Proceedings: BCSD 5-14-19


Bennett County School District 3-1

Board Of Education Minutes

Regular Meeting

May 14, 2019

The Regular meeting of the Bennett County School District 3-1 was called to order by Board President Mike Olson at 5:30 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by President Olson. Board members present: Alexander, Fanning, and Olson. Absent Huber and Petrak. Administration present, Superintendent Halverson, Secondary Principal Redden, Middle School Principal Ready, Elementary Principal Kuxhaus, Co-Business Manager Robinson and Coyle. Others present Tim Huether, Dave Livermont, Mandi Smokov, Lily Alexander, Lexi Bair, Chloe Risse, Carol Risse, Kasi Harris arrived at 5:35 and Scott Huber arrived at 5:50. 

159.0-19 Fanning moved to approve the agenda with the following addition, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

164.3 Cody Allen, Middle School Football Coach .No conflict of interest disclosed.

Communication from the public:

Dave Livermont, Storm water drainage problem on his property.

Bennett County Student Council presented a mentoring program, “Building a Warrior”. This program would encourage younger students to participate and make connections with the high school students, an example would be “Big Brother/Big Sister” program. This program would not only include sports but all other activities as well as academics. This will be implemented next school year.

160.0-19 Fanning moved to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye motion carried. 

160.1 Minutes of Regular Meeting, April 15, 2019

160.2 Claims, May, 2019

160.3 Financials, April, 2019

Checking 1 Fund: 10 General Fund; Pest Control, 4 Seasons, 200.00; Membership, ASCD, 89.00; Technology Supplies, AVI Systems, Inc, 47,960.00; Legals & Minutes, BC Booster II, 406.75; Golf Dues, BC Golf Association, 1,500.00; Non Tech Supplies/Tire Repair, BC School District 3-1, 323.89; Snow Removal, BC School-Trust & Agency, 3,856.49; CDL Physical, Bennett County Rural Health Clinic, 150.00; Counselor Travel, Best Western Ramkota Hotel, 823.92; Supt House Survey, Brosz Engineering Inc, 1,255.00; Prof/Tech Services, BW Gas & Convenience Retail, 117.00; MGS Supplies, Byrne, Melissa, 45.00; Legion Water, City Of Martin, 811.61; Technology Supplies, Computer Village, 39.90; MS Propane, Country Pride Cooperative, 1,715.20; BO Services, Culligan Water Conditioning, 147.00; Phone, Donovan, Kenneth, 40.00; BCHS Title I P/D/Registration, FNB Visa, 5,143.75; IA Supplies, GE Associates Inc, 84.95; Maint Supplies, General Store, The, 616.15; Phone, Golden West Inc., 1,311.21; Bandwidth, Golden West Technologies, 100.00; Phone, Halverson, Stacy, 40.00; Bus Repairs, Harlow’s School Bus Service Inc, 214.77; Track Supplies, Hauff Mid-America Sports, 223.80; Award Plaques, Healy Awards, 223.17; Diplomas, Herff Jones, 217.23; Maint Supplies, Hillyard/Sioux Falls, 1,628.54; Nurse Supplies, Huether, Marie, 47.70; BO Backup, Kt Connections, 30.00; Legion Electric, Lacreek Electric, 13,704.14; Flags, Liberty Flags, 409.50; Jr High Supplies/Fuel, Lynn’s Dakotamart, 3,454.81; Admission, Mammoth Site, 328.18; Bus Supplies, Martin Auto Parts II, 489.81; Supplies, McKay, Donna, 49.92; Praxis, Muilenburg, Anthony, 120.00; BCHS Copier, Office Shop Inc, 286.82; Guidance Supplies, PEAP, 205.00; Student Council Travel, Ramada Inn - Sioux Falls, 690.00; Guidance Travel, Ramada Mitchell, 164.96; Maint Supplies/Repairs & Maint, Rasmussen Mechanical Services Inc, 2,159.15; MGS Title I P/I, Ready, Belinda, 332.56; Legion Garbage, Salomon Sanitation, 1,280.00; Title I Dues, School Administrators Of SD, 3,365.00; MGS Supplies, School Specialty, 1,447.22; Activity Fees, SD HS Activities Assn, 31.00; Elem Principal Fees, SD School Superintendents Assn, 250.00; Rug Service, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Inc, 55.78; Praxis, Smith, Lexi, 120.00; Travel, Smokov, Justin, 132.40; BO Annual Fees, Software Unlimited Inc., 5,750.00; Maint Supplies, Sportsman’s Lanes, 18.75; MS Title I Computer/Equipment/BCHS Title I Computer, STS Education, 45,398.00; Repairs & Maint, Summit Companies, 149.94; Conference, TIE, 3,825.00; BO Contract, Time Management Systems, 91.20; Phone, Toczek, Robert, 40.00; IA Supplies, True Value Hardware, 646.28; MGS SEL Services, University Of Oregon, 116.67; Golf Supplies, Vanway Trophy, 46.10; Supplies, Wal Mart Community, 78.14; Maint Supplies, Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, 2,425.80; Tech Services, Western Dakota Technical Inst, 800.00; Guidance Travel, Zickrick, Jennifer, 64.00; Fund Total: 157,888.16; Checking 1 Fund: 21 Capital Outlay; Act Supplies, FNB Visa, 424.61; Textbooks, Follett School Solutions, Inc, 2,338.40; A/C Roof Patch, General Service Construct Inc, 938.40; Computer Licensing Fees, Glynlyon Inc, 7,900.00; Maint Supplies, Hillyard/Sioux Falls, 2,987.00; Bus Repairs, Martin Auto Parts II, 1,092.94; BCHS Copier Lease, Office Shop Leasing, 573.45; Lock Maint, Panhandle Sales & Service, LLC, 1,210.00; Repairs & Maint/Maint Supplies, Rasmussen Mechanical Services Inc, 3,072.91; Fund Total: 20,537.71; Checking 1 Fund: 22 Special Education Fund; Sped Data, BC School-Trust & Agency, 66.44; Sped Registration, Black Hills Special Services Coop, 75.00; BCHS Sped Services, Black Hills Special Services, 3,380.20; Tuition, Children’s Care Hospital And School, 5,775.00; BCHS Sped Services, Children’s Care Hospital, 2,393.00; MGS Sped Services, Feehan, Pamela, 450.00; Travel District, FNB Visa, 79.00; Mileage Paid To Parents, Gropper, Jami, 73.08; Speech Travel, Livermont, Carmen, 15.00; BCHS Sped Supplies, Lynn’s Dakotamart, 20.73; Speech Fees, MTI Corporate Education, 30.00; Sped Copier, Office Shop Inc, 36.18; Speech Travel, Ramada Mitchell, 166.98; Sped Supplies, School Specialty, 697.50; Sped Services, SD Dept Of Human Services, 3,891.45; Sped Travel, Sportsman’s Lanes, 20.00; Speech Travel, Usselman, Lura, 400.56; Fund Total: 17,570.12; Checking 1 Fund: 41 BCHS Gym & Fitness; District Architect, Upper Deck Architects, Inc, 9,442.17; Fund Total: 9,442.17; Checking 1 Fund: 42 Security Project; Security Project, Johnson Controls, 91,358.60; Fund Total: 91,358.60; Checking 1 Fund: 51 Food Service; Lunch Supplies, Child/Adult Nutrition Services - Doe, 884.74; Milk, Dean Foods, 1,581.49; Breakfast Supplies, Food Services Of America, 3,373.16; Lunch Supplies, Lynn’s Dakotamart, 87.99; Purchased Food, Reinhart, 5,714.11; Fund Total: 11,641.49; Checking Account Total: 308,438.25

