Quote approved to begin road repair on road south of Vetal

By Taylor Risse

On Friday, May 10, a special meeting of the Bennett County Commissioners was held to approve a quote from Inlaw Construction for repair of the road south of Vetal. The road was washed out during winter storm Ulmer in March.

The quote was for $24,395 and included: Clearing of concrete debris, trees, and obstructions from culvert. Attempt to level culvert back to existing grade. Straighten bends back to normal. Cover up existing culvert to existing grade. Does not include surfacing or gravel. Will spread surfacing if on site. Place rubble around culvert to prevent erosion.

Commissioner Rod Kirk reported that Inlaw Construction is ready to begin next week. The quote does not include laying gravel but if the county provides gravel at the site, they will lay it. The board agreed that they will make sure there is gravel at the site when they’re ready for it.

Inlaw Construction also looked at the county line road and is interested but has other jobs lined up.

When asked what he thought of the quote, Highway Superintendent Terry Smokov, added that his only stipulations are that when the culvert is put in it is well packed and to cave in the bank to prevent future damage.

The quote of $24,395 from Inlaw Construction was approved by majority vote.

In other business, Commissioner Jeff Slattery told the board that Dave Bakley would be willing to blade roads over the weekend if a blade was available in Tuthill.

Commissioner Judd Schomp informed the board that FEMA will be in Bennett County on Wednesday, May 15, to look at damage from winter storm Ulmer.

It was decided to move the May 15 meeting to Thursday, May 16, at 9:30 so the board could assist FEMA.

Emergency executive session was entered to discuss highway personnel.

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