomb cyclone blizzard March 13th and 14th, 2019; and

WHEREAS, the Bennett County Board of Commissioners resolve that these conditions constitute a disaster of such severity and magnitude that effective response is beyond the capabilities of the County and there is no emergency plan available to alleviate the damage and economic chaos resulting from these conditions; and

WHEREAS, Bennett County does not have the financial resources to respond to this disaster; and

WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners is aware of loss of livestock; and

WHEREAS, due to excessive snowfall and drifting of county roads and streets many residences and infrastructure were inaccessible to first responders, causing a risk for public safety; and

WHEREAS, outside resources were required to remove snow and open roads; and

WHEREAS, there will be extensive flooding that will damage county roads.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Board of County Commissioners of Bennett County, South Dakota declare an emergency, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, we the Board of Commissioners of Bennett County, South Dakota respectfully petition the Governor of the State of South Dakota and the President of the United States to provide with all dispatch and remedies any state and/or federal assistance available for this type of emergency.

Motion passed and Resolution #1-2019 adopted this 20th day of March, 2019.

Wayne Bond, Chairman 

Rolf Kraft

Jeff Slattery 

Judd Schomp

Rod Kirk


Susan Williams, County Auditor

Crossroads Inn Management

Wanda Miller and Jessica Briley, Crossroads Inn Representatives, met with the Commissioners. Ms. Miller explained she worked for AG Dakota which had purchased Crossroads Inn. She informed the Board about some of her personal history and that she was hired to assist motels in the chain when needed. Ms. Miller explained they were concerned with the financial management of the Crossroads, the outstanding claims owed in the community and personnel matters. Ms. Miller stated the AG Dakota Chain wanted a good relationship with the community and asked the Board for any assistance they can give.

First Responder Equipment

Jeff Siscoe, Emergency and Disaster Manager, met with the Commissioners to report on the funding to purchase equipment to allow first responders to use “push to talk” using cell phones as radios and enhances coverage. Mr. Siscoe reported the County has $1,200.00 in Homeland Security funds, the City pledged $1,000.00, the Medical Facility $500.00, and the Martin Volunteer Fire Department $500.00. The total cost for equipment is $4,200.00. Mr. Siscoe requested the County pledge $1,000.00. Tuthill Volunteer Fire Department and Vetal Volunteer Fire Department were not interested at this time. There was discussion about the funding and use of the equipment. Rod Kirk stated he would contact the Tuthill and Vetal Fire Departments about giving $250.00 each and the County would give $500.00. Jeff Slattery made a motion to approve $500.00 for equipment to allow first responders to use cell phones as radios to enhance communication. Rod Kirk seconded.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

The Board agreed any entity coming in later must pay $250.00.

City and County Jail Meeting

Sarah Harris, States Attorney, informed the Board that the City Attorney, Sara Frankenstein, requested the Commissioners and City Council meet together to discuss the City Police Department use of the 23-hour hold. Rolf Kraft reported he had attended the City Council meeting, March 18, 2019 but there was not much discussion. Mr. Kraft reported Sheriff Williams requested a meeting with the County Law Board and the City Law Board and the attorneys. He also stated Sheriff Williams had retained an attorney. Ms. Harris stated she felt the issues need to be discussed. The Commissioners felt the whole Board needed to be at the meeting. Mr. Kraft stated when Sheriff Williams’ attorney is ready, he will contact the Board.


There being no further business to come before the Board Rod Kirk made a motion to adjourn with a second by Jeff Slattery.

All voted aye. Motion carried.

Board Of Bennett County Commission

/s/ Wayne Bond, Chairman


/s/ Susan Williams, Auditor

The next regular Commissioners Meeting Tuesday, April 9, 2019, at 9:30 a.m. in the Commissioner’s meeting room.

Published once at the total approximate cost of $160.65

Published: April 3, 2019

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