Proceedings: BCSD 6-17-19


Bennett County School District 3-1

Board Of Education Minutes

Regular Meeting

June 17, 2019

The Regular meeting of the Bennett County School District 3-1 was called to order by Board President Mike Olson at 5:00 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by President Olson. Board members present: Huber, Fanning, and Olson. Absent Alexander, Petrak. Administration present, Superintendent Halverson, Co-Business Manager Robinson and Coyle. Absent Kuxhaus, Ready, and Redden. Others present Tim Huether and Kasi Harris. 

177.0-19 Fanning moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

No conflict of interest disclosed.

No communication from the public

178.0-19 Huber moved to approve the consent agenda, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye motion carried. 

178.1 Minutes of Regular Meeting, May 14, 2019

178.2 Claims, June, 2019

178.3 Financials, May, 2019

Checking 1 Fund: 10 General Fund; Pest Control, 4 Seasons, 150.00; Maint Travel, Americ Inn, 104.45; Legals & Minutes, BC Booster II, 547.46; Purchased Food, BC School District 3-1, 240.00; Rentals/Library Supplies, BC School-Trust & Agency, 6,073.16; Fuel, Cardmember Service, 777.80; MS Propane, CHS, 2,145.74; Legal Services, Churchill, Manolis, Freeman, 718.05; Legion Water, City Of Martin, 887.28; Title I District Travel, Clubhouse Hotel & Suites, 1,224.00; Purchased Services, Culligan Water Conditioning, 112.50; Legion Floor, Derksen Floors, Inc, 3,620.00; Phone, Donovan, Kenneth, 40.00; Subscription Renewal, Eboard Solutions Inc, 600.00; BCHS Principal Supplies, FNB Visa, 2,502.31; Nurse Supplies, GE Associates Inc, 13.45; Roof Repair, General Service Construct Inc, 577.00; IA Supplies, General Store, The, 856.22; Phone, Golden West Inc., 1,347.15; Maint/Bandwidth, Golden West Technologies, 162.50; Tires, Great Western Tire Inc., 591.90; Supt Travel/Phone, Halverson, Stacy, 95.00; Track Supplies/Girls BB Uniforms, Hauff Mid-America Sports, 96.75; Diploma Covers, Herff Jones, 235.78; Maint Supplies, Hillyard/Sioux Falls, 1,039.87; Credit Stipend, Johnson, Lonna, 418.80; Bo Backup, Kt Connections, 30.00; Legion Electric, Lacreek Electric, 15,079.27; Teacher Mentor Travel, Lutter, Kathryn, 260.40; Supplies, Lynn Card Co, 154.00; Act Supplies/Fuel, Lynn’s Dakotamart, 3,092.92; Teacher/Mentor Travel, Malik, Sadia, 130.20; Bus Supplies, Martin Auto Parts II, 1,026.07; Facs Travel/Counselor Travel, Mckay, Donna, 67.00; Checks, McLeod’s Printing And Supply, 476.63; Dues, Nafis, 2,688.00; National Honor Society Dues, National Association Of Student Councils, 385.00; Maint Supplies, Nebraska Air Filter Inc, 1,698.96; MS Supplies, O’Neill, Vera, 210.00; Bo Copier/Copier, Office Shop Inc, 255.09; Supplies/Lock Repair, Panhandle Sales & Service, LLC, 216.00; Act Supplies, Patricia’s Patio, 54.00; Postage Meter Lease, Pitney Bowes Global Financial Services, 137.58; Box Rental, Postmaster - Martin, 152.00; State Track, Ramada Inn - Sioux Falls, 1,995.00; Maint Supplies/Maint/Repairs & Maint, Rasmussen Mechanical Services Inc, 4,216.93; State Golf, Red Roof Inn, 735.92; Legion Garbage/Stadium Extra Garbage/Bus Garage Garbage, Salomon Sanitation, 2,880.00; Severence Pay, SDRS Special Pay, 16,283.23; Rug Service, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Inc, 55.78; Golf Regions, Sleep Inn & Suites, 264.75; MS PE, Sportsman’s Lanes, 257.75; Annual Extingiusher/Inspection, Summit Companies, 1,288.00; MS Supplies, Syncb/Amazon, 218.38; MS Travel/Tie Membership, Tie, 1,176.00; Bo Services, Time Management Systems, 94.05; Phone, Toczek, Robert, 40.00; Maint Supplies, True Value Hardware, 527.92; Supplies/Library Supplies, Valentine Office Supply, 150.36; Tire Repair, Yesway, 20.00; Fund Total: 81,494.36; Checking 1 Fund: 21 Capital Outlay; MS Computer Equipment, BC School-Trust & Agency, 1,445.61; MGS Computer Equipment, Computer Village, 999.00; Library Media, FNB Visa, 772.21; Other Equipment, General Store, The, 429.98; 3-D Printers, Mid-West 3D Solutions, LLC, 8,100.00; BCHS Copier Lease, Office Shop Leasing, 573.45; Maint Supplies/Repairs & Maint, Rasmussen Mechanical Services Inc, 7,488.01; Concrete Pad Bus Barn/Sidewalk North Legion, Rosane Cement, 17,463.29; MGS Bathroom Repair, Sod’s Mechanical, 4,955.00; Mower, True Value Hardware, 529.99; Fund Total: 42,756.54; Checking 1 Fund: 22 Special Education Fund; MGS Sped Services, Autism Behavioral Consulting, 160.00; MGS Sped Services, Black Hills Special Services, 1,755.20; Tuition, Children’s Care Hospital And School, 4,675.00; BCHS Sped Services, Children’s Care Hospital, 2,545.00; MGS Parent Mileage, Dubray, Sarah, 25.20; MS Sped Registration, FNB Visa, 120.00; MGS Parent Mileage, Friese, Deanne, 520.80; Maint, Midwest Special Instruments, 122.84; District Sped Supplies/Speech Supplies, NCS Pearson Inc, 36.00; Residential/SD Human Services, SD Dept Of Human Services, 5,363.33; Fire Cabinet, Valentine Office Supply, 4,000.00; Fund Total: 19,323.37; Checking 1 Fund: 42 Security Project; Final Security Project, Johnson Controls, 8,634.00; Locks, Panhandle Sales & Service, LLC, 544.00; Fund Total: 9,178.00; Checking 1 Fund: 51 Food Service; Breakfast, Child/Adult Nutrition Services - Doe, 237.42; Milk, Dean Foods, 166.95; Fruit & Veg Grant, Food Services Of America, 1,366.45; Freezer Repair, Heart City Plumbing & Heating, 608.25; Supplies, Reinhart, 2,803.44; Fund Total: 5,182.51; Checking Account Total: 157,934.78

