4-H Fashion Revue showcases talent

By Marj Frew

The weather was perfect for an outdoor Fashion Revue in the courtyard of the Heritage Center on Tuesday morning, July 16.

Nine 4-H members graced the “runway” to show off their constructed and selected outfits, as the audience enjoyed a tea party.

Anita Hicks and Kari O’Neill hosted the gala. Kari also judged the event.

Two members modeled their constructed outfits, which were sewn by the entrants. Seven entrants modeled the outfits they selected to create a special look. Mary Kay Sell served as Master of Ceremonies.

“I hear some footsteps coming. Who is this? It is Alison Novotny, of the Kountry Kids 4-H Club, in her constructed cotton/polyester light green speckled shorts. Allison wears her outfit as pajamas, and just lounging around the house. As accessories, she carries her pillow as she comes down the steps, and for those quick trips to the door to get the kitten in and out, she has chosen to wear flip flops.”

“Alison constructed her outfit as part of a school assignment and learned that it does take time and concentration to sew.”  Alison earned a blue ribbon.

“Sounds like a sewing machine is running somewhere. It is, it is! It’s Josie Tish, second year member of the Eagles 4-H Club. She has constructed a top and shorts outfit, also. The solid purple cotton/polyester blend material used for her t-shirt is accessorized with a heart button closure. To complete the top she has added an iron-on unicorn decal.”

“The teal shorts are also made of cotton/polyester with an elastic waistband. Josie can wear her outfit to almost anything during the summer. Josie has learned from constructing this outfit that if you dream hard enough, you can make anything. Her advice to others sewing is to double check the pattern before sewing the material together.” Josie earned a purple ribbon.

“Here comes Jayden Boomer, member of the Bennett County Independent 4-H Club, all decked out in her selected crushed velvet pink polyester duster, pink flowing rayon spandex shirt, and lightwashed blue cotton/polyester denim jeans.”

“To tie the outfit together, she has added a silver turquoise necklace with a silver longhorn skull pendant with rhinestones, and matching longhorn silver skull earrings, and her checkerboard shoes.”

“Jayden plans on wearing her outfit to family events, graduations, weddings, rodeos, concerts, or just a night out on the town with the girls. While selecting this outfit, Jayden learned that you have to make something stand out about your outfit.” Jayden earned a purple ribbon.

“New girl in town! It is Emma Hillmann, of the Raptors 4-H Club, in her selected polyester, tea length dress that can be worn any day of the week. This sleeveless dress can be accessorized with jewelry and a sweater for a fancy occasion, or worn with just a jean jacket for a casual trip or hanging out with friends. Emma has chosen white gloves, flats, and white pearl earrings with a matching necklace as her accessories, and plans on wearing this outfit to church, school, and fashionable events of all types.”

“Emma has learned that the cost of the outfit is not as important as how the outfit makes you feel. When I wear my favorite colors and use creativity in putting together my accessories, I feel great!” Emma earned a purple ribbon.

“Who is coming behind Emma? It’s little sister, Josie! Josie Hillmann, age six, also of the Raptors 4-H Club, is sporting a blue 100 percent cotton dress which features a playful Mermaid decal. This dress has a special feature of being off the shoulder and is long enough to cover the knees.”

“Josie is particularly fond of the pretty blue color of the garment and the Mermaid decal, which is a reminder of her summer fun. She has chosen to wear sandals, carry a purse, and to complete her outfit with a hair bauble. Josie plans to wear her selected dress to school, church, and play dates. So many uses for this seven dollar outfit!”

“She loves putting outfits together and learned that you can mix and match accessories if your outfit is not too busy looking.” Josie earned a purple ribbon.

“Splish, splash, who’s taking a bath? It’s Coyoke Sterkel, first year member of the Bennett County Independent 4-H Club. He is ready to go swimming!”

“Coyoke has selected this comfortable pair of shark swim trunks to wear to the pool all day. He’s also wearing goggles and a pool ring to survive, and to quench his thirst he’s carrying juice in his pineapple mug!”

“Enjoy the pool, Coyoke! Have fun this summer!” Coyoke earned a blue ribbon.

“While Coyoke is swimming, older sister, Mikena Sterkel, is getting ready for the queen contest at the rodeo. Mikena is also a member of the Bennett County Independent 4-H Club. She has selected a peach floral cotton western shirt and denim jeans to wear with her boots, hat, belt, and carries a rope to complete the outfit. Good luck in the queen contest, Mikena!” Mikena earned a blue ribbon.

“With the hope of cooler evenings, Jayden Boomer is prepared. She has chosen a white faux fur vest over a long-sleeved gray shirt with longhorn skull pattern and a peach, orange, and dark purple floral print.”

“Her jeans are a light washed skinny jean and she is wearing gray shoes. She is getting double use out of the silver long skull earrings from her first outfit, and also wearing them with this outfit. This outfit can be worn to family gatherings, concerts, graduations, a night out, shopping, or even school sporting events. She has learned a lot about matching color combinations and plans on matching more outfits.” Jayden earned a blue ribbon.

“When Alison Novotny wasn’t busy sewing, she was busy shopping for bargains. Wow! Look what she found for twelve dollars! This thin-strapped blue and red flowered patterned dress with a white background is made of 100 percent cotton. To dress it up even more, she is wearing white strap shoes and will carry a sun hat and purse on fancy occasions. Alison learned that picking a dress can be very time consuming to get the proper fit.” Alison earned a blue ribbon.

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