Bennett County Sheriff Responds to Knife Incident

By Tim Huether

During an interview on a local radio station, Bennett County Sheriff’s Candidate Thomas McMillan claimed that current Sheriff, Paul Williams, committed a criminal violation against a citizen of Bennett County, calling it embarrassing for someone wearing a badge. McMillan, a deputy with the Martin City Police Department, said he was the officer the victim reported the incident to in April of 2016.

McMillan said Williams criminally entered the vehicle of an employee working at the courthouse, left a note and a pink knife with a note. He said the note said something like, if you are going to jab me, use this knife. He said the person felt threatened. He said the case was turned over to the DCI but is unsure what the status of the case is.

When Sheriff Paul Williams was contacted by the Booster and asked about the incident, he said he made a mistake, and what he intended to be a prank, on April 1, did not go over well. He said that when he found out it upset the person, he felt terrible. He said he did not break into the person’s vehicle, it was unlocked.

The case was investigated by the DCI and reviewed by the Fall River County States Attorney, and on June 6, 2016, he received a letter that said they viewed it as a lapse in judgement, but no criminal activity was found and no charges would be filed. 

Williams said he apologized to the individual and after visiting with her a few months later, she said she was ok with the issue and wanted to move on.

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