Amie Kuxhaus tornado video seen world-wide

By Marj Frew

On a calm Saturday afternoon, Amie Kuxhaus was working in her yard on their farm northeast of Martin. Her daughter-in-law, Tania, had come over with her son to visit.

With little indication of what was brewing in the sky, Tania heard the report of a tornado warning. 

Amie caught the tornado on a video while it was in its early stages. Tania was asking if they should be heading to their basement. “Not yet,” Amie decided.

The one minute, thirty second video is eerily quiet, with crickets chirping and birds calling in the background. The faint low rumble of the wind can barely be heard.

Directly after filming, she decided it was time to head for shelter, where they were watching reports and checking radar. Within minutes, they decided it would be best to evacuate the area. They drove to the west and then south until they reached Highway 18, where they were able to watch from a safe distance.

The second round of excitement for Amie happened soon after she posted her video to Facebook. It quickly spread, and has since grown to almost 50,000 shares, and over 5,000 comments.

Amie received calls from many news outlets, asking for permission to air her video. The online sharing has sent her video around the world. Amie has had people proposing to pay her for her video, but has not made a decision about that yet. 

Upon returning home, they found golf ball sized hail had hit their place, causing minor damage. Their son, Collin’s field, which was in the direct path of the tornado, was approximately 80 percent destroyed.

The deer in the area did not fare as well, as at least five deer were found dead in their field.

Amie was thankful that nobody was injured during the storm, and was surprised at all the attention her video is continuing to receive.

I found it interesting that while the tornado did not travel far, Amie’s video certainly has. While searching for information on how far the video has traveled on the internet, I found many searches in foreign languages, from all around the world. Amie has certainly put Bennett County on the map!

Pictured is a still shot of the view from Amie’s video.

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