Bennett-Shannon Farm Service Agency News

Your Bennett/Shannon Farm Service Agency County Office is gearing up to begin taking contracts to participate in the crop year 2013 Farm Program and start the process of crop reporting.

If you recall, Congress extended the previous Farm Bill one year. This means producers will be able to sign up farms in either the Direct Counter-cyclical Program (DCP) or Average Crop Revenue Election (ACRE) for crop year 2013.

Basically the more commonly known Farm Program option-DCP is based on commodity prices and your farm crop acreage bases. While the ACRE option looks at your individual farm revenues which are tied to the farm’s actual planted crops, yields, etc. It is important to note that producers who elect and enroll a farm in ACRE agree to: #1-forgo counter-cyclical payments, #2-a 20-percent reduction in their direct payments, and #3-a 30-percent reduction in the marketing assistance loan (MAL-grain loans) rates for all commodities produced on the farm. The loan deficiency payment (LDP) rate for commodities produced on farms enrolled in ACRE will also include the 30 percent reduction from the MAL rate before determining the LDP rate. Your local FSA County Office has a new USDA/FSA Fact Sheet on the ACRE option. It not only explains the ACRE election but also has a work sheet to assist with estimates of possible payments, based on what your farm has for planted crops, what you expect for your yields and commodity prices and frequently asked questions/answers.

Continue to contact the office with any changes to your farms/operations. This would include such things as gain or loss of ground, change in entity (from individual to corporation, i.e.) and if any landowners have died or if you have declared bankruptcy. These changes would need to be processed before sign up of the affected farm takes place.

For more information regarding these FSA programs, you can go to FSA’s web site, or stop by your local FSA County Office. Deadline to sign a contract to participate for DCP is Aug. 2, 2013 and to sign up in ACRE the deadline is June 3, 2013.


May 20 – CRP general signup begins

May 27 – USDA Ag Service Center closed in observance of Memorial Day

June 3 – Last day to enroll farms in the ACRE option of the Farm Bill

June 14 – Deadline to offer ground in the CRP general signup

July 4 – USDA Ag Service Center closed for Independence Day

August 2 – Final day to enroll farms in the DCP option of the Farm Bill

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