Hunter Laverack takes the stage at National Shooting Sports Championships

By Marj Frew

Hunter Laverack, a junior at Bennett County High School, qualified for, and participated in the 4-H National Shooting Sports Championships held in Grand Island, Nebraska, last week.

“It was a lot of fun, especially getting up on the stage,” claimed Hunter. Getting up on the stage is reserved for those participants who are among the winners. “This was one of the best years for South Dakota for the number of kids that got up on stage,” said Terry. “My favorite part was hanging out with the team,” added Hunter.

Hunter was part of the South Dakota team, which had four members in his category. His individual performance helped the team achieve its high placings.

Hunter’s dad, Terry Laverack, helped explain the details of the Hunting Skills category. “There were shooting aspects to it, and testing aspects to it.”

Hunter continued, “We had to shoot 3-D with bow, and then sporting clays with a shotgun, and then silhouette targets with a .22 rifle. Then each day we would do a bunch of tests.”

On the first day when they had to shoot the 3-D targets, which are life size animal replica targets, they used a compound bow. Hunter shot a perfect score of 15 out of 15. Only two contestants did that out of 45.

Then they tested over animal identification, compass use, and map reading. They also had testing over the NRA hunting handbook. On the final day, they shot .22 rifle, and tested over hunter decision making. They were also tested over the Nebraska out-of-state handbook.

The top ten individual or top five teams earn the trip to the stage, and the top three earn medals. Hunter had a lot of hardware hanging around his neck, and a proud smile as he showed his winnings.

Congratulations on a fine performance while representing Bennett County Shooting Sports at Nationals.

Hunting Skills Team Standings

Kaylee Bosma, Individual Score, 67

Hunter Laverack, Individual Score, 41

Dylan Singrey, Individual Score, 82

Cloe Swanson, Indivudual Score, 51

Team Score, 200 Standing, 2nd Place

Hunting Skills Decision Making Individual Scores, Day 1

Hunter Laverack, 76.5, 5th place

Dylan Singrey, 65.5, 14th place

Cloe Swanson, 61.5, 19th place

Kaylee Bosma, 61, 20th place

Hunting Skills Wildlife ID Team Standings, Day 1

Kaylee Bosma, 53.5

Hunter Laverack, 46

Dylan Singrey, 50

Cloe Swanson, 50.5

Team Standing, 154 points, 3rd place

Hunting Skills Individual Scores, Day 2

Dylan Singrey, 82, 2nd place

Kaylee Bosma, 67, 9th place

Cloe Swanson, 51, 25th place

Hunter Laverack, 41, 35th place

Hunting Skills Team Standings, Day 2

SD, Team score, 200; 2nd place

Hunting Skills Individual Overall Standings, Day 3

Dylan Singrey, 2.3162%, 6th place

Kaylee Bosma, 2.1332%, 13th place

Hunter Laverack, 1.9352%, 20th place

Cloe Swanson, 1.9217%, 21st place

Hunting Skills Overall Team Standings, Day 3

MO, 2.9289%, 1st place

NC, 2.3839%, 2nd place

SD, 2.3732%, 3rd place


SD Team, Air Pistol, rank 4,  27 points

Air Rifle, rank 3, 28 points

Compound Archery, rank 15, 16 points

Hunting Skills, rank 3.  28 points

Muzzle Loading, rank 7, 24 points

Recurve Archery, rank 8,  23 points

Shotgun, rank 18, 13 points

Smallbore Pistol, rank 5, 26 points

Smallbore Rifle, rank 15, 16 points

SD total score, 201, 7th place

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