Pajola Otonwanhe Omniciye social dance planned for October 19

A Pajola Otonwanhe Omniciye social dance will be held on Saturday, October 19,  at the Martin Grade School Activity Center with a supper at 5:00 p.m., and social dances afterwards.

Social dances are where people gather to eat, have fun and dance to special kind of dances. People can participate in special social dances such as the round dance, rabbit dance, potato dance, men’s fancy shawl and hat and boot. Announcer will be Robert Two Crow.

Arlana Bettelyoun, one of the coordinators, said this will be the beginning of cultural activities for the LaCreek District community and another one will be planned every other month. Youth are encouraged to attend to participate and to learn about the dances and songs.  The LaCreek District community hasn’t had a wacipi (pow wow) for several years and the social dance can bring people together to meet and have fun. Omniciye means to have a meeting and Pajola Otonwanhe is the Lakota name for Martin, meaning a town the hill.

In the past years, there has been a desire to revitalize Lakota social dances and teach youth about the dances and songs. Youth are encourage to attend with their parents.

For more information contact Arlana Bettelyoun at 605-899-2827, Cora Whiting at 605-407-1130, Roberta Wounded Head 605-840-2054 or Amanda Takes War Bonnett at 605-685-1433.

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