Hines sings with Sugarland

By Marj Oleske

Although she is married and has a family of her own, Carly Hines will always be her daddy’s little girl. The term of endearment has special meaning for the father and daughter duo of Terry Stuckey, of Yankton, and Carly Hines, of Martin.

On her wedding day, the Sugarland hit song “Baby Girl” was played during the father-daughter special dance. Stuckey also calls his daughter whenever he hears their song on the radio. 

Carly is married to Corey Hines, with their family having recently moved to Martin.

The special connection to the song prompted Carly to audition for an opportunity to sing live with Sugarland at their concert at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis on August 9.

The idea was fueled by the fact that the concert was on her dad’s sixtieth birthday. With prompting from her sister, Carly was brave enough to give it a shot. Carly’s audition video included the story of how special the song is to her family, and that the concert was a birthday present to her dad.

“I was completely out of my comfort zone,” added Carly. “I might sing karaoke once in a while, but I’m certainly not a singer.”

Carly didn’t have time to get nervous, as she was notified two days prior to the concert that she was chosen. Carly and Terry received VIP passes and had special treatment at the concert. 

“We were brought backstage three songs prior to our performance. The lead singer sang backup with me. All I could hear was the sound in my ear monitor, and the lights were so bright I couldn’t see the audience.”

Carly brought the audience, which included a fan club of Security First Bank employees, to tears as she sang “Baby Girl” to her dad on stage for his birthday.

“The band was so friendly and helpful. It was definitely a memory I’ll have for all my life,” added Carly. “My dad even teared up towards the end. It was so very special.”

Corey is employed at Lacreek Electric, and is the grandson  of Kenny and Bev Hines, of Tuthill, and Ed and Sue Novak, of Martin. Carly is employed at Security First Bank. The couple has an 18 month old daughter, Kenzie.


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