Scherers to purchase Bennett County Booster II

By Joyce Glynn

On October 1, 2018, the reins of the Bennett County Booster II will be turned over to Mandy Scherer, who, along with her husband Bob, have entered into a purchase agreement with current owners Tim and Marie Huether.

In addition to the Booster II, the purchase includes the Todd County Tribune in Mission, Mellette County News in White River, and the Fall River County Herald in Edgemont and Hot Springs.

The tasks awaiting Mandy will not necessarily be new, as she has worked for Huethers since they purchased the Booster II in 2001. She has primarily served in the role of Business Manager, but has delved into all aspects and duties of the newspaper publishing business. 

The Scherers do not expect any major changes in the business.

“I would like to modernize the layout of the paper somewhat,” Mandy shared. “And maybe seek more printing jobs.”

The Scherer’s business philosophy is much the same as the Huether’s.

“Two of my main beliefs in business,” Mandy explained, “are customer service and shop locally. We believe strongly that you should do  business with people who do business with you.”

Both Bob and Mandy were born and raised in Custer, S.D., where they still have family connections. 

Moving to Martin with their young family, they purchased a ranch, and a garbage service business. Eventually, they sold the garbage service business, focusing solely on the ranch and employment at the Booster.

While Bob will continue to run the ranch, he is also learning the art of running the newspaper press.

All three of Scherer’s children graduated from Bennett County High School and have had experience in the newspaper publishing business.

Maegan and husband Michael McPherson live and ranch near Box Elder, and own Today’s Horse Magazine, an earlier purchase from the Huethers; Taylor does construction work - fencing, pole barns, etc. - based out of Box Elder; Kimmy lives in Dupree and is employed at the West River Eagle newspaper.

The third main belief in business, according to Mandy, is the importance of a good staff.

“Right now,” she explains, “we have very good staff, and that will not change. I can’t stress enough, the importance of staff. It’s what makes a business successful. They are key.”

Along with the current staff at the Booster II, the Scherers are hoping to hire a full-time reporter.

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