Commissioners hold light meeting

By Taylor Risse

The Bennett County Board of Commissioners held a regular meeting on Wednesday, November 20, with three commissioners in attendance, Rolf Kraft, Judd Schomp and Chairman Wayne Bond.

Highway Superintendent Terry Smokov was at the meeting along with the entire road crew at the request of Commissioner Rod Kirk. Since Kirk was not at the meeting, Bond apologized to the crew for taking them away from their work.

Smokov reported the crew has been blading roads when the weather is nice, and trying to spruce up school bus routes before it snows. When the weather has been bad they’ve been doing shop work and getting things up and running with wings put on the blades for snow season. 

There was a complaint from the mail route driver that delivers on the south Cody road. The road is a lake bed and the crew hasn’t been able to get a blade down there due to it being too wet. Commissioner Schomp was going with Smokov after the meeting to look at the road to come up with solutions.

Smokov also told the board they were finishing mowing ditches where they weren’t mowed this fall.

Since the highway crew was in attendance, Smokov introduced them to the board.

More discussion was held on the two new CAT blades. The 2001 blade is in Rapid City being worked on. The mechanic came down and looked at the 2006 blade and said he couldn’t hear the rear-end sound that the crew was hearing. The county’s old 143H just came back from the shop and is still leaking oil, just like it was before it went to the shop. 

Discussion was held about the quality of CAT’s maintenance service and the highway crew again expressed great discontent with the new blades.

Commissioner Schomp asked Smokov what he had heard from Brosz Engineering about the Cody road or FAS 16. Smokov responded, “I got a call this morning, nothing from Brosz yet, it’s up to the State.” The state is still going through the permits and checking on things. Commissioner Schomp was going to call Brosz and ask what the hold up is.

Smokov told the board, it’s in the state’s hands now. When the state gives the okay, bids can be let for the job.

Dean Welker with Outlaw Construction has been working south of Tuthill near Forrest Stewart’s and Wayne Heath’s working on trying to fix up some roads. There was some discussion about what Welker has been hired to do and whether he is finished with the projects or not. 

The board was presented a “no maintenance and minimum maintenance road proposal” from the highway board and the highway superintendent to look over. State’s Attorney Sarah Harris informed the board of their options when it comes to declaring roads “No Maintenance” and “Minimum Maintenance.” There are certain requirements that have to be met after a road is labeled such as blading the roads so many times a year and plowing snow.

It was voted to table the Road Maintenance maps until the next meeting.

(See p. 1, 11-27-2019 edition for full text)

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