“Bad” drug use causes life-long tragedy, warning to the public

By Marj Frew

Bennett County Sheriff Paul Williams would like to warn all residents of the Bennett County area of the distinct and real dangers of the drug methamphetamine, or meth.

Meth of itself, has no good qualities, but as bad as it is, some of it is worse. Williams reported that an elderly person informed him Friday afternoon, October 11, of a tragic situation that her grandson was in. He was at a time in his life where he had made good strides, and had been clean of drug use. He had served time in jail, but was doing very well by staying off of drugs, when he made a wrong turn which had dire life-long consequences.

The young man was offered a drug, being told, “It’s really good.” It turned out to be extremely bad, worse than normal. The grandson was life-flighted to Rapid City, and although he survived, he was blinded, and will likely never see again.

“It doesn’t make sense, I’m trying to warn people not to use bad meth,” Williams remarked. “But, I need to get the word out that there is some bad stuff floating around. It doesn’t even make sense, but people need to be warned. It’s a tragedy. That’s a cruel punishment.”

The incident is currently under investigation.

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