Proceedings: City of Martin 2-12-20


Regular Session


February 12, 2020

The Martin City Council met in Regular Session on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. in the Martin City Office at 101 Main Street.

Mayor Gary Rayhill called the meeting to order with council members, Gregg Claussen, Tootie Moffitt, Shirley McCue, and Kevin Rascher present. Walter York arrived at 5:50 p.m.

Others present were, Marj Frew, with the Bennett County Booster, Police Chief Brandon Petersen, Police Officer Nate Eisenmenger, Bennett Co. States Attorney Sara Harris, Gloria Claussen, Joyce Wilson, Jay Yohner, Rachel Adair, and Finance Officer Jean Kirk.

Approval of Agenda: Claussen moved to approve the agenda with flexibility. Seconded by McCue, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Minutes: Claussen moved to approve the minutes for the January 8th meeting. McCue seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Finance Officer’s Report: The Finance Officer’s report was reviewed. McCue moved to approve the Finance Officer’s report for January. Seconded by Rascher, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Beginning Balance on Hand $2,266,411; January Receipts 128,180; Total to be accounted for 2,394,590; Transfer In 23,005; Transfer Out 23,005; Disbursements 171,379; Outstanding Warrants 17,845; CD & Petty Cash 18,219

Claims February 2020: The claims were reviewed by the council. McCue moved to approve claims for payment. Seconded by Moffitt, all voting aye, motion carried. 

Dec Wages, General Fund, $33,839.50; Dec Wages, Enterprise fund, $12,354.18; Dec withholdings, wage withholdings, $8,899.04; Aflac, insurance, $447.99; Assurity Life, insurance, $18.10; SD Retirement, retirement, $4,054.58; City of Martin, water bill, $117.88; Health Pool of South Dakota, health insurance, $5,585.30; Security First Bank, loader payment, $5,310.65; Marco, Copier leases for office & cops, $219.58; City of Martin, savings, $12,005.17; Butler Machine, parts for loader, $107.74; Hawkins, cylinder rental, $30.00; City of Martin, Water bills, $188.18; Martin Area Chamber of Commerce, 2020 dues, $100.00; True Value, supplies and door prizes, $50.93; Martin Auto Parts, supplies and repairs, $284.99; General Store, supplies, $318.59; Jenner Equipment, bobcat parts, $87.20; Office Products, office supplies, $81.73; Northwest Pipe Fittings, water supplies & sewer supplies, $479.18; Post Office, postage for bills and billing, $225.00; Quill, office supplies and tax forms, $909.94; Rosane Cement, cement, $120.00; SD Dept of Revenue, garbage sales tax, $423.33; SD Dept of Revenue, water tests, $58.00; Servall, mats & rugs for office, police & paper towels, $204.40; Golden West Telecommunications, phone & internet, $741.91; High Plains Animal Clinic, dog pound, $206.00; GE Associates, barrel of oil & repairs, $902.80; Kadrmas, Lee, & Jackson, airport land acquisition, $7,061.65; Voyager Fleet System, fuel for vehicles, $1,839.68; Salomon Sanitation, garbage service, $7,600.00; Kadoka Oil, diesel fuel, $2,365.50; Card Services, firewall for cops, $605.00; Keep it Safe, offsite backup, $154.40; Bair Automotive, maintenance on cop cars, $707.95; AT&T Mobility, cell phones for cops, $232.72; Zuercher Technologies, cops hardware and software annual maintenance fee, $4,584.63; USDA Rural Development, extra lagoon payment, $12,000.00; ADT Securities Services, monitoring fee, $364.08; Scherer Publishing LLC, advertisement and publications, $271.59; Fair Manufacturing, repairs for snow blower, $666.96; Creekside Blossoms & Bakery, flowers for funeral, $56.45; Total $126,882.50

Moffitt moved to approve payment of $1531.00 to the USDA for the lagoon payment. Seconded by Rascher, all voting aye motion carried.

Moffitt moved to approve a transfer of $11,000 from the Water Improvement savings account to the Water Project Account to cover the quarterly payment for the water tower of $10,866.09. McCue seconded it, all voting aye, motion carried.

Public Comment: Jay Yohner updated the Council on the Chamber of Commerce meeting in January where Dakota Resources gave a presentation. It’s a two year program that would cost $20,000. Dakota Resources would provide a person that would come once a month to help facilitate meetings where the members of the community could identify goals to improve the community and then help achieve those goals. 

Council Appointment: Mayor Rayhill appointed Gloria Claussen to fill the remainder of Chuck Gotheridge’s term for Ward I. Rascher moved to approve the appointment of Gloria Claussen. Moffitt seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried.

Law: Chief Brandon Petersen updated the Council on what was happening in the law department. In January they had 82 calls for service, 210 total events and 24 arrests with 11 being for felonies. 

Chief Petersen informed the Council that he has been busy tagging cars around town.

Snow Truck: McCue moved to accept the quote of $4,800 from Adams ISC to install a PTO driven hydraulic hoist system on the 1981 GMC dump truck. Rascher seconded the motion, all voting aye, motion carried.

Surplus Tire Machine: Rascher moved to sell the surplused tire machine to Ryan Pettit for $200. McCue seconded the motion. All voting aye, motion carried.

Heritage Center: Joyce Wilson informed the Council that they are no longer considering adding on to the Heritage Center as it is too expensive and that they are still interested in the Cozad Property.

Past Due Water Bills: Rascher moved to handle past due water bills as usual. York seconded the motion. All voting aye, motion carried.

Adjournment: As there was no further business to come before the council at this time, motion to adjourn was entered by McCue.

The next city council meeting will be held March 11th at 5:30 p.m. at the Library Community Room.

Dated this 12th day of February, 2020

Gary Rayhill, Mayor


Jean Kirk, Finance Officer

Published once at the total approximate cost of $67.41

Published: February 19, 2020

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