Gregg Greenhouse has seen many changes over the past ten years

By Marj Frew

Nestled around the corner of their shelter belt at their driveway, Tammy and Jan Gregg have grown their greenhouse business over the past ten years.

When they first started the business, they had a simple pop-up tent canopy with plastic wrapped around it for a make-shift greenhouse. 

Up until their third year, they made many trips back and forth to their house with plants to protect them from the cold and weather. That changed when a shed was moved in for them.

For two months out of the year the shed is transformed into a greenhouse, supplying annuals, perennials, flowers, shrubs, trees, and vegetables, grown by the Sunshine Greenhouse in Valentine.

“I had thought about trying to start the plants on my own, but that’s a lot of work!” explained Tammy. She didn’t want to run the business full-time, so they rely on their wholesaler to do the background work.

“I like to go to Deb Colburn’s Sunshine Greenhouse to choose my plants, because I like to look at her plants. Her greenhouse is beautiful.”

“I let her do the work, and I just have to take care of it for a couple of months. It is really fun, and I enjoy it.”

This year, although the weather has caused most planting to be late, the greenhouse has been very busy. Located one mile north, and one mile east of Martin, their driveway can be found by looking for the floral garden flags at the entrance.

502 Second Avenue, Martin, SD 57551 • 605-685-6866 •