New shop opens for classes

By Jennifer Archibald 

After a two year wait anxious shop students at Bennett County Schools were excited to have wood shop class in their new $578,650 shop.

The 3,000 square foot steel building was completed for classes to begin on October 9th.

“It’s pretty much state of the art,” said Jason Buckles shop teacher. “It’s pretty rare for a school our size to have which is a tribute to the school board and administration that we have something this nice.”

The new building replaced a surplus World War II era quonset hut.

“The old building was in bad shape. It had holes in the walls, it was hard to heat and the electrical system was in bad shape,” he said.

Junior high and high school students will use the new building to complete a personal project, as well as a class project. This years class project is to build a playhouse that will be auctioned off after completion.

“The students were pretty antsy to have class in the new building instead of a traditional classroom. They love the new building,” he said.

Buckles said the new shop will enhance students learning environment with more space to complete better projects.

The new shop features a classroom with computers and desks for project planning, bathrooms, improved lighting and heating.

“Our tools are also all new within the last two years. We’ve got updated shop and construction tools that are in line with industry,” he said.

The welding area of the shop will be completed this week with a new welders hood.

“We have a very strong welding program with four former students currently in welding programs across the state,” said Buckles.

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