Bennett County Hospital is not an emergency shelter

We would like take the time to recognize that the Bennett County Hospital, Nursing Home, and Rural Health Clinic are not designated as shelter for the community. 

As a facility we shelter in place with our residents, patients, and staff through storms or other events. This is a time consuming effort to ensure that our residents and patients are safe within our limited available space. 

We would like to recognize that the Auditorium located by Main and 2nd Avenue is the best place to seek shelter and is typically open at the start of any event where it is deemed necessary to have immediate shelter. 

Those facilities are better equipped to handle those events where shelter is needed. Once the incident/event has passed and you are seeking medical attention, that is the appropriate time to transition to the Hospital. 

Once at the facility you will be triaged by medical staff and treated based on your level of care needed. We know that these are stressful times for everyone and we want you to be as safe as possible.

Best Regards,

Andrew Riggin, CEO

Bennett County Hospital and Nursing Home

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