Approve the April financial reports as presented.

GENERAL FUND Beginning Balance 38,808.22, Receipts 329,217.95, Disbursements 485,571.20, Ending Balance (117,545.03), Revenue Summary Local 33,270.87, County 2,219.39, State 183,790.00, Federal 109,937.69, Other -0-. CAPITAL OUTLAY FUND Beginning Balance (10,885.74), Receipts -0-, Disbursements 38,699.89, Ending Balance (49,585.63), Revenue Summary Local -0-, County -0-, State -0-, Federal -0-, Other -0-. SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND Beginning Balance (74,371.24), Receipts 46,192.07, Disbursements 76,087.05, Ending Balance (104,266.22), Revenue Summary Local 11,094.67, County -0-, State 16,510.00, Federal 18,587.40, Other -0-. IMPACT AID FUND Beginning Balance 732,282.37, Ending Balance 1,072,642.46, Local 28,739.84, Federal 1,721,090.74. SECURITY PROJECT FUND Beginning Balance 84,973.60, Receipts -0-, Disbursements 5,041.00, Ending Balance 79,932.60. FOOD SERVICE FUND Beginning Balance 2,077.35, Receipts 22,840.95, Disbursements 25,527.72, Ending Balance (609.42), Revenue Summary Local 1,393.81, State 21,447.14, Federal -0-, Other -0-, TRUST & AGENCY FUND Beginning Balance 111,879.28, Ending Balance 112,955.79.


General Fund Salaries $308,815.16, Benefits $77,191.06

Special Ed Salaries $50,460.78, Benefits $10,737.21

Food Service Salaries $9,408.52, Benefits $2,499.51

161.1 Board president Olson reported he has a meeting with 3-Rivers Co-op next week, he had attended the building committee meeting, and the new website development meeting. 

161.2 Superintendent Halverson reported on the summer projects, they are beginning to pour cement at the lower bus barn on Wednesday, have signed agreement with General Services for the dryvit on the west wing at MGS, which we will be doing in two stages over two years. We still have 3 staff openings for the upcoming year and numerous coaching positions open. The website is in the final stages of approval and the building committee is still determining the needs of the potential building. In a recent education publication Sunny Pierson was highlighted as she is completing her special education alternative certification.

161.3 Middle School Principal Ready reported on enrollment, family and community engagement, professional development activities, federal programs, SEL Grant, and summer library activities; she also thanked the board for their support in her years as principal as she moves on to the federal programs director position. 

161.4 Secondary Principal Redden reported that the high school held their spring lunch on the front lawn of the high school on Monday with a school picture following; there will be summer school credit recovery held June 3 – 27, 9:00 – 12:00 p.m.; a “Big Thank You” goes out to Carrie Larson and Jeri Ann Lyon for their planning of graduation; and to Jason Buckles and the shop class for their work preparing the stage for graduation; end of the year regions and state meets for track and golf are upcoming.

161.5 Elementary Principal Kuxhaus reported on attendance; MGS field day was held and went great; the Accelerated Readers field trip was on Monday and there were 34 students who made their goals, they traveled to Valentine to the fish hatchery, kudos to Mrs. Smokov, MGS librarian, who worked with the kids to help make their goals; emergency service people are coming to talk to the students on Wednesday; the Talent Show begins at 9:45 on Thursday; 14 students have perfect Attendance; there will be a 2 week Summer School Program in June.

162.0-19 Fanning moved to surplus a 2007 Ford Fusion, 105,344 miles, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

163.0-19 Alexander moved to surplus technology equipment, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

163.1 1 – DVD/VCR, broken, not working

163.2 10 – Promethean Boards, throw away

163.3 1 – Epson Projector, throw away

163.4 12 – Smartboards with projectors, throw away

163.5 Miscellaneous technology inventory, Imacs, printer, Macbooks, camera and scanner all of which no longer work.

164.0-19 Fanning moved to accept resignations of the following, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

164.1 Amanda Saunders, Little Warriors Volleyball

164.2 Jason Buckles, Head Boys Basketball

164.3 Cody Allen, Middle School Football 

165.0-19 Fanning moved to accept the following contracts for the 2019-2020 school year, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

165.1 Michael Barnaud, Secondary English/Language Instructor

165.2 Michael Barnaud, Assistant Football Coach

166.0-19 Fanning moved to accept the co-curricular contracts for the 2019-2020 school year, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

167.0-19 Alexander moved to place a vote for Dan Aaker, Winner High School, South Dakota High School Activities Association West River At-Large Representative, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried.

168.0-19 Fanning moved to place a vote for Mark Murphy, Aberdeen Central High School, South Dakota High School Activities Association Large School Group Board of Education Representative, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

169.0-19 Alexander moved to place a YES vote for South Dakota High School Activities Association Amendment No. 1, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

170.0-19 Huber moved to place a vote for Barry Mann, Wakpala High School, South Dakota High School Activities Association Native American At-Large Representative, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried.

171.0-19 Huber moved to approve the letter of acceptance of the fiscal audit for the year ended June 30, 2018 by the Department of Legislative Audit, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried.

172.0-19 Huber moved to adopt and renew the Associated School Boards Property and Liability Fund Participation Agreement for the 2019-2020 school year in the amount of $97,109.00, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

173.0-19 Alexander moved to adopt and renew the Associated School Boards Workers’s Compensation Fund agreement for the 2019-2020 school year in the amount of $18,805.00, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

174.0-19 First reading and discussion of addition to policy IGD “Open Gym/Out of Season Contact Policy” was held. 

Presentation of the 2019-2020 Preliminary Budget was given by Jolene Robinson.

As per Senate Bill 66, the Bennett County School District in conjunction with the City of Martin held an election on April 9, 2019. At the time of the election there were 2054 registered voters residing in the school district, 245 registered voters voted, which was 12 percent of the voting population. The votes were canvassed at the April 15, 2019, board meeting.

175.0-19 Fanning moved to enter executive session at 6:40 p.m., seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried. Chairman Olson declared out of session at 7:10.

Moved by Fanning to deny teacher grievance based on negotiated agreement, seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried.

176.0-19 Fanning moved to adjourn meeting at 7:13 p.m., seconded by Alexander. All voting aye, motion carried. 

Michael Olson, Board Chairman

Jolene Robinson, Business Manager

Published once at the total approximate cost of $151.20

Published: May 22, 2019

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