City audit “in really good shape”

By Marj Oleske

“You’ve addressed all our questions  and hid no information from us,” remarked auditor Jim Gardner, in his report of the 2011 audit of the City’s finances. “We have no compliance issues, everything is accurate, balanced and in really good shape.” 

Martin’s City Council received the good word at their regular meeting held Wednesday, September 12. 

Police Chief Medeiros also reported to the Council on the success of the Child Safety Day and Open House held September 8. He praised the many businesses, individuals and organizations who donated to the event, which was very well attended.

Medeiros also reported on the success of the current ordinances, and that the department is seeing a reduction in common violations.

Rolf Kraft, on behalf of the County, along with Doug and Chris O’Bryan, visited with the Council and Mayor Gayle Kocer concerning the damages caused to the Lacreek tower. The damages will necessitate the replacement of emergency siren equipment currently installed on the tower.

City Attorney Sara Frankenstein recommended the City and County file a joint claim to the insurance company, which would initiate the insurance company’s duty to respond. Many factors will determine the most appropriate course of action of repair or replacement of the equipment.

In other business, Mayor Kocer read the second reading of Ordinance 187, which is the appropriations ordinance dealing with budget issues. It was approved by role call vote.

The Council is continuing to research its options for acting on the Old Justus Video building which is described as being  beyond salvageable.

City Street Manager Paul Noel reported to the Council on a replacement truck box for the city’s plow truck. A box has been located in Sioux Falls at a reasonable cost. It was agreed to purchase the box and make arrangements for delivering the truck for the repairs.

Four building permits were approved: Roland and Darlene Heinert, pole barn shed; Joey and Laney Waln, storage shed; Stuart Drobny, shed; Alvin and Judy Simmons, deck and patio door.

City-wide clean up will be held during October. City residents may use the city’s rubble site at no charge, with some exceptions. The event will be advertised, and residents may call the city office for further information.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the City Council will be held on Wednesday, October 19, at 5:30 p.m. in the Library Community Room.

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