BC School enrollment up by 72 students on Count Day

By Tim Huether

The Bennett County School District board met October 21 for their regular meeting with board members Josh Fanning, Mike Olson and Kasi Harris in attendance. Todd Alexander and Scott Huber were not present for the meeting.

Board chairman Mike Olson informed the board he attended a Three Rivers Cooperative meeting and that the minutes of the meetings will be published in the Bennett County Booster II this year. Olson handed out a report on high school sports that indicates there is a nationwide decline in participation for the first time in 30 years. 

Federal Programs director Belinda Ready updated the board on a presentation by Holly Strand and goals for the school.

Superintendent Stacy Halverson reported that the overall school enrollment was at 513 on Student Count for State Aid day, up 72 from last year. Most of that is at the high school and middle school according to Halverson. 

Halverson commented on the school’s South Dakota report card, pointing out some of the better parts such as on time graduation, high school completion and ELA scores. One area of concern said Halverson is the chronic absenteeism rate for the school that is almost double the state average.

(See p. 1, 10-23-2019 edition for full text)

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