Harold Koenig named Friend of Fair

By Sharon Koenig

Harold was a man of few words, big smile and a hearty handshake. Harold looked forward every year to fair week whether it was starting months in advance getting the wood in for the pit to cook the meat overnight, lining up his help. It was quite a process from sending out the letters requesting donations, going to the various businesses asking for donations of paper goods for the breakfast on Friday or free BBQ on Saturday. Everyone, was always happy to support the fair functions. Making sure all the supplies were ordered and ready.

Harold has his own system to make sure the fair was the best he could make it. Whether it was helping out with the calf sale, taking bids at the cake auction, posting the flags on Main Street early, Saturday morning. He so enjoyed helping with the fireman’s pancake breakfast, making sure all the supplies were ordered and the team clean ups. Finish that project and moving on to the fire pit to get the bed of coals hot for the meat to go in the pit on Friday late afternoon so it would be ready by Saturday afternoon. If you ever wanted to see him extremely upset, just let it rain and run into the pit, losing the heat and time to find roasters, so we could get the meat all cooked in time to cut and make the sandwiches, especially when the roasters were in short supply, needed for the baked beans too. This was Harold’s way of saying THANK YOU to the patrons of Bennett County for 30+ years. This year he has a new position watching us from Heaven above. God bless you Harold.

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