Bennett County: Notice to the Public Road Designations

Notice to the Public

Pursuant to SDCL § 31-12-48, notice is hereby given that the Bennett County Commission will hold a public hearing for the designation of no maintenance highways/roads in Bennett County. The Board intends to review and discuss the proposed list of no maintenance roads and minimum maintenance roads at the commissioner meeting on February 5, 2020. The public hearing for the No Maintenance Roads will be held in the courtroom of the Bennett County Courthouse to be held on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. For questions, please contact the Bennett County Highway Office at 605-685-6727.

Proposed No Maintenance Roads

Project 13A (238th Ave) from 294th St to 298th St and (298th St) from 237th Ave to 238th Ave

242nd Ave from 280th St to 279th St and North on Bobcat Rd

Hawk Rd (Jerry Walker Rd)

Poison Ivy Rd (across from DeKay Rd)

297th St from 236th Ave to 238th Ave

DeKay Rd (297th St from Hwy 73 to 228th Ave)

286th St from Hwy 73 to 226th Ave

295th St from 231st Ave to 233rd Ave

289th St from 199th Ave to 198th Ave

291st St from 199th Ave to 198th Ave

198th Ave from 289th St to 291st St

292nd St from 242nd Ave to 241st Ave

Rain Rd (Louden’s North Trails)

Smoke Rd (Louden’s North Trails)

291st St from 227th Ave to 228th Ave

228th Ave South from 291st St to Pheasant Rd

217th Ave from 289th St north to 287th St

228th Ave from 295th St (Refuge Rd) to 293rd St

243rd Ave from 280th St to 279th St

279th St from 243rd Ave to 244th Ave

294th St from 225th Ave to 227th Ave

227th Ave from 294th St to 293rd St

290th St from 209th Ave to 213th Ave

217th Ave from 292nd St to 290th St

292nd St from 232nd Ave to 234th Ave

233rd Ave from 293rd St to 291st St

293rd St from 208th Ave to 210th Ave

208th Ave from 292nd St to 291st St

207th Ave from 292nd St to 288th St

Proposed Minimal Maintenance

223rd Ave from 292nd St to 295th St

296th St from 220th Ave to 225th Ave

221st Ave from 297th St to 295th St

214th Ave from 296th St to 295th St

295th St from 214th Ave to 213th Ave

214th Ave from 295th St to 293rd St

Published twice at the total approximate cost of $65.72

Published: January 8, 15, 2020

502 Second Avenue, Martin, SD 57551 • 605-685-6866 •