County Commissioners nix deputy

By Tim Huether

Bennett County Sheriff Luke Hamar requested the Bennett County commissioners add in an additional deputy in their 2013 budget, citing a need to cover the county better. Hamar said he is noticing a bad trend of  alcohol related accidents.

Hamar has just two deputies and himself to cover the county and said he has his guys out on the back roads a lot, as much as they can, but most of the time, there is only one person on duty because of the small staff.

The county denied the request with commissioner Dennis Gregg commenting, “It’s hard to do anything until we get something done with the City.”

“I’m concerned with adding another patrol officer,” said commissioner Newton Cummings. “They run a lot of people off getting too rambunctious.”

“I don’t know where we’ll get the money,” commission chairman Rolf Kraft replied.

Gregg asked Hamar to get a break out of city vs county arrests going back one year and Hamar said he would.

Hamar said he would also set up a meeting with the City law board and discuss the issues they have and try to work out some sort of an agreement.

There was some concerns expressed about speeding through Tuthill and Hamar said they have been patrolling it more now.

The Allen Road paving project looks promising according to what the commissioners are being told by the Oglala Sioux Tribe authorities. Cummings said there is a meeting Thursday (Aug. 16) over it.

The commissioners are still waiting on costs from the engineers working on a possible plan to construct a jail or fix up the old jail. 

The board was informed that the sidewalk was damaged and a sprinkler was damaged in the lawn when the new cooling units were put on the roof. The contractors are looking into what can be done.

The Sept. 19 Commissioners meeting has been moved to Sept. 26.

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