4-H Recognition Night held November 15

Awards were given out at the 4-H Recognition Night held November 15, at the Bennett County Activities Center. A pot luck supper was enjoyed before the awards presentation. Awards included:

Community Service Award: Kountry Kids 4-H Club.

Club Gold Seal: Lil’ Rascals and Kountry Kids 4-H Clubs.

100 percent Club Attendance: Alison Novotny, Louis Novotny, Amya Camp, Leaha Pauly, Lynnze Pauly, Reed Ohrtman, Lanie Blair, Maxx Blair, Charlee Richardson, Dawson Reckling and Madalyn Rock.

Youth In Action: Kountry Kids and Lil Rascals 4-H Clubs.

Agriculture Award: Frank Huber and Peyton Sterkel.

Personal Development Award: Grace Jager, Gage Jager, and Peyton Sterkel.

Family and Consumer Science Award: Gage Jager, Grace Jager, and Peyton Sterkel.

4-H Citizenship Award: Peyton Sterkel.

Family and Consumer Judging: Cloverbud Asher Handcock, Beginner Josie Tish, Junior Leaha Pauly, and Senior Jared Harris.

Extra Mile Award: Gage Jager, Alison Novotny, Frank Huber, Grace Jager, Reece Ohrtman, and Leaha Pauly.

Cloverbuds: Jade O’Neill, Josie Hillmann, Rollie Ohrtman, Landry Rock, Portia Handcock, and Asher Handcock.

First Year members: Ashley Farley, Rachel Farley, Rylee Hicks, Aris Fanning, Tyrell Pazour, Coyoke Sterkel, Kade Harris, Rhyder Harris, Claire Hillmann, Stella Hillmann, Jack Hillmann, Emma Hillmann, Peyson O’Neill, Madalyn Rock, and Josie Tish.

Second Year members: Louis Novotny, Jaycee Boomer, Mikena Sterkel, Harley Harris, Reagan O’Neill, and Ruger Smokov.

Third Year members: Jadyn Boomer, Rush O’Neill, Charlee Richardson, Ayden Amiotte, Lynnze Pauly, and Tance Vander May.

Fourth Year members: Ethan Harris, Jace Harris, and Amya Camp.

Fifth Year members: Wyatt Huber, Alison Novotny, Emily Zickrick, Maxx Blair, Ian Vander May, and Piper Goss.

Sixth Year members: Ellen McDonnell, Wyatt Mansfield, Emelia Vander May, and Leaha Pauly.

Seventh Year members: Grace Jager, Gage Jager, Laney Fanning, Peyton Sterkel, and Reece Ohrtman.

Eighth Year members: Lanie Blair, Dawson Reckling, Maxwell Zickrick, and Denton Good.

Ninth Year members: Jared Harris, Reed Ohrtman, Mayson Mansfield, Naomi Thayer, and Katie McDonnell.

Tenth Year members: Frank Huber and Gabe Fanning.

No graduating members.

Special Foods Awards: Beginners, Rachel Farley, Charlee Richardson, Louis Novotny, Josie Tish. Juniors Jadyn Boomer and Alison Novotny.

Public Presentation Awards: Gage Jager, Hunter Laverack, Katie McDonnell, Frank Huber, Grace Jager, Wyatt Huber, Ellen McDonnell, Rachel Farley and Gabe Fanning.

Outstanding Sr. Member: Gage Jager.

Jr. Secretary Book: Ethan Harris – Kountry Kids 4-H Club.

Crop Judging Awards: Cloverbud Rollie Ohrtman, Beginner Ayden Amiotte, Junior Wyatt Mansfield, Senior Frank Huber

Horticulture Judging Awards: Cloverbud Rollie Ohrtman, Beginner Harley Harris and Rhyder Harris, Junior Wyatt Huber, Senior Naomi Thayer

Reporter’s Award: Ethan Harris – Kountry Kids 4-H Club.

Junior Leadership Awards: Frank Huber, Katie McDonnell, Gage Jager, Grace Jager, Jared Harris, Reece Ohrtman, Josie Tish, Naomi Thayer, Mayson Mansfield, Amya Camp, and Wyatt Mansfield.

Project Awards: Areospace and Rocketry, Grace Jager, and Gage Jager; Beef, Wyatt Huber and Lynnze Pauly; Community Service, Grace Jager, Gage Jager, and Peyton Sterkel; Computers and Technology, Grace Jager; Hobbies and Collections, Wyatt Mansfield; Home Environment, Lynnze Pauly; Horticulture, Gardening and Landscape, Gage Jager; Plant Science, Crops and Weeds, Frank Huber; Range and Pasture Management, Wyatt Huber; Rodeo, Lynnze Pauly; Safety, Peyton Sterkel; Shooting Sports, Wyatt Huber.

Citizenship Washington Focus: Mayson Mansfield and Katie McDonnell.

Fashion Revue: Cloverbud Josie Hillmann, Beginners Josie Tish and Emma Hillmann, Juniors Alison Novotny and Jadyn Boomer.

Bronze Awards: Mikena Sterkel, Harley Harris, Jace Harris, Ruger Smokov and Lynzee Pauly.

Silver Awards: Ayden Amiotte and Tance Vander May.

Gold Awards: Ethan Harris and Amya Camp.

Snyder Memorial Award: Wyatt Mansfield.

Rancher’s Special Awards: Junior Wyatt Mansfield and Senior Mayson Mansfield.

County 4-H Leadership Awards: Gage Jager, Grace Jager and Peyton Sterkel.

4-H Key Award: Frank Huber.

2020 Citizenship Washington Focus Trip Delegates: Grace Jager and Maxwell Zickrick.

Friend of 4-H: Sue Sell.

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