Counterfeit money found in Martin

By Mary C. Hunt

A local business turned in a counterfeit $100 bill on Friday to Security First Bank.

The counterfeit bill had the words, “FOR MOTION PICTURE PURPOSES,” printed on it. Security First notified authorities.

Kim Harris of Security First Bank said, “These counterfeits can be any denomination and do not always say for motion pictures.” She said, “If it looks or feels strange, have it checked out.” According to Harris, most businesses and banks have pens that can detect counterfeit bills.

Anyone who discovers what they think are counterfeit bills in their possession should immediately contact the Martin City Police Department, Bennett County Sheriff’s Department or their local bank, so that it can be confirmed and reported to the Secret Service, which is involved in enforcing counterfeiting laws. 

Sheriff Williams checked in with the SD Attorney General’s office regarding the issue. They stated that the Rapid City Secret Service Field Office may be contacted directly at 1-605-348-2076.

The United States Secret Service has been working to combat counterfeit money since its founding in 1865 when its sole purpose was to investigate and prevent counterfeiting of US currency.

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