BC Sheriff’s Department responds to three accidents

By Marj Frew

The Bennett County Sheriff’s Department reported on three accidents which happened recently.

On Thursday, September 12, on Highway 18 east of Martin, an accident occurred. According to Sheriff Paul Williams, “A vehicle drove off the road, hit an approach at Pauly’s, went airborne, hit the ground, and lost the front drive section of his wheels. The vehicle spun around and went across the road and was facing west in the eastbound ditch.” Nobody was found in the vehicle, so officers went to the nearby neighbors’ places to try to locate the driver. He was found at a nearby farm place in a pickup, when he was taken to the hospital with broken ribs and lung injuries.

On Friday, September 13, a vehicle/pedestrian accident occurred at the corner of Fourth and Main Street. Following the Homecoming parade, one person was helping pick up trash and candy from the street, when they were hit by a vehicle. Both parties involved were adults. The vehicle had stopped at a stop sign, and when they pulled around the corner, did not see the pedestrian, who was bent down at the time. The pedestrian was taken by ambulance to the hospital, but released soon after with minor injuries requiring no intervention.

(See p. 2, 9-18-2019 edition for full text)

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