Bennett County High School holds Awards Night, May 7

Awards Night for Bennett County High School was held Tuesday, May 7, at the Activity Center.

Honors included:

DAR Good Citizenship Award

9th, Grace Jager; 10th, Thea Dubray; 11th, Gabe Fanning; 12th, Jessica Begeman.

National Career Readiness Certificate

Bronze: DeAndre Cottier, Makaila Farris, Carissa Louden, Kurtis Mooney.

Silver: Carson Knecht, Vernon Plenty Bull.

Gold: Tee Allen, Erica Bakley, Josie May, Riley Mesteth, Alaunna Metcalf, Tarryn Petrak, Keisha Rayhill.

Platinum: Jessica Begeman, Cameron Good, Lainee Link.

Bennett County Academic Letters

Awarded to students who have maintained a 3.5 GPA or higher for the 2018 – 2019 school year.

First Year Letter Winners:

FRESHMEN: Iaesha Belhage, Emma Byrne, Kira Danielson, Eden Fanning, Lili Fox, Tae Heathershaw, Grace Jager, Luta Keegan , Hunter Knecht, Braden Louden, Yesenia Martinez, Bailey May, Christina Plenty Wounds, Laban Red Owl, Marion Richards, Stefonna Salomon, Katelyn Vocu.

SOPHOMORES: Aleigha Brown Bull, Kadyn Farley, Paige Pettit.

JUNIORS: Jacoby Heathershaw, Logan Mesteth, Titan Soderlin.

SENIORS: Abbey Libby, Kurtis Mooney, Tarryn Petrak, Breanna Yellow Boy, 

Second Year Letter Winners

SOPHOMORES: Daniel Bull Bear, Thea Dubray, Henry Johnson, Hunter Laverack, Nicole Porch, Colton Rosane, Rylee Rous.

JUNIORS: Kailey Bustin, Daniel Plenty Bull.

Third Year Letter Winners

JUNIORS: Lily Alexander, Alexis Evans Bair, Frank Huber, Weston Ireland, Gage Jager, Katie McDonnell, Chloe Risse, Angelica Winters.

SENIORS: Cameron York.

Fourth Year Letter Winners

SENIORS: Tee Allen, Erica Bakley, Jessica Begeman, Cameron Good, Carson Knecht, Lainee Link, Josie May, Vernon Plenty Bull, Keisha Rayhill.

Governor’s Academic Excellence

Honors the achievements of South Dakota’s graduates. The top one percent are invited to an Academic Excellence Luncheon with the Governor. The Bennett County student invited to attend was Cameron Good.

Presidential Awards for Educational Achievement

Awarded to Seniors who have shown outstanding academic improvement. 

Recipients: DeAndre Cottier, Makaila Farris, Priscilla Has No Horse, Dante Loafer, Kurtis Mooney, Tarryn Petrak, Robyn Whirlwind Horse, Breanna Yellow Boy, Cameron York.

Presidential Awards for Educational Excellence

Awarded to Seniors that have a 3.5 GPA or higher.

Recipients: Jessica Begeman, Cameron Good, Lainee Link, Erica Bakley, Josie May, Keisha Rayhill, Carson Knecht, Tee Allen, Vernon Plenty Bull.

3 X 4 Award

Presented to Tee Allen, Josie May, Erica Bakley, Jessica Begeman, and Lainee Link.

Bennett County Booster Bobblehead Award

Jessica Begeman, Girl’s Basketball Player of the Year; 

DeAndre Cottier, Boy’s Basketball Player of the Year; 

Tee Allen, Football Player of the Year; 

Josie May, Volleyball Player of the Year; 

Jared Harris, Wrestler of the Year; 

Chuck and Lois Gotheridge, Fans of the Year.

Warrior Award 

Presented to Tee Allen and Jessica Begeman.

Regent Scholar Diploma

These students have completed a rigorous academic program:

Jessica Begeman, Cameron Good, Lainee Link, Josie May, Tarryn Petrak, Keisha Rayhill.

2019 Bennett County Salutatorian  

Jessica Begeman  

2019 Bennett County Validictorian  

Cameron Good

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