Approve the May financial reports as presented.

GENERAL FUND Beginning Balance (117,545.03), Receipts 507,668.17, Disbursements (483,305.86), Ending Balance (93,182.72), Revenue Summary Local 228,178.88, County 1,446.72, State 184,420.57, Federal 93,622.00, Other -0-. CAPITAL OUTLAY FUND Beginning Balance (49,585.63), Receipts 140.00, Disbursements 20,537.71, Ending Balance (69,983.34), Revenue Summary Local 140.00, County -0-, State -0-, Federal -0-, Other -0-. SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND Beginning Balance (104,266.22), Receipts 139,681.35, Disbursements 65,080.90, Ending Balance (29,665.77), Revenue Summary Local -0-, County 110,516.35, State 16,510.00, Federal 12,655.00, Other -0-. IMPACT AID FUND Beginning Balance 1,072,642.46, Ending Balance 1,073,703.65, Local 10,136.12, Federal -0-. BCHS GYM & FITNESS Beginning Balance -0-, Receipts -0-, Disbursements 9,442.17, Ending Balance (9,442.17), SECURITY PROJECT FUND Beginning Balance 79,932.60, Receipts -0-, Disbursements 91,358.60, Ending Balance (11,426.00). FOOD SERVICE FUND Beginning Balance (609.42), Receipts 22,890.85, Disbursements 18,898.05, Ending Balance 3,383.38, Revenue Summary Local 1,516.52, State -0-, Federal 21,374.33, Other -0-, TRUST & AGENCY FUND Beginning Balance 112,955.79, Ending Balance 107,829.10.


