Nuisance properties continue to be addressed by city council

By Marj Frew

The Martin City Council meeting held Wednesday, October 9,  was conducted in an efficient manner to beat the winter weather coming in.

Council members present were Walter York, Shirley McCue, Tootie Moffitt and Angie Rascher. Members absent were Chuck Gotheridge and Gregg Claussen.

Local citizens in attendance included Bill Kuxhaus, Joyce Wilson, Kevin Rascher, Gloria Claussen, Rachel Adair, Amanda LaCroix, Marj Frew, and Sarah Harris. Mayor Gary Rayhill, City Finance Officer Jean Kirk and Police Chief Brandon Petersen were also in attendance.

Claims for October were approved, along with the following financial transactions: USDA lagoon payment of $1,163.00;

Transfer $10,000 from BBB funds to the General Fund for rebuilding the city park retaining wall, which was completed this summer;

Transfer $28,000 for Capital Street Improvement to the General Fund;

Water tower payment of $10,866.09.

Public Comment

Bill Kuxhaus asked the council for a progress report on code enforcement, specifically on cleanup of nuisance properties and vehicles.

Mayor Rayhill informed him of the progress by city workers, “I can’t think of anything that has been moved or destroyed, or hauled out. We’re getting ready for this winter storm, and have been working on painting crosswalks. They’re getting equipment ready for snow removal.”

Kirk added that she has three nuisance letters for Chief Petersen to sign and then they will be going out. The property owners will then have 30 days to abate the nuisance.

Chief Petersen explained the process. The property owners are given the opportunity to abate the nuisance, and the city can take action after 30 days. They get fined every day they don’t get it cleaned up. If the city does the clean up work, the property owner is billed.

Kuxhaus commented, “That’s progress. That’s what we like to see.”

(See p. 1, 10-16-2019 edition for full text)

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