County Highway auction items net $82,000 and counting

By Tim Huether

The surplus equipment items the Bennett County Highway department put on Purple Wave Auction has netted the County approximately $82,000, with more items, including a grader at $29,000, still to sell soon, according to Highway Superintendent Terry Smokov.

Smokov updated the Bennett County Commissioners at the regular meeting, Monday, Nov. 4, on the sale of several items and updated the board on other highway work.

Smokov told the commissioners he is working on prioritizing a list of equipment they could use, and purchase with the funds from the items they just sold. One item Smokov said was needed was a new mower, and he is getting quotes on a couple of different ones.

In the discussion of mowing the roads, it was stated that there is an issue with some people farming up to the road, resulting in issues including erosion and dirt building up to the level of the road or higher, resulting in current and likely future washing out of many county roads.

“I’m thinking that’s where we need to go, get back our right of way,” said Commissioner Rod Kirk.

“I think we should draft a resolution stating that we take back our 33 feet, and I think there should be a fine imposed for people that are farming out into that ditch closer to the road,” said commissioner Judd Schomp. 

“That’s common sense there,” added Commissioner Jeff Slattery.

Commissioner Rod Kirk agreed.

“I think if we draft a resolution and impose a fine, maybe it would stop,” argued Schomp.

“I think the law already provides for that,” stated commissioner Rolf Kraft.

Slattery asked States Attorney Sarah Harris if all they had to do was enforce it and Harris said she would have to look into that issue.

“They won’t stop until we start saying something,” replied Slattery. “We’ve got to put it out there and say no more of that.”

(See p. 1, 11-6-2019 edition for full text)

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