Tuesday Newsday in second grade

By Mrs. Gail Winter

The students in Mrs. Winter’s second grade class at Martin Grade School have been learning about the newspaper. 

Every Tuesday, the students use the Booster in the classroom to discover many exciting and important aspects of the local paper. The students have been learning about the sections of the newspaper, as well as the components within each section, such as headlines, bylines, etc. They are realizing that a news article contains facts and information pertaining to Who, What, When, Where, and Why/How. They have really enjoyed seeing familiar names and faces with the articles. 

Future lessons will include more in-depth synthesizing of information, writing assignments relating to the 5W questions, using some parts of the newspaper to make charts, graphs, math story problems, and understanding persuasive (editorial) writing. 

Mrs. Winter’s class would like to shout out a great big THANK YOU to the Booster for donating copies of the paper for this learning adventure. 

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