News from the Heritage Center

July 4th was a special day at the Heritage Center. It was not only 18 years ago it opened, but was also a day of sharing the heritage of quilts. The oldest quilt displayed was over 100 years old. 

It is owned by Annabel Christensen, and was made by her aunt. Other quilts were those belonging to Virginia Gardiner, Kaye Hodson, and Katie Dillon as well as Wallace Denison’s baby quit.

A vintage collection of pincushions belonging to Kristi Farley was on display too.

A trunk show by Monty Fralick was enjoyed by over 50 guests. Most all of his quilts involve special techniques, and are uniquely his. No two are alike, and he has won many awards at quilt shows in the area.

The afternoon concluded with pulled pork sandwiches prepared by Todd Alexander, assisted by board members, Scott and Anita Hicks, Janet Speidel, Venie Arnold, Mary Ziegler, Garnet Audiss, Carol Saxton, Joyce Wilson, and Paul Williams.

The Heritage Center continues to be open by appointment. The next scheduled event is Saturday, August 10, when the Bennett County High School 40-year reunion will be guests. Everyone is welcome.

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