School kitchen staff gets 100 Percent

School kitchen staff gets 100 Percent

Eight BC students place in spelling bee

By Tim Huether

At the November 18 Bennett County School Board regular meeting, the Board heard a presentation from teachers Abbie Saxton and Sadia Risse on their experience at the Association Middle Level Education (AMLE) Conference in Nashville, Tenn., November 7–9.

The AMLE’s goal is to offer proven, research-based practices that will help your school and classroom reach its goals.

The two teachers talked about using manipulatives to motivate students in math and writing. 

They discussed the issue of school safety, saying teachers should look for red flags in students that may indicate they could do something like a school shooting, and act on the red flags. 

Board Chairman Mike Olson updated the board on his activities, including attending the Associated School Boards of South Dakota (ASBSD) as a delegate. He said the ASBSD set three main priorities; school funding - two year enrollment averaging; capital outlay adjustments; and behavioral and mental health resources.

Olson also attended the school’s new building meeting, saying Superintendent Halverson would report on the meeting. 

Olson said he will be doing a zoom meeting for the Three Rivers Co-op on Nov. 26.

Superintendent Stacy Halverson updated the board on the Live Ticket, live streaming feature the school uses. She said 6,694 people have utilized the program with an average of 175 viewers per event. Half the revenue from the ads on the website goes back to the school, with $3,200 going to the school for the past year. 

Halverson reported she went to a conference in Michigan on Early Learning, saying it was amazing. She said they went to two schools to see how they do early learning. She remarked that Bennett County is doing some neat things of their own that is positive regarding early learning. 

Halverson said the recent staff appreciation lunch was well attended. 

Friday, December 6, will be the snow day makeup day.

Halverson and some staff attended a new building update meeting Monday, Nov. 18. The meeting was an informational one to see how the process is going to work. They will go back now and do a cost estimate for the board to be presented at a Dec. 12 meeting. They will make adjustments to get to their budget number and so far they are right on track for what they want to do. She said they are hopeful they can let it for bids in February or March.

Middle School Principal and Athletic Director Jon Pierson said the attendance at the Middle School is at 94 students with the attendance at 90 percent. 

Pierson said the staff was very appreciative of the staff appreciation luncheon and wanted to extend their gratitude to the board.

He said the Math and Geography showcase is tonight (Nov. 18). He said the Halloween Build-a-Warrior went well.

On the athletics side of things, Pierson reported the Athletic Banquet is next Monday; Middle School girls basketball is going well; Middle School wrestling numbers are up, around 12 wrestlers; High School wrestling started Nov. 18; basketball practice starts Dec. 2.

High School Principal Nick Redden said Family Fun Night was tonight (Nov. 18) with activities throughout the building. He said the sophomores are going to Rapid City Thursday to tour the School of Mines and Western Dakota Tech. 

Grade School Principal Amie Kuxhaus said enrollment is up nine students to 264. She said the High School Student Council and Administration are meeting this week to finalize the next Build-a-Warrior program activity. She reported the Halloween activity went very well.

Kuxhaus said the Little Warriors girls basketball is in full swing with 20-35 kids participating, depending on the night.

Nine grade school students participated in a Spelling Bee at Loneman School, with eight of the nine placing in the top three. The students were in third and fifth grade.

The kitchen staff received a 100 percent on their state inspection, said Kuxhaus.

Upcoming events at the grade school are: 4-7th grade music concert at 6:30 on Nov. 19; PK-3rd grade music concert at 6:30 on Dec. 10; and Family Fun Night at 5:30 on Dec. 12.

Federal Programs Director Belinda Ready said lots of things are happening at the school, from Family Fun Night to showcases.

Ready said she attended a homeless conference recently and said people need to get the word out to identify people (students) who are homeless. 

Ready said there is an ACEs Training in Kadoka in January. Adverse childhood experiences, commonly known as ACEs, affect children and families across all communities.

She said the library recently received a generous donation from the JoAnn Pauly family.

Jolene Robinson told the board cash flow is a little slow at this time but it should be picking back up soon. She passed out the budget saying it is finalized now.

The board moved to surplus the following technology equipment:

-5 Smart Projectors, #4359, 4361, 3862, 3688, 3794

-#3824, I-Pad, throw away, old

-#2763, I-Pad, throw away, old not updatable

-#4511, Chromebook, broke, not able to fix

The board moved to transfer funds, $525,000 from Impact Aid, Fund 27:

Fund 10, General Fund, $150,000

Fund 21, Capital Outlay, $200,000

Fund 22, Special Education, $100,000

Fund 44, Gym and Fitness Building, $75,000

The board moved to transfer $300,000 from FIT Money Market to General Fund-cash. 

The board held a review of the Indian Policy and Procedures hearing on November 12, 2019. Halverson said it went well. 

The board moved to approve the Indian Policy and Procedures plan for the 2019-2020 year.

The board moved to accept the resignation of Abby O’Neill, Little Warriors Boys Basketball Coach effective immediately.  

The board moved to accept the following contracts for the 19-20 school year:

Jason Buckles, Boys Little Warriors Coach

Patricia Miller, Asst. Boys Basketball Coach

The board moved to approve Justin Smokov as a volunteer for the middle school wrestling program for 2019-2020.

The next board meeting is December 16, at 5 p.m.

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