General Fund Salaries $253,615.08, Benefits $69,120.31

Special Ed Salaries $38,218.86, Benefits $9,291.92

Food Service Salaries $5,309.17, Benefits $1,947.39

179.1 Board president Olson reported he had balanced the check book with Jolene, attended new building project meeting, he presented an overview of Three Rivers Cooperative history and current programs.

179.2 Superintendent Halverson reported on the summer projects, planning is going on for next year, summer school at the elementary and high school underway, open gym summer update which is going very well, they are averaging 18 athletes a day in the weight room and gym, Coach Nore BHSU Girls Basketball Coach had a great camp last weekend and have completed 1 community camp with 20 athletes 3-6 grade participating with 2 more camps coming up next week, girls basketball are participating in the Valentine League, there will be approval of handbooks at the July meeting, still have openings in certified staff, classified and coaching for the upcoming school year.

179.3 Middle School Principal Ready, no report.

179.4 Secondary Principal Redden, no report

179.5 Elementary Principal, no report.

179.6 Building and Grounds, Fanning reported they will need to expand the garage on the superintendent house to properly repair the roof on the house, Bob Claussen has given permission to build up to the property line, a 23 x 36 garage will be built.

180.0-19 Huber moved to accept a bid of $2,551.00 from Tasha Hiland for the 2007 Ford Fusion, 105,344 miles, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried.

181.0-19 Fanning moved to surplus technology equipment, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

181.1 4 – I-Pads, to be thrown away

182.0-19 Huber moved to approve addition to policy IGD “Open Gym/Out of Season Contact Policy”, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried.

183.0-19 Fanning moved to approve 5 sick leave days from the sick leave bank for Lonna Johnson, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

184.0-19 Fanning moved to change the July 15 board meeting to July 18, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

185.0-19 Fanning moved to leave as is the 3 Rivers Cooperative representative, Mike Olson and alternate, Josh Fanning for the 2019-2020 year, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

186.0-19 Fanning moved to accept the fuel quote of Lynns Dakotamart for the 2019-2020 year, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried. 

Lynns Dakotamart, .07 off the pump price and school will file the federal tax

Bros. Inc. – gasoline and diesel, pump price per gal. less federal tax

Huber moved to accept the propane quote of CHS-Winner for the 2019-2020 year, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried.

CHS-Winner – tanker, $.89, small truck, $1.04

Stern Oil – tanker, $.9170, small truck, $1.167

Beguin Enterprises – tanker, $1.03, small truck $1.23

187.0-19 Huber moved to approve home school exemption for 2 elementary students for the 2019-2020 school year, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried.

188.0-19 Huber moved to accept contract with Three Rivers Special Services Cooperative for speech therapist for the 2019-2020 school year in the amount of $76,622.40, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried.

189.0-19 Fanning moved to accept contract with Three Rivers Special Services Cooperative for 2 speech language pathologist assistants for the 2019-2020 school year in the amount of $72,668.00, seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried.

190.0-19 Huber moved to void check # 175879, Yesway, in the amount of $127.00, due to lack of presentation, seconded by Fanning. All voting aye, motion carried. 

191.0-19 Fanning moved to adjourn meeting at 5:36 p.m., seconded by Huber. All voting aye, motion carried. 

Michael Olson, Board Chairman

Jolene Robinson, Business Manager

Published once at the total approximate cost of $120.96

Published: June 26, 2019

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