Rounds, Daugaard winners in Primary Election

Mike Rounds easily won the Republican race for the South Dakota U.S. Senate seat and incumbent governor Dennis Daugaard easily won the Republican Primary race for governor. Susan Wismer won the Democrat race for governor.

Voter turnout was low, but somewhat expected with no Democrat Senate race. Statewide, 31.45 percent of registered Republican voters took to the polls while just 10.99 percent of registered Democrat voters voted. In Bennett County, 23.9 percent of Republicans voted while just 6.5 percent of Democrats voted. 

Statewide results of the Primary Election:

United States Senate - Republican:

Mike Rounds 41,372 55.5%

Larry Rhoden 13,591 18.3%

Stace Nelson   13,178 17.7%

Annette Bosworth   4,282 5.8%

Jason Ravnsborg     2,066 2.8%


Governor - Republican:

Dennis Daugaard 60,010 80.9%

Lora Hubbel   14,194 19.1%


Governor - Democrat:

Susan Wismer 15,308 55.5%

Joe Lowe 12,282 44.5%


Bennett County Results:

U.S Senate Republican:

Mike Rounds 81 50.6%

Larry Rhoden 39 24.4%

Stace Nelson   23 14.4%

Annette Bosworth   14 8.8%

Jason Ravnsborg     3 1.8%


Governor - Republican:

Dennis Daugaard 130 82.3%

Lora Hubbel   28 17.7%


Governor - Democrat:

Susan Wismer 36 50%

Joe Lowe 36 50%


For complete results, you may go to the state’s website to view them by logging in at:

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