Martin City Council meets in special session

By Marj Oleske

Martin’s City Council met in special session on Wednesday, May 22, with the meeting called to order by Mayor Dave Bakley.

The council approved a new wine license for Fresh Start, and renewed existing malt beverage licenses to current businesses.

James Begeman visited with the council to represent the Golf Association, and updated members on the food and drink situation. Currently, no food or beverages are available, but the Markota building is open for having restrooms for golfers. The five-year operating agreement put in place last year is still current.

Begeman also visited with the council on behalf of IHS, informing them that funding is available to assist with the sewer line replacement in the area between Swallow and Stover Streets, between 2nd and 3rd Streets. Surveying will begin soon.

“Until we get the surveying completed, please be patient with us. We’ll see what we can do,” added Begeman.

A donation, as requested, to Hope Garden for water fees in the amount of $100 was approved.

Bennett County Emergency Manager Jeff Siscoe presented the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan to the council. According to Siscoe, “The plan is all official except for two resolutions. It represents about a year of effort, with a lot of community involvement. A FEMA grant has been approved for paying for it.” He continued, “The plan went through the first time it was sent, which is very rare. Funding will be available for disasters, or for disruptive services, such as a generator to keep power for running water.” Resolution #2013-5, relating to the Plan was approved by the council.

Bids for asphalt materials were opened, with the council approving the bid from Hills Materials, of Rapid City, with trucking approved for Ceplecha’s bid.

Building permits were approved for Garnet Audiss to remove a shed, and for the building of a privacy fence by Joe Cottier.

The recent heavy rains have caused flooding again in the area northwest of the elementary school. Following review of previous measures, the Street Committee was granted permission to do whatever was necessary to “Get the surgery done, even though it will cost some money,” according to Bakley.

City Ordinance #191, declaring the City Attorney an appointed official was read for the second time. It will be in force after publication as required by law.

Due to Finance Officer’s School on June 12, 13 and 14, the next regular scheduled meeting will be held June 19, at 5:30 p.m., in the Library Community Room